Governor Palin's Tea Party Speech

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In case you were thinking otherwise, Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics says he has received confirmation that Governor Palin's scheduled speech in Iowa Saturday is as planned. You can read his account here and take his word for whatever you think it's worth.


Is Governor Palin Going From Iowa to New Hampshire?; UPDATED

The Iowa Republican has reported that Governor Palin is heading to New Hampshire following her tea party speech in Iowa. Whether this is accurate or not, we shall soon see, but they report:

High level Iowa Republicans tell that Sarah Palin will fly to New Hampshire following her September 3rd appearance in central Iowa.

Speculation has been swirling about whether or not Palin will use her Iowa appearance in Iowa over Labor Day weekend to join the field of Republican candidates. The news that Palin is New Hampshire bound after her Iowa speech will only add to the speculation that she may be entering the Republican presidential field.

SarahPAC is now confirming that Palin will speak at the Tea Party Express event in NH on Labor Day.

UPDATE: ABC News is now reporting:
The Tea Party Express announced Tuesday night that Sarah Palin will be speaking at their Labor Day rally in Manchester, N.H. on Monday.

“We are always thrilled to have Sarah Palin join one of our rallies,” Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer said in a statement. “She is an electrifying figure in conservative politics and a hero to the tea party movement.”

SarahPAC confirmed the Tea Party Express announcement of Palin’s New Hampshire appearance.

Palin is heading to New Hampshire after a weekend trip to Iowa to address another Tea Party event on Sept. 3. The former Alaska governor will headline the inaugural event of the Tea Party of America in Indianola.

Palin’s two-state swing along with a campaign-style video she released earlier this month highlighting her recent trip to the Iowa State Fair could be a sign she is preparing to jump into the presidential race.


While speaking to reporters at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 12, Palin indicated that she was likely to make an announcement about whether or not she would jump into the race by the end of September, but not necessarily by Labor Day.

“I don’t know if within the next couple of weeks I will be ready for an announcement or not,” she said, adding that the end of the month “is still a possibility for a timetable.”

Palin’s speech to the Tea Party Express event in New Hampshire is part of the group’s “Reclaiming America” bus tour that will culminate on Sept. 12 with a CNN/Tea Party Express debate in Tampa, Florida.

Full article here.

UPDATE 2: Governor Palin is scheduled to briefly greet the crowd at Veteran's Square Park at noon in Manchester, NH on Monday.

(h/t C4P)


Gov. Palin Steps Onto National Stage

Monday, August 29, 2011

Three years ago, on August 29, 2008, Senator John McCain introduced the nation to Governor Sarah Palin. She was number two on that ticket, but she fired up the American people who came out to hear her speak. As they learned more about her, they discovered how much they respected her accomplishments, shared her values, and embraced her patriotism. They knew she was an asset to America.

I have always voiced great appreciation for Senator McCain's military service. He is an American hero, without question. Unfortunately, however, as a presidential candidate, he ran a campaign that did not serve him well. In addition, he surrounded the Governor with some people who were threatened by her, failed to see her strengths, and undermined her--even more so after the campaign. He subjected his VP pick to people who made choices that were naive at best and ill-intentioned at worst. I must not fail to say, however, that she was assigned some very good people who were--and are--loyal to her, people like Jason Recher, who is among the best of the best.

How has she handled the undeserved blame heaped upon her by people trying to protect their own futures and hide their own weaknesses? Well, let's just say she's The Undefeated . And let's not forget that she has led on all issues that the American people have found important: health care, job creation, taxes, foreign policy, energy. She is largely responsible for the shellacking Democrats suffered in the 2010 mid-term elections. Her endorsements were game-changers. She has fearlessly taken President Obama to task for his failed policies. She has shown an unfailing belief in American exceptionalism and an unwavering commitment to a fundamental restoration of this country. She has laid it all on the line.

So while she was tapped in 2008 as #2, she may soon be announcing that she will be #1 on the 2012 GOP ticket. Some people think she will announce in Iowa on September 3rd, the anniversary of her exemplary RNC speech, and some expected her to announce today, on this anniversary of McCain's bringing her out onto the national stage. I expected neither because I can't imagine her doing anything that even slightly resembles or is linked to the old McCain campaign. Governor Palin is paving her own way, and I believe she wants that to be clearly recognizable by everyone paying attention.

Though some of the GOP machine have dismissed Governor Palin, and others want her to remain on the sidelines cheering on lesser-qualified candidates, common sense Americans, including myself, have been anticipating her run for president for three years. Whether she will or won't will soon be revealed, for in just a few weeks, the Governor has said, she will let us know her decision.

I say, Game On!

* Happy Anniversary, Todd and Governor Palin.
* In appreciation for Senator McCain's brilliant VP pick, I absolutely must wish him a Happy Birthday today.


Governor Palin and the Dream

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Forty eight years ago today, on August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his most famous speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Every child could recite at least a portion of it, and many adults still weep when they hear it, though they've heard it a hundred times already.

Interestingly enough, the speech was given during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, designed to impact, among other things, economic rights for Blacks. Now, here we are all these years later, and the unemployment rate for Blacks is 16%, well above the 9% national average, which is itself mind-boggling. Add to that the 39% unemployment rate for young adult Blacks, and clearly we have a problem--an enormous one.

President Obama can take all the job tours he wants--choosing to skip the Black community, as Maxine Waters pointed out; he can deliver another silver-tongued, teleprompter-addicted speech; and he can smile widely for the cameras on his way to Martha's Vineyard. However, at the end of the day, people want to know where the jobs are. They, therefore, must ask if they can afford--literally--to allow this President to keep his.

America must have a leader who understands how to help spark economic growth. At the very least, we need someone who can stop hindering it. Taking money from creators of jobs doesn't help needers of jobs. Imposing regulations that stifle business in our own country only helps job creation in somebody else's country. The First Family traveling to Martha's Vineyard--separately--on the taxpayers' dime while Americans struggle to make ends meet only ticks people off. Do we want another term of this?

There's something to be said for on-the-job-training. It has its place, but not the presidency. The President of the United States should, as a minimal requirement, have had experience running...something. This President came to the job with no real background sitting in the driver's seat, and we see the results. The results are no results.

I agree with Dr. King who said in that famous speech:

But one hundred years later, we must face the tragic fact that the Negro is still not free.


One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.

And now it's 48 years after that, and look at the unemployment rate of those for whom Dr. King was fighting.

Indeed, freedom as an American is inextricably linked to prosperity, but we have a President whose ideology hampers that freedom, and worse, we have a President who simply doesn't see the error of his ways. He just doesn't get it. Dr. King happened to be talking about Blacks, but the overall unemployment rate illustrates that the Obama administration isn't producing for many people. In fact, Monica Crowley tweeted today:
A storm of a different kind: Gallup has Obama at record low job
approval, 38%, and record high disapproval, 55%. #HurricaneBama"

People are hurting, and now that we have the thrill of the 2008 election over with, can we just get down to business--the business of electing people to lead based on actual leadership skills?

So I agree, too, with Governor Palin: 2012 can't come soon enough. It's time for another March on Washington--a march to take back the oval office. That's my dream. Governor Palin's experience has taught her that there are practical, common sense steps that can be taken to turn this ship around that President Obama has steered into very dangerous waters. As I wrote here:
Governor Palin, on the other hand, gets what President Obama does not. She has, after all, run a city, a state, and a business. She knows how to spark business growth and make payroll. Time and time again she has taken a stand for our small businesses, speaking out against tax hikes on these job creators. This is who she is. This is what she's been relentlessly advocating. Unlike President Obama, she didn't require hostage takers to poke and prod her into this common sense understanding, and she has not flip-flopped on the issue. Over and over she has sounded the alarm.

Today, we reflect on that speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and we contemplate where we are and where we need to go. Who can get us there? Who can bring us out of the nightmare that is the failed policies of someone who presented himself as a leader but who simply can't lead on the issues that are vital to the American people right now? Who can take us forward--closer to the realization of the American dream--one where the freedoms of individuals are recognized, honored, and preserved? Who can restore that greatness that is intertwined with all that is uniquely American?

I'll simply quote her once again: 2012 can't come soon enough.


Gov. Palin: On the Future of Libya

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Governor Palin, via Facebook:

We join the Libyan people in gratefulness as we hear of Col. Gaddafi’s defeat. The fall of a tyrant and sponsor of terrorism is a great day for freedom-loving people around the world. But the path to democracy in Libya is not complete, and we must make wise choices to ensure that our national interests are protected.

First, the White House needs to avoid triumphalism. Gaddafi may be gone, but the fighting may not be complete. As we’ve seen in Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we must not celebrate too quickly. There are now mounting concerns that we will see tribal and sectarian fighting in Libya like we saw in Iraq. Let’s hope that is not the case, but it must be prepared for.

Second, we must be very concerned about the future government that will emerge to take Gaddafi’s place. History teaches that those with the guns usually prevail when a coalition overthrows a tyrant. We must remember that military power ultimately resides with the rebel commanders. This should be a source of some concern. The armed opposition to Gaddafi is an outgrowth of a group called Islamic Libya Fighting Group, and some rebel commanders admit that they have Al Qaeda links. The rebel fighters are from different tribes, and they have a variety of political views. Some are Islamists, some appear to favor some sort of western democracy. We should work through diplomatic means to help those who want democracy to come out on top.

That said, we should not commit U.S. troops or military assets to serve as peacekeepers or perform humanitarian missions or nation-building in Libya. Our military is already over-committed and strained, and a vaguely designed mission can be the first step toward a quagmire. The internal situation does not seem stable enough for U.S. forces to operate in a purely humanitarian manner without the possibility of coming under attack. Troop deployment to Libya would mean placing America’s finest in a potentially hostile zone that is not in our vital national security interest.

Finally, we must make sure that terrorist groups don’t try to co-opt the revolution, as Al Qaeda is trying to do in Syria. We should continue to use our intelligence assets to monitor the situation in Libya to ensure that potentially dangerous weapons are secured, and that terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda don’t gain a foothold in Libya.

People of Libya, be vigilant. May this opportunity be used to build a free and peaceful country.

- Sarah Palin


I Can't Wait for Governor Palin

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

With each passing day, I appreciate the people I love more and more. Circumstances have a way of causing us to look at things through the lens of what really matters. What matters are faith, family, and friends. What matters are country and patriotism.

As I look at the shape our country is in, I look forward to someone who understands the values that individuals, regardless of race, gender, and age, embrace. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of a leader who has the courage to do what's necessary to preserve what we hold most dear. I anxiously look at the calendar, knowing the time when Governor Palin will--prayerfully--offer herself up in the name of service draws near. With an incredible respect for life and freedom, and an obvious willingness to sacrifice comfort for country, Governor Palin can enter the 2012 race and, with God's grace, help usher in a fundamental restoration of America.

As the saying goes, I can't wait!


Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball Coach Pat Summitt Diagnosed with Early Onset Dimentia

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I am astonished and saddened to learn that my basketball coaching heroine, the winningest coach in the college game, has been diagnosed with early onset dimentia. My prayers are with Pat Summitt--a coach I have watched through the years, from whom I have learned, and whose disciplinary coaching style I sought to emulate in my own coaching career.

The Associated Press reports:
Tennessee's Pat Summitt plans to coach "as long as the good Lord is willing" despite recently being diagnosed with early onset dementia.

In a statement from Summitt released by the university on Tuesday, the Hall of Fame coach said she visited with doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., after the end of the 2010-11 basketball season ended and was diagnosed with early onset dementia — Alzheimer's type — over the summer.

"I plan to continue to be your coach," Summitt said. "Obviously, I realize I may have some limitations with this condition since there will be some good days and some bad days."


Summitt, 59, told the Knoxville paper she plans to rely on medication and mental exercises to manage the progressive condition that destroys cognitive abilities over time.

She said longtime assistants Holly Warlick, Dean Lockwood and Mickie DeMoss will take on more responsibilities with the team going forward.

Summitt met with the Lady Volunteers on Tuesday to discuss her diagnosis with them. Junior guard Taber Spani said the meeting was business-like, with Summitt telling the Lady Vols nothing would get in the way for their quest of a ninth national title this season.

"More than anything she just emphasized that she's our coach and that she wanted us to have complete confidence in her, and we do," Spani told the AP.

Both UT-Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy Cheek and Cronan pledged their support of Summitt's decision to continue coaching.

"Pat Summitt is our head coach and she will continue to be," Cronan said. "She is an icon not only for women's basketball but for all of women's athletics. For Pat to stand-up and share her health news is just a continuing example of her courage. Life is an unknown and none of us have a crystal ball. But I do have a record of knowing what Pat Summitt stands for; excellence, strength, honesty and courage."

As college basketball's winningest coach, Summitt has spent 37 seasons at Tennessee and has 1,071 career victories and eight national championships.

Read more here.

God bless Coach Summitt and bring her complete healing and wholeness. She is an amazing coach, and I trust that she will be able to continue her winning, inspirational ways for many years to come.


Governor Palin: Setting The Record Straight: Wrong & Misleading

Monday, August 22, 2011

Governor Palin, via SarahPAC:

Three years ago DC pundits predicted with glee the demise of Sarah Palin's political career. This past weekend their tune changed, citing false information that she has made a decision and set a date regarding a future campaign. Any professional pundit claiming to have "inside information" regarding Governor Palin's personal decision is not only wrong but their comments are specifically intended to mislead the American public. These are the same tired establishment political games that fuel the 24 hour news cycle and that all Americans will hopefully reject in 2012, and this is more of the "politics-as-usual" that Sarah Palin has fought against throughout her career.

PS - Kudos to CNN for setting the record straight and including Governor Palin's own words.


Governor Palin's Iowa Tea Party Speech Moved Due to Expected Large Crowd

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Governor Palin's tea party speech in Iowa on September 3rd has been moved from Waukee to Indianola. The move is needed to accommodate the large crowd she will, no doubt, draw. Governor Palin has made it clear that she will announce her 2012 intentions very soon, September at the latest, and many people believe that September 3rd will be that date.

Sarah Palin’s Sept. 3rd event has been relocated from Waukee to Indianola in an area organizers say can better accommodate large crowds.

Palin is the keynote speaker at the Tea Party of America’s “Restoring America” event that is free and open to the public.

The event was originally scheduled at Hawkeye Antique Acres in Waukee. However, emergency officials and event organizers became concerned that an expected large crowd could clog interstate traffic and additionally be difficult for attendees to get around because of the sloping topography of some of the area.

The event is now scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the National Balloon Classic field, east of Indianola at Iowa Highway 92 and U.S. Highway 69. It is the previous site of the 2007 Harkin Steak Fry where then-presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton spoke to a crowd of more than 7,000 people.

There is speculation that Palin, a former governor of Alaska and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, will announce if she plans to run for president in 2012.

“I don’t know if she’s going to announce or not,” said Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of Tea Party of America who is helping organize the event. “I have no idea. But whether or not she announces, we’re going to have a huge event.”

Parking at the event is $5 per vehicle and $40 per bus. People can reserve tickets now online at:

The address of the event is 15335 Jewell St. in Indianola.


SarahPAC Video: Iowa Passion

Friday, August 19, 2011

SarahPAC has released a new video designed by PassCode Creative, along with this message:

A week later we are still remembering all the great patriotic Iowans we met at the state fair. We are also still trying to work off that delicious fried butter on a stick and red velvet funnel cake. I look forward to being back in Iowa in Indianola on September 3rd. Enjoy SarahPAC's latest video and thank you, Iowa!

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin's Greta Interview - Video

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Governor Palin completed a three interview day by talking to Greta Van Susteren. Chief among the conversation were the topics of President Obama's obvious lack of effectiveness and his cluelessness as illustrated by his Martha's Vineyard vacation while Americans struggle with 9+ percent unemployment. She also highlighted her own executive experience as Governor of Alaska.


Governor Palin's 'Lou Dobbs Tonight' Interview

Governor Palin appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight and discussed the economy, job creation, and 2012.

(h/t Ron Devito and Anna Barone)


Watch Gov. Palin on Greta Tonight

Tune in to On the Record with Greta Van Susteren tonight at 10:00 Eastern. She'll talk to Governor Palin.

Earlier today, she was on America Live with Megyn Kelly. If you missed that interview, see it here.


My Take: As of Today, Gov. Palin IS Planning to Run for President

Governor Palin was a guest on America Live with Megyn Kelly today to discuss President Obama's supposed jobs plan, Governor Rick Perry's "treasonous" comments and the President's response, media treatment of Michele Bachmann, and her own thoughts as she decides whether to enter the 2012 race.

Concerning 2012, I listened very carefully to what Governor Palin said. From my perspective, she made it clear that as of today she is planning to run for President. Here's what she said:

Still looking for that candidate whom I can put my heart and soul behind to support. If I don't see that person here in short order, I would be willing to put my name forward in the name of service.

She went on to say that the field is not yet set, that others will get in and some will get out. But again, it was clear to me that even though she's "impressed" with the lineup, she is still looking for someone she can support wholeheartedly--or she will be that someone. If the person she could get behind were already a candidate, she wouldn't still be looking, and if she still finds herself looking soon, she said, she'll be entering the race.

Watch and listen for yourself:


Governor Palin Will Talk to Megyn Kelly Today

Megyn Kelly tweets that Governor Palin will join her on America Live today:

@SarahPalinUSA joins me on AMERICA LIVE today at 2:15pm EST, don't miss!

(h/t C4P)


Todd Palin Asks Unreasonable "Sellout" Woman a Reasonable Question

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Todd Palin was confronted by someone wielding insults at the Iowa State Fair. Her accusation? Governor Palin is a sellout because she resigned from the governor's office. Todd handles the situation by asking the woman what she would have done if she were the one getting hammered with ethics complaint after ethics complaint and was being buried in debt as a result. The woman, of course, had no answer. All she could do was resort to name calling, which is exactly what people do when they cannot deal with the issues. Had she really thought there was a reasonable alternative when dealing with the thousands of dollars the Palins were required to pay to defend themselves, she would have put forth that alternative. The truth is she had none.

Once again, let's set the record straight. Even though Governor Palin was cleared of any wrongdoing in every single one of those bogus complaints, the Palins were required to pay to defend themselves, and there was no end in sight. Those bent on bankrupting this family and costing the state of Alaska time and monetary resources--thereby stifling progress--would have never discontinued their efforts. It was a calculated plan to take her down, and she wisely did what she had to do for the benefit of her family and her state.

Stacy Drake takes on this issue in her article, "Governor Palin Never "Sold Out" to Anyone":

The San Francisco Chronicle shot some footage at the Iowa State Fair last Friday that has been making the online rounds this week. The video shows a woman who claims to be from Alaska, heckling Todd Palin by calling Governor Palin a “sellout” for resigning from office.

This line of attack is common with the governor’s foes for many reasons. For one, it’s much easier to spin the fact that she stepped down from her post than it is to explain the complicated circumstances that led up to her decision. It certainly takes less time. Second, Governor Palin’s political enemies don’t have anything else. The governor has been fully vetted in public view over the past three years, and there isn’t anything else for them to latch onto. The left-wing press even sued to have all of her emails released to them, only to come out with nothing but message after message of a good public servant doing her job, and doing it well.

I wrote a piece back in December of 2010 called “Why Governor Palin Resigned.” I gave an overview of the section in Going Rogue where the governor wrote about her decision to step down. In the book, the governor writes about the avalanche of politically motivated frivolous lawsuits that were taking their toll of the state. They were bogging down her administration, costing Alaska time and resources in a fight that appeared to have no end unless she did something drastic. As you can tell by Todd’s reaction in the clip, the lawsuits were also taking a financial toll on the Palin family. Her decision to pass the ball to her Lt. Governor weighed heavily on her for sure. But there is no doubt that it boiled down to doing the right thing for the State of Alaska, and the right thing for her family.

Read more here.

Todd Palin presented a reasonable question when he asked the woman what she would have done. Left with nothing, she--like a junior high schooler--turned, walked away, and called back, "Sellout." It seems to me she should have hung around long enough to engage in an adult conversation about how the Palins could have better handled the politics of personal destruction being waged on Governor Palin. Todd gave this woman a great opportunity to articulate her superior knowledge, but instead, she diverted the conversation. Quite telling, isn't it?


Palin-Beck 'Defending the Republic' Appearance Reported

FM NewsTalk 97.1 out of St. Louis reports "Defending the Republic," an event scheduled for October 7th at 7:30 p.m. To my knowledge, Governor Palin has not made a public statement about this function, but if/when she does, I will post her comments.
Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are coming to town for a once in a lifetime event and you don't want to miss it. FM NewsTalk 97.1 and Hansen's Tree Service proudly present Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, Friday October 7th, at the Family Arena.


Join FM NewsTalk 97.1 as two of our country's leading conservative standard bearers share the same stage. Sarah Palin first made history on December 4, 2006 when she was sworn in as the first female governor of Alaska. In August 2008, Senator John McCain tapped her to serve as his vice-presidential running mate in his presidential campaign, making her the first woman to run on the Republican Party's presidential ticket.

Glenn Beck, known for his quick wit, candid opinions, and engaging personality, has attracted millions of viewers and listeners throughout the United States with The Glenn Beck Program. His radio show is heard on over 400 stations. It is the third highest-rated national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the fusion of two intellectual conservatives as they Defend the Republic on the Family Arena stage.

More here.

The general public will be able to purchase tickets this Friday, August 19th, through Metrotix.

For the benefit of those who have voiced concern that this new event in October means Governor Palin has decided not to run for President, Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics tweets the following nerve-calmer:
@GOP12 Am told the Palin/Beck appearance was arranged 6 months ago, so I wouldn't read any tea leaves there

(h/t C4P)


Governor Palin: A Humbling Reminder of Our Duty

Monday, August 15, 2011

Via Facebook, Governor Palin reflects on her time in Kansas City, Missouri today and her plans for returning to Alaska.

We spent a very moving day in Kansas City, Missouri, where it’s easy to remember what really matters, because here we have the National World War I Museum and Liberty Memorial.

The Liberty Memorial Tower is dedicated “In honor of those who served in the World War in defense of liberty and our country.” Reading the many memorial inscriptions while standing in the rain was a somber and humbling reminder of the sacrifices young Americans made nearly a century ago in distant battlefields so far from home. So many of them never returned from those fields in France and Belgium. Yes, it was a somber, real, significant moment reading those words about the honor in one’s dedication to God and country.

The main inscription on the memorial reads: “These have dared bear the torches of sacrifice and service. Their bodies return to dust but their work liveth evermore. Let us strive on to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

I took the above photo of Piper and my niece McKinley with the memorial in the background. It brought home to me what this “One Nation Tour” is about. It’s about the duty we have not just to the living, but also to the dead and to the generations yet to be born. Our founders called us the “heirs of freedom,” and as such we have a duty to those who have already paid the price for us to live in freedom, and we have a duty to those who will come after us.

Our freedom was purchased by millions of men now long-forgotten throughout our history who charged the cannons, ran into bayonets, suffered in the trenches, and gave their lives so that we could live in relative comfort doing what we feel led to do. We can’t squander what they gave us or what the next generation expects from us. This is why visiting these historic sites and bringing your children to see them is so important. This is why I wanted to bring my own children with me to show them our history and remind them that America’s children will carry the torch of freedom one day.

Now it’s back to Alaska for the start of the school year. (And, of course, our annual visit to our own state fair where Piper looks forward to clogging on the Blue Bonnet Stage!) While kids crack open their school books, I look forward to continuing my own writing and research on strategies and plans to help move our country forward.

We will be back on the road soon, for on September 3rd we’ve been invited to a big Tea Party “Restoring America” rally in Waukee, Iowa. We hope to see many of you there as we gather to discuss the direction of our country and the way forward with our fundamental restoration of all that is good and strong and free in America. You can click here for more information on the event.

Thank you all for your support and for sharing this leg through the Heartland of the “One Nation Tour” with us.

With an Alaskan heart,

Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: A Visit to "America's Hometown"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Via SarahPAC:

We spent a great afternoon in "America’s Hometown," as Hannibal, Missouri, is famously called. Of course, Hannibal plays an important role in American literature as the hometown of Samuel Clemens. This town on the Mississippi River and his boyhood adventures here were the inspiration for many of Mark Twain’s most famous works.

Mark Twain’s wit was evident when he spoke or wrote about Hannibal. Reminiscing about his humble origins here, he once said: "Now in Hannibal where I was brought up, we never talked about money. There was not enough money in the first place to furnish a topic of conversation."

I’m sure this town also instilled in him the decency and common sense that he would hold to all his life. As an old man far removed from his boyhood days, he famously told others: "Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest."

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: Land of Lincoln

Via SarahPAC, Governor Palin shares her experience at the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum today. She describes Abraham Lincoln as one from "humble beginnings," from a "remote part of the country," one whom "the east coast establishment long dismissed." As I read that, a certain Alaskan came to mind, as well. No wonder Governor Palin finds inspiration in the man who is so revered today for his part in making America the great nation of liberty that it is today. That liberty must be preserved.

Via SarahPAC:

We had a wonderful morning touring the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. About a year ago, I was honored to give a speech before the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. for the Restoring Honor Rally. Standing in the shadow of that massive monument to the Great Emancipator might make one forget that this heroic leader came from very humble beginnings in what was considered at the time a very remote part of the country. In fact, the east coast establishment long dismissed Lincoln as just a frontier political figure, and he never really won over that establishment. But it was as a "prairie lawyer" in Springfield that Lincoln honed the oratory and debate skills he used to persuade and inspire his fellow Americans in freeing the slaves and preserving our Union. These heartland roots are what made him who he was.

It was truly inspiring to learn more about this great man from those who tend to his legacy with such devotion. We learned a wealth of information about the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation, and Lincoln’s life. Many thanks to the professional staff, volunteers, and historians at the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum for all they do to preserve this important aspect of American history and educate future generations.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: Good Sunday Morning!

From Governor Palin this morning, via SarahPAC:

Good morning from Springfield, Illinois!

We had another great day yesterday traveling through the Midwest. We stopped to walk in the footsteps of Ronald Wilson Reagan at his alma mater Eureka College, enjoyed fried chicken at a local restaurant that “Dutch” frequented, and crossed on a few dirt roads following field after field of corn and soybeans.

Our country is an extraordinarily beautiful place. But the people here are everything. As Reagan said, “The most valuable lesson I learned at Eureka is that every individual makes a difference.” Individuals can make a difference. We have to.

The gritty, humble strength of America’s heartland is on display in the places we’ve visited the last few days, where individuals work together to pull resource and bounty from our land. We’ve met so many great people who are committed to their community and united by strong values and love of country.

Thank you Eureka, Dixon, and all the places we stopped at yesterday. This trip continues to inspire at every turn.

- Sarah Palin

P.S. Congratulations to all those who participated in Ames yesterday.


Tim Pawlenty Out of 2012 Race; Governor Palin Weighs In

Tim Pawlenty ended his presidential campaign this morning after coming in a distant third in yesterday's Iowa Straw Poll behind Representatives Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. Granted, I'm no political veteran, but it strikes me odd that a person with serious presidential aspirations would drop out because of the results of a straw poll. I know the tradition of Iowa is very important to presidential politics, but I have to admit, I just don't get it. Look at history: how often has Iowa actually proven to be the presidential predictor?

Honestly, I find Tim Pawlenty a major yawn anyway, and I don't think he had a good shot at the nomination, but I view his early departure as a sign that maybe he shouldn't have been in the race to begin with. Again, perhaps it's my lack of political experience speaking, but if a straw poll--albeit in Iowa--in the summer of 2011, before some candidates have even entered the race, could do the trick, one just has to wonder if the sidelines are where he really belongs.

Earlier today, Governor Palin weighed in from Springfield, Illinois, where she took her One Nation Bus Tour to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.

Via Alex Moe:

"I think we will see more people coming and going" in this campaign cycle. "I hate to see that internal party events would be seen as the barometer for somebody to stay in the race or not. I would love to have seen Pawlenty stay in there and allow the voters to decide not internal political machinery decide who should be in the race and who should not. So I am disappointed that he has dropped out. Pawlenty, he is a good man who worked very hard, had a good record as a governor. He knew how to get along with the boys in the sandbox. He knew when and how to compromise in order to get things done in a blue state - a Republican in a blue state being effective. I have great respect for him and a lot of his staff members too, good guys, good gals. He has a great family. So I really, really hope the best for Gov. Pawlenty; he is a good man, and disappointed that he dropped out.

On whether Pawlenty quitting will impact her decision to run, she said, "No, I think this is more illustration of the comings and goings of a campaign in a very long season of politics. We still have many months to go, and I think we will see more people coming and going."

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Governor Palin Visits Eureka College, Ronald Reagan's Alma Mater

After visiting Ronald Reagan's boyhood home in Dixon, Illinois, Governor Palin and the One Nation Bus Tour stopped by Eureka College and was visibly moved while taking in some Reagan history:

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Governor Palin: Visiting Reagan's Humble and Inspiring Beginnings

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Governor Palin, via SarahPAC:

Ronald Reagan once said, “While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future.” It’s because I believe in America's future that I take such inspiration from our past. We just visited Ronald Reagan’s childhood home in Dixon, Illinois. This beautiful small town along the Rock River is where Reagan learned the values that shaped him – the same values that have historically made America strong – thrift, hard work, fortitude, optimism, and courage in the face of adversity.

As a nation, we must reconnect with those values if we’re to truly restore all that is good and strong about the USA. Meeting the fine Americans in this small town on the river where Reagan saved 77 lives brought all this home for me.

Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who keep Reagan's memory alive. The restoration and tours of our beloved President's home are significant. Thank you, Dixon!

- Sarah Palin

P.S.: Allow me to share below the piece I wrote for USA Today’s special commemorative edition on President Reagan’s Centennial:

I had the privilege of coming of age during the era of Ronald Reagan. I like to think of him as America's lifeguard. As a teenager, Ronald Reagan saved 77 lives as a lifeguard on the Rock River, which ran through his hometown of Dixon, Ill. The day he was inaugurated in 1981, a local radio announcer famously declared, "The Rock River flows for you tonight, Mr. President."

The image of the lifeguard seems to represent what Reagan was to America and to the freedom-loving people of the world. He lifted our country up at a time when we were in the depths of economic, cultural and spiritual malaise. We were told that we must accept that the era of American greatness was over; but with his optimism and common sense, President Reagan held up a mirror to the American soul to remind us of our exceptionalism.

Reagan showed us that despite a deep recession, there could still be morning in America. He could speak to the economic troubles facing ordinary Americans because he understood what it was like to live through a Great Depression where families scraped to get by. And yet, he saw us recover from our Great Depression, and under his leadership we experienced the greatest peacetime economic boom in our history. He could speak to our fears that our years as a superpower were over, because he understood what it was like to see America at war and really fear that we might lose. And yet, he saw us win two world wars, and under his leadership we won the Cold War without firing a single shot. Reagan's belief in American greatness was rooted in historic fact, not blind optimism. He was a sunny optimist because he knew that our best days are yet to come.

Today, when we hear the worry in the voices of Americans wondering where the jobs will be for our children and grandchildren and wondering if the world will be safe and prosperous in the years to come, we should remember Reagan's faith in our inherent heroism and greatness. When we see people around the globe looking to the White House for leadership, we should remember Reagan's steel spine. He understood America's purpose in this world and what we need to do to secure liberty. As Margaret Thatcher said of him, "He sought to mend America's wounded spirit, to restore the strength of the free world, and to free the slaves of communism." He sought those things and he succeeded.

This year, as we celebrate the centennial of Reagan's birth, let's remember the lifeguard from the Rock River who rescued us with his optimism and common sense. We need more lifeguards like him.


Governor Palin Takes One Nation Bus Tour to Reagan's Illinois Home

Governor Palin's bus tour is in full swing--in Iowa yesterday, in Illinois today.

NBC's Alex Moe reports:

DIXON, Ill. -- Sarah Palin continued her "One Nation" bus tour today here, the boyhood hometown of former President Ronald Reagan. The former governor, along with her husband, daughter Piper, and niece were shown around Reagan's home; Rock River, where he was a lifeguard; and passed a statue in his honor. Ann Lewis, chairwoman of the Dixon Reagan Sentinel Commission escorted the Palin family around.

Palin told NBC News that it was important for her to come here, because "this is one of those places everyone in America should come to get a sense of Ronald Reagan's foundation -- to understand his humbleness and graciousness."

At all two stops, she was greeted by numerous supporters asking for autographs and pictures. Palin also made one reference to her new granddaughter that was born a few days ago when speaking with supporter at the Reagan house.

More here.

Photo retrieved here. See another here.


Governor Palin: Nothing Compares: An Inspiring Day At The Iowa State Fair

Governor Palin, via SarahPAC:

It was wonderful to be back in Iowa today to visit the historic Iowa State Fair! Thank you for the invitation and tremendous hospitality, Iowa friends. We had the opportunity to meet more great Americans from the heartland and talk about the issues confronting our country today and the sort of leadership we need to move forward. Iowans have big hearts and a great deal of common sense, which makes visiting here all the more inspiring and insightful. Like the majority of Americans across the nation, the good folks here know that our country is in need of a restoration of the free market and constitutional principles that have made us strong and free and will make us that again as we get our country back on the right track.

The work ethic shown here by these farm families is so encouraging. The kids involved in healthy activities like 4-H and FFA are proud, strong young Americans who’ll grow up to help feed the country and run the nation’s economic engine – our small businesses. Keep up the great work, farmers!

What an inspiring day with great Americans. Oh, and the butter cow really is amazing... as is the fried butter-on-a-stick, the fried twinkie, the pork chops, etc.!

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin's 'Hannity' Interview at Iowa State Fair - Video

Governor Palin was at the Iowa State Fair yesterday. Last night, she was fired up as she spoke to Sean Hannity. She made it clear that she is still considering running for President. This is an interview worth watching. It's good stuff, and the crowd obviously thought so.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:


Sean Hannity Talks to Governor Palin in Iowa Tomorrow Night

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sean Hannity will speak to Governor Palin tomorrow night from Iowa. He tweeted:

Tomorrow night when we broadcast the TV show from the Iowa State Fair we'll talk to @SarahPalinUSA who's on her bus tour through the state.

Tune in to Fox News at 9 p.m. Eastern tomorrow.


What Americans Are Looking For and Who Has It

Jededidah Bila penned an article in which she spells out what America needs to see in tonight's GOP Presidential debate. She breaks it down to seven characteristics. The one person who exemplifies each of these characteristics, however, is not participating in the debate and is not--yet--a declared candidate.

Jedediah correctly points out what we are looking for tonight. I submit, however, that we want to see these same qualities period--beyond tonight's lights, away from the debate stage. These are the qualities we want to dominate the lives of those who are asking for our permission to serve our great country in these trying times. These are the qualities for which America is yearning. Yes, we'll look for them during the debate tonight, and we'll look even harder for them after the debate ends and the candidates exit stage right.

Chief among the attributes Bila names is leadership:

If you’re not a leader, you don’t deserve the job. And you certainly won’t inspire confidence. Americans are tired of those who sit back, relax, wait for real leaders to do the hard work and then step up to the podium when it’s “safe” to speak up. We have a leadership vacuum in the White House that needs fixing in 2012. Either you’re up for the job or you aren’t. We won’t be fooled.

Can I get an "Amen"? We don't have time for politics. We need leadership. While there's a place for followers in society, they don't belong in the White House. The buck stops with the President of the United States, so if someone is courting that role, he or she had better step up. Governor Palin called out Mitt Romney in a recent interview with Sean Hannity because she, to use her own words, did "not have respect" for his sitting out the debt ceiling debate and then emerging later to state his opinion. Governor Palin is uniquely qualified to do that calling out because she has never opted to stay where it's safe. She doesn't wait to hear what others have to say before weighing in on the issues of the day. Some may question the "safety" of taking that approach, but leaders lead. They don't wait for the "all clear" before they step out--not when they know what's right and are guided by that sense of right. As she told Hannity:
You can't defer an issue and assume that the problem is going to be then avoided. No, you defer an issue like not speaking out on how you really believe about an issue that we've just gone through as a nation, you're inviting a crisis...You need to get out there. You need to tell the electorate what you really feel about these issues. Don't do this. Don't just wait and sit back.

Leaders are willing to do exactly what the Governor says. It's a let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may mentality, or maybe we should call this the "If I die politically, I die" mindset. If everyone embraced that type of leadership, it would surely be the death of politics as usual, and it would be a long overdue burial.

Jedediah offers honesty as another quality Americans are looking for tonight and, I assert again, looking even harder for after tonight:
Americans aren’t stupid. And we’re looking for authenticity, not pre-programmed, phony, D.C.-manufactured rhetoric. If you speak from the heart, we’ll know it. If you don’t, we’ll know that too.

We don't need another President Obama. A common complaint about him is how little we actually knew about him as he campaigned for President. As information surfaced, the media shielded him and covered up his radical associations, as if this was not vital information Americans had the right to know. Anyone who questioned his background was called a racist. So by and large, most people knew him from his oratory skills, which they graded an A+. Increasingly, however, more people are finding that a finely crafted, tele-prompter directed speech simply isn't enough. We want authenticity. We want to know that you mean what you say and say what you mean. Personally, I sometimes wonder if President Obama even knows much of what he means. I wonder if he truly has a sense of what he believes, or if he's just the ultimate politician who does whatever is politically advantageous at the time. I wonder the same about some GOPers who've turned flip-flopping and compromise into sports to be mastered.

Governor Palin epitomizes honesty. As a result, she connects with people. Even her detractors admit as much. It's an indisputable fact. When people are asked why they are drawn to her, the common response is her authenticity--her humanness, if you will:

"She isn't the typical politician."

"She's one of us."

"She's the real deal."

"She speaks from the heart."

Americans want leaders who are experienced, knowledgeable, and intelligent, absolutely--and Governor Palin is all those things. But we are not willing to sacrifice authenticity in the process. We want the complete package. We want honest people who will tell us what they're thinking, what they have to offer, the direction they plan to take us. We want to know when we're reaching out to them that they're reaching back, that they're listening as we speak, that they're not just planning the next things they're going to say or the next stop on their political journey. That, of course, describes one person, and that person is not yet in the 2012 race.

Governor Palin can afford to wait to declare her candidacy for a reason Nicole Coulter pointed out yesterday: she's a "GOP superstar" with name recognition. In addition to that star appeal, she's got something that may be even more important. She's got the appeal of a long-time next door neighbor who is both known and trusted in the community. This is a quality that simply cannot be taught. A person either has it or doesn't. She has it--and America is hungry for it. Bring it on!

The last characteristic I will highlight is knowledge. Bila put it this way:

Stephen Bannon's film, The Undefeated, is a comprehensive journey through Governor Palin's record in public service in Alaska. The media violated America's trust in 2008 by propping up Barack Obama and his non-existent record and ignoring Governor Palin's numerous accomplishments. Bannon put those accomplishments front and center in his documentary. She has the knowledge to lead this country forward, and she has the resume to prove it.

Atlas Shrugs' Pamela Geller, after screening The Undefeated, distilled crucial aspects of the Governor's record, and then asked an important question (emphasis added):
Governor Palin's cornerstone accomplishment is AGIA (Alaska Gasline Inducement Act). During the Palin administration, TransCanada and Exxon formed an alliance to build a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the Lower 48. Under Governor Palin's governance, the project was expanded and revised from what previous governors had proposed with an open policy process for the Alaskan people. More progress was made on this effort than in the previous 30 years. This is the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history and helps put us on the path to energy independence.

Governor Palin's administration opened up drilling for oil and natural gas at Pt. Thompson for the first time in decades.

Governor Palin created the AlaskaĆ­s [sic] Petroleum Integrity Office to oversee all aspects of energy development and Climate Change Subcabinet to comprehensively and honestly evaluate climate change.

Governor Palin reduced earmark requests for the state of Alaska by 80% during her administration, requesting only earmarks that would benefit the country as a whole.

Governor Palin reduced spending in her budget for Fiscal Year 2010 by more than one billion dollars from the previous governor's Fiscal Year 2007 budget, a 9.5% real reduction in spending. Her FY2010 budget was $10.57 billion compared to Governor Murkowski's FY2007 budget of nearly $11.7 billion. At the same time, she fulfilled her campaign promise to forward fund education, allowing districts greater flexibility and predictability in their planning.

She vetoed half a billion dollars in spending, the largest veto in state history.

Governor Palin invested $5 billion in state savings.

Governor Palin reformed Alaska's public employee retirement system to make it solvent.

Governor Palin accepted less state per diem for herself and her family than her predecessors even though she had a larger family.

Who can you say these things about?

The answer to the question is clear: no one but Governor Palin.

Read Pamela Geller's full review here.

Furthermore, Governor Palin reminded us in a recent Facebook note that she saw what was coming and warned us beforehand that our unsustainable debt would damage our credit rating. Her knowledge, coupled with her incredible instincts, have again proven accurate. I'm sure she wishes she had been wrong, or rather that this administration would exercise common sense, do what she did in Alaska and cut waste, incentivize small businesses, and take the necessary steps to restore America to its rightful place.

I agree with Jedediah Bila's assessment of what Americans want to witness tonight, and you can enjoy her full piece here. I concur that these attributes serve their purpose in tonight's debate, but they serve an even greater purpose going forward. I, too, will watch the debate closely to see who has the ability to lead, to be honest, and to demonstrate knowledge as they field questions from presumably unbiased moderator, Bret Baier. However, what Jedediah really does in her article, whether consciously or not, is lay out the framework for what Americans are looking for in the days, weeks, months, and even years ahead.

There is indeed one who possesses each of these necessary characteristics, but Governor Sarah Palin has not--yet--entered the race. Stay tuned.


SarahPAC Video: Always Proud; One Nation Bus Tour Rolls On

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SarahPAC released the following video and email:

Dear SarahPAC Supporter,

We are very happy to jump back on the bus for another leg of our “One Nation Tour”! We accept with gratefulness an invitation to meet folks at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines this week. The heartland is perfect territory for more of the One Nation Tour as we put forth efforts to revitalize the fundamental restoration of America by highlighting our nation’s heart, history, and founding principles.

In a grossly weakened economy – especially when recovery is thwarted by today’s Obamanomics – prudent Americans make sensible decisions to live within their means. This includes seeking affordable participation in more community events, local patriotic parades, and traditional all-American venues like state fairs. State fairs hold a special place in our nation’s history and heritage, so my family is honored to highlight one of them on one stop along the One Nation Tour route – America’s historic Iowa State Fair! (I’m also excited to try some of that famous fried butter-on-a-stick, fried cheesecake-on-a-stick, fried twinkies, etc. I’ll enjoy them in honor of those who’d rather make us just “eat our peas”!)

Unlike next week’s Obama Bus Tour, taxpayers aren’t funding our tour, which is why we so appreciate your support in allowing us to be out there on the open road to visit with you to highlight small towns, big-hearted people, and the important role they play in our most exceptional nation.

You can participate with support for the “One Nation Tour” through and following virtually by bookmarking the SarahPAC website. We’ll have updates from the road as our Constitution-draped bus travels to shine a spotlight on more of our nation’s fine history. Watch this video and let the American road inspire you!

Thank you for your continued support of SarahPAC. Let’s stay committed to the worthy cause – restoring all that is good and strong and free in America!

Thank you sincerely,
Sarah Palin


Lloyd Marcus: The NAACP's Betrayal of Blacks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today, Lloyd Marcus published an article for the American Thinker, further exposing the NAACP's betrayal of Blacks. I have discussed at length the left's exploitation of Blacks, and I dealt with the topic in my very first MotivationTruth article, "Get Off the Plantation," in 2008.

First MotivationTruth logo

Marcus, a strong Tea Party activist, singer and songwriter, is no stranger to the slings and arrows hurled at any Black person who refuses to sign up for the plantation known as the Democratic Party. No doubt, he's received some of the same treatment I received when going head-to-head with Penwah during my interview on Sistah Talk TV.

Lloyd Marcus writes (emphasis added):
Are you folks as sick of reading my articles on this topic as I am of writing them? Just as Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 debate, I say to the NAACP, "Well, there you go again" -- more distortions, lies, and tired old "we shall overcome" 1950s rhetoric.

Tragically, this once-great organization has been hijacked by far-left, radical, America-hating socialists. Thus, the NAACP is relentless in its efforts to portray American race relations as having progressed very little since the 1950s -- ignoring obvious evidence to the contrary, like a black first family occupying the White House.

The NAACP's modus operandi is simple, a one-trick pony. Their strategy is to despicably declare every issue and all opposition "racist."

Along with their daily attempts to brand the Tea Party racist, here is the NAACP's latest attempt to use race-baiting to get out the black vote for Obama in 2012.

Rev. William Barber, president of the NAACP's North Carolina conference, said, "We must fight against any attempt to segregate, isolate, and steal the black vote." This is a perfect example of tired old "we shall overcome" 1950s rhetoric. Who on earth is stifling the black vote? If such an initiative were true, wouldn't the Obama-worshiping media be all over the story? So what the heck is this race-baiting preacher talking about?

Rev. Barber's statement is nothing more than tried and true words guaranteed to evoke a knee-jerk hateful response in brain-dead black racist ideologues.

Rev. Barber is responding to states demanding that voters show proper ID, which -- surprise, surprise -- the NAACP has deemed racist.

Can someone please explain to me how requiring voters to confirm that they are who they say they are, live where they say they live, and are U.S. citizens has a racial component?

I do see a racial component from the NAACP's point of view. They are, in essence, saying that blacks are too stupid to find their way to the DMV and other places to acquire legal ID. One could argue that if blacks are that stupid, why on earth should they be allowed to vote?

I'm being sarcastic, but you get my point. These so-called advocates for blacks and other minorities do a tremendous disservice to the very people they claim to care about. Imagine the negative impact on your self-esteem when you are constantly told you do not measure up and need standards lowered in order to be successful. The left sends this message to blacks all the time. This is called the soft bigotry of low expectations.

I have also noticed how the NAACP and others on the left use the black church and black ministers to sell liberal political candidates and their socialistic agenda to black America. This is particularly hypocritical and obnoxious, considering the left's disdain for all things Christian and their banning of God from the public square.

Courting the black vote, Hillary Clinton ran to the black church during her presidential campaign. Hillary transformed herself in an instant into Rev. Soul Sista Clinton. Evoking her best attempt at a black dialect, she orated, "I don't feel noways tired!" The all-black congregation erupted with applause.

Imagine what would happen to a white Republican attempting to sound black while addressing a black congregation. Boys and girls, can you say "politically tarred and feathered"?

"Can you believe that cracker trying to sound black?" -- that would be the outcry of outraged black parishioners.

As a lifelong black PK (preacher's kid), I know from whence I speak when I say ministers are held in the highest regard in the black community. This is why I find it quite despicable every time the left uses black ministers to "herd" blacks into the direction of their socialistic agenda. This tactic is an ungodly betrayal.

Rev. Barber, Rev Sharpton, and Rev. Wright, to name only a few, are nothing more than liberal plantation overseers and black civil rights mafia enforcers. They punish any black who dares to display independent thought, success via conservatism, and love for his country.

Black conservatives such as myself are vilified as traitors to our race and even threatened with bodily harm. More often than not, driven by our faith, our goal is to liberate follow blacks from self-induced limitations. We strive to open black America's eyes to the reality that they are extremely blessed to have been born in America, the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it!

Meanwhile, the NAACP and certain so-called black men of God are doing severe damage to their flock. Make no mistake about it: selling racial hatred blended with victim and entitlement mindsets is poison -- an anathema to the human spirit, individual success, and happiness.

Finish the article here.


Plainville or Palinville?

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Undefeated opened in Plainville, CT this past weekend. The Bristol Press provided this report:

Viewers came from as far away as New Hampshire on Sunday to take a peek at the Sarah Palin documentary, “The Undefeated.”

The AMC Loews theatre on New Britain Avenue is one of the few cinemas screening director Stephen K. Bannon’s film – being shown only on limited release – which will run in Plainville through Tuesday.

According to Roger Ebert’s July 27 review, Palin’s “Undefeated” tells of the former Alaskan governor and current presidential hopeful’s impact on politics in general and especially in her native state. He calls the film “a campaign advertisement in search of a campaign,” one that relies primarily on stock footage from rallies, speeches and television alongside original interviews.

The mood among would-be viewers outside the theater was predominantly one of enthusiasm from those who would like to see Palin as the next president. She has remained elusive about whether or not she will actually run.

Michael Anifant and his wife Cathy made the drive from New Hampshire to see the film.

“It’s worth it,” he said.

Describing themselves as former Democrats until they perceived a change in the party during the 1980s, the couple are reminded by Palin of Ronald Reagan, whom they called a “true conservative.”

“I think she’s got a lot of courage,” Anifant said, having stood up to the media. “Obviously, she’s not a shrinking violet,” he said.

Read more.

(h/t C4P)


Governor Palin: Conquering the Storm

Governor Palin via Facebook:

In the coming days we’ll sort through the repercussions of S&P’s downgrade of our credit rating, including concerns about the impact a potential interest rate increase would have on our ability to service our suffocating $14.5 trillion debt.

I’m surprised that so many people seem surprised by S&P’s decision. Weren’t people paying attention over the last year or so when we were getting warning after warning from various credit rating agencies that this was coming? I’ve been writing and speaking about it myself for quite some time.

Back in December 2010, I wrote: “If the European debt crisis teaches us anything, it’s that tomorrow always comes. Sooner or later, the markets will expect us to settle the bill for the enormous Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending binge. We’ve already been warned by the credit ratings agency Moody’s that unless we get serious about reducing our deficit, we may face a downgrade of our credit rating.” And again in January, in response to President Obama’s State of the Union address I wrote: “With credit ratings agency Moody’s warning us that the federal government must reverse the rapid growth of national debt or face losing our triple-A rating, keep in mind that a nation doesn’t look so ‘great’ when its credit rating is in tatters.”

One doesn’t need a Harvard Law degree to figure this out! Just look across the pond at Europe. European nations with less debt and smaller deficits than ours and with real “austerity” plans in place to deal with them have had their ratings downgraded. By what magical thinking did we figure we could run up perpetual trillion dollar deficits and still somehow avoid the unforgiving mathematics of a downgrade? Nothing is ever “too big to fail.” And there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Didn’t we all learn that in our micro and macro econ classes? I did at the University of Idaho. How could Obama skip through Columbia and Harvard without learning that?

Many commonsense Americans like myself saw this day coming. In fact, in June 2010, Rick Santelli articulated the view of independent Tea Party patriots everywhere when he shouted on CNBC, “I want the government to stop spending! Stop spending! Stop spending! Stop spending! STOP SPENDING!” So, how shamelessly cynical and dishonest must one be to blame this inevitable downgrade on the very people who have been shouting all along “stop spending”? Blaming the Tea Party for our credit downgrade is akin to Nero blaming the Christians for burning Rome. Tea Party Americans weren’t the ones “fiddling” while our country’s fiscal house was going up in smoke. In fact, we commonsense fiscal conservatives were the ones grabbing for the extinguishers while politically correct politicians and their cronies buried their heads in what soon became this bonfire.

With S&P and others now warning that we could face another downgrade if we don’t get serious about our debt problem (i.e., recklessly spending money we don't have), Washington needs to wake up before things get worse! We’re already hearing murmurs about QE3, which is just madness and will further debase our currency at a time when the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency is already being questioned. The loss of the dollar’s reserve currency status would adversely impact us in every conceivable way. Our standard of living would decline as imports become more expensive (including imports of foreign oil), government wouldn’t be able to finance deficits as cheaply, and American corporations – employers – would lose a competitive edge. It would be another crack in our status as a financial superpower.

Last May, I gave a speech at Westhills Community College in Lemoore, California, to an audience that included farmers from California’s Central Valley. I tried to paint a picture for them of where all of this was heading. The following is an excerpt from my prepared remarks:
Now we’re all getting hit with rising food prices too. Back in November of last year, I predicted this would happen when the Federal Reserve dropped a $600 billion money bomb called QE2 on us! That’s short for “quantitative easing 2.” It’s a fancy term for running the printing presses and creating money out of thin air – which drives down the value of the dollar and makes the price of everything more expensive.

As I predicted six months ago, these policies will lead us down a path where for the first time in our history our fate will be taken out of our own hands and placed in the hands of the world’s capital markets. They will force us to make the responsible decisions that our leaders are unwilling to make. Just as the destinies of the Central Valley farms have been taken out of your hands by the federal government’s overreach into your water rights, so the destiny of our nation will be taken out of our hands because our leadership has failed to get our financial house in order.

This isn’t some theoretical threat any more. It’s already happening. The world’s biggest bond investment fund PIMCO announced last month that it was dumping U.S. Treasury bonds. The head of PIMCO, Bill Gross, one of the world’s preeminent debt investors, warned that the U.S. is in serious risk of default with our trillion dollar deficits and no end in sight. And last week, credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s downgraded our credit outlook to “negative” – that’s the first time that has happened to us since the attack on Pearl Harbor. The IMF has even given us formal notice that, unless we do something to deal with our debt problem, we could tip the world economy into another recession.

It is a disgraceful and embarrassing situation when the United States finds itself justifiably chastised in the same tone normally reserved for near-bankrupt economies.

And in this, like in shutting off your water, the federal government has failed you. Their reckless spending and destruction of the dollar will make access to available credit for farmers and small business owners harder to get. And it will make transportation costs higher because it will hit everyone at the gas pump. You see, because the Obama White House won’t let us drill domestically, we’re forced to import oil that we pay for in dollars. So, when the value of the dollar drops, the price of gas goes up. And if you think $4 a gallon is bad, wait till you see what life is like at $6 or $7 a gallon.

Last November, the so-called smart people all laughed at me when I warned them of this. They told me not to make such a big deal about rising prices. Well, guess what – it became a big deal all on its own.

In fact, there was an editorial in the New York Sun that said – and I quote: “As gasoline is nearing six dollars a gallon at some pumps, the cost of groceries is skyrocketing, and the value of the dollars…has collapsed to less than a 1,500th of an ounce of gold. Unemployment is still high. Shakespeare couldn’t come up with a better plot. But how in the world did Mrs. Palin, who is supposed to be so thick, manage to figure all this out so far ahead of the New York Times and all the economists it talked to?”

Well, I’m sure the New York Times writers will remember the famous line: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” And right now the American economy is in the howling, hot headwinds of a gathering storm. We’re printing up and buying up our own notes at an unprecedented rate, and the Fed is artificially holding interest rates down to nearly zero. Anyone with commonsense could see what was coming. Unfortunately, common sense is in short supply among our leaders. It’s like they never believe that the rules of common sense apply to them. They think somehow we'll escape from the consequences of their policies. It’s the same magical thinking that allows them to run up trillion dollar deficits and still think that we can “win the future.”

Every other generation has weathered recessions by sacrifice and belt tightening. But our leaders today decided that they could magically paper over the tough decisions by running the printing presses. A little history lesson might have showed them how well that worked out for Germany in the 1930s. The Weimar Republic inflated its currency so much that it took a wheel barrel full of paper money to buy a loaf of bread. That might be the main thing I remember from Mr. Crum’s history class at Wasilla High, but it told me all I needed to know about the inflationary dangers of a weak currency and why we must avoid it. What a shame Mr. Crum didn’t teach at Harvard.

That was just three months ago, and things have already gotten worse. We have to face this storm head on. It won’t be easy, but there are real solutions to grow our economy and reduce our debt.

First, we need to get serious about our deficit. No more accounting gimmicks. No more cuts in “out-years” that never materialize. The permanent political class in D.C. might be fooling themselves with these Enron-like accounting games, but they’re not fooling the world’s capital markets. And we don’t need any more happy talk from the White House about “investing” in solar shingles and really fast trains. The White House shouldn’t even bother floating these new spending programs. We can’t afford them. Period. We need to stop this deficit spending, balance our budget, repeal Obamacare, cancel all unused stimulus funds, and reform our entitlement programs. We have to have an adult conversation about our spending commitments; circumstances have changed, and we must adapt. I know none of this will be easy, but, “thick” or not, the average American outside the D.C. politico bubble knows that we no longer have a choice! We will have entitlement reform and a balanced budget; it’s just a matter of how. We can do it ourselves in a calm, methodical, and responsible manner, or we can wait for the world’s capital markets to ram it down on us. Let’s be responsible and do it ourselves. And let’s get serious about reducing the size of government across the board and rooting out waste. How many more reports (that today are destined to merely gather dust on the shelf) do we need about duplicative and unnecessary programs before we actually do something about government waste?

We need to get this economy moving again, and the real stimulus we’ve been waiting for is domestic energy development. We must reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil by responsibly developing natural resources here. This will provide good paying jobs, reduce our trade deficit, increase federal and state revenue, ensure environmental standards, and actually stimulate our economy without incurring any debt. That’s real stimulus! Affordable, plentiful, and secure energy is the foundation of every thriving economy. Let’s make it the foundation of ours. Let’s do the opposite of President Obama’s manipulation of U.S. energy supplies. Let’s drill here, build refineries, and stop kowtowing to foreign countries in asking them to ramp up energy production which makes us even more beholden to them as we rely on their foreign product. Let’s move on tapping our massive domestic natural gas reserves. Natural gas is the perfect “bridge fuel” to a future when more renewable sources are available. It’s clean, it’s green, and we’ve got a lot of it. Let’s drill. Let’s build an infrastructure for natural gas cars and power plants. Energy development can help kick start our economic engine.

In addition to energy security, I embrace a pro-growth agenda that can make American corporations far more competitive on the global stage. (I will be writing more about this in the coming days.) We need to tell the world, “America is open for business again!” And let’s welcome industry by reducing burdensome regulations. The Obama administration keeps strangling businesses in red tape. From the EPA’s rulings to that nightmare known as Obamacare, the Obama administration is hanging one regulatory albatross after another around the private sector’s neck. Let’s get government out of the way and give the private sector room to breathe, grow, and thrive. We can provide businesses confidence to expand and hire Americans in a stable environment.

Be wary of the efforts President Obama makes to “fix” the debt problem. The more he tries to “fix” things, the worse they get because his “solutions” always involve spending more, taxing more, growing government, and increasing debt. This debt problem is the greatest challenge facing our country today. Obviously, President Obama doesn’t have a plan or even a notion of how to deal with it. His press conference today was just a rehash of his old talking points and finger-pointing. That’s why he can’t be re-elected in 2012.

Our economic news is disheartening and the task before can seem daunting, but we must not lose our sense of optimism. People look around today and may see only the negative. They see a culture and a nation in decline, but that’s not who we are! America must regain its optimistic pioneering spirit again. Our founders declared that “we were born the heirs of freedom.” We are the heirs of those who froze with Washington at Valley Forge, who held the line at Gettysburg, who freed the slaves, carved a nation out of the wilderness, and allowed reward for work ethic. We are the sons and daughters of that Greatest Generation who stormed the beaches of Normandy, raised the flag at Iwo Jima, and made America the strongest and most prosperous nation in the history of mankind. By God, we will not squander what has been given us!

Our destiny is still in our own hands if we pick ourselves up and act responsibly and quickly. We must all get involved. Concerned Americans must seek truth, work harder than ever, and be willing to sacrifice today to ensure freedom tomorrow. Please get engaged in 2012 electoral politics and support experienced, vetted, pro-free market fiscal conservatives who will dedicate all to preserving our Republic and protecting our Constitution.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: President Obama is Losing the Future

Sunday, August 7, 2011

We know President Obama adopted "Winning the Future" as a catch phrase. We also know that with his failed policies amounting to a failed stimulus, failed job recovery, and now failed credit rating via Standard and Poor's, he is doing anything but winning the future.

Today, Governor Palin tweeted:

Pres Obama: you're losing our future. No more pretending "with ever more manic protestations" that this could continue

Below is an excerpt of the article to which she links, published in The Telegraph:
The truly fundamental question that is at the heart of the disaster toward which we are racing is being debated only in America: is it possible for a free market economy to support a democratic socialist society? On this side of the Atlantic, the model of a national welfare system with comprehensive entitlements, which is paid for by the wealth created through capitalist endeavour, has been accepted (even by parties of the centre-Right) as the essence of post-war political enlightenment.

This was the heaven on earth for which liberal democracy had been striving: a system of wealth redistribution that was merciful but not Marxist, and a guarantee of lifelong economic and social security for everyone that did not involve totalitarian government. This was the ideal the European Union was designed to entrench. It was the dream of Blairism, which adopted it as a replacement for the state socialism of Old Labour. And it is the aspiration of President Obama and his liberal Democrats, who want the United States to become a European-style social democracy.

But the US has a very different historical experience from European countries, with their accretions of national remorse and class guilt: it has a far stronger and more resilient belief in the moral value of liberty and the dangers of state power. This is a political as much as an economic crisis, but not for the reasons that Mr Obama believes. The ruckus that nearly paralysed the US economy last week, and led to the loss of its AAA rating from Standard & Poor’s, arose from a confrontation over the most basic principles of American life.

Contrary to what the Obama Democrats claimed, the face-off in Congress did not mean that the nation’s politics were “dysfunctional”. The politics of the US were functioning precisely as the Founding Fathers intended: the legislature was acting as a check on the power of the executive.

The Tea Party faction within the Republican party was demanding that, before any further steps were taken, there must be a debate about where all this was going. They had seen the future toward which they were being pushed, and it didn’t work. They were convinced that the entitlement culture and benefits programmes which the Democrats were determined to preserve and extend with tax rises could only lead to the diminution of that robust economic freedom that had created the American historical miracle.

And, again contrary to prevailing wisdom, their view is not naive and parochial: it is corroborated by the European experience. By rights, it should be Europe that is immersed in this debate, but its leaders are so steeped in the sacred texts of social democracy that they cannot admit the force of the contradictions which they are now hopelessly trying to evade.


We have been pretending – with ever more manic protestations – that this could go on for ever. Even when it became clear that European state pensions (and the US social security system) were gigantic Ponzi schemes in which the present beneficiaries were spending the money of the current generation of contributors, and that health provision was creating impossible demands on tax revenue, and that benefit dependency was becoming a substitute for wealth-creating employment, the lesson would not be learnt. We have been living on tick and wishful thinking.

So what are the most important truths we should be addressing if we are to avert – or survive – the looming catastrophe? Raising retirement ages across Europe (not just in Greece) is imperative, as is raising thresholds for out-of-work benefit entitlements.

Lowering the tax burden for both wealth-creators and consumers is essential. In Britain, finding private sources of revenue for health care is a matter of urgency.

A general correction of the imbalance between wealth production and wealth redistribution is now a matter of basic necessity, not ideological preference.

The hardest obstacle to overcome will be the idea that anyone who challenges the prevailing consensus of the past 50 years is irrational and irresponsible. That is what is being said about the Tea Partiers. In fact, what is irrational and irresponsible is the assumption that we can go on as we are.

Read the full piece here.


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