And Then There Were Four--All Better Than Obama

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The GOP presidential field is down to four. Governor Rick Perry is the latest to suspend his campaign, which he did late this morning. Along with stepping aside, he endorsed Newt Gingrich for President. Not only did he state that Gingrich has the heart of a conservative, he also conceded that the former Speaker isn't perfect but that God offers redemption--and who among us doesn't need that redemption? Governor Perry showed great class in his comments.

Governor Palin tweeted the following today after Perry left the race:

Rick Perry reflects the character of his great state: strong, tenacious, big heart. Good job, Governor. You are a true American patriot.

In other news, it was revealed today that Mitt Romney did not win the Iowa Caucuses, so all the talk about his making history by being the only candidate to ever win both Iowa and New Hampshire can now end. We learned this morning that Rick Santorum actually had 34 more votes than Romney, so congratulations to the former Senator.

The news of the day, of course, is the interview Newt Gingrich's ex-wife Marianna gave to ABC, set to air tonight. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on here. Their marriage ended over a decade ago, Marianna has already had her say, and Newt has already said he's gone to God for forgiveness. It's no coincidence that the interview will be shown prior to Saturday's South Carolina Primary, just as Gingrich has risen in the polls there.

We American voters have to decide for ourselves, and however individuals personally arrive at that decision, it is absolutely essential that we do not allow the media to pick our candidate for us. The lamestream media has one goal in mind: help re-elect President Obama. We the people cannot afford that. This is a President who chooses politics over all, further evidenced by his rejection of the Keystone Pipeline yesterday. This energy project would bring thousands and thousands of jobs to Americans, but the President said "no" so he could kiss up to the extreme environmentalists he's counting on to vote for him. This is a shame. This President is a job killer, and I believe that whoever emerges as the GOP nominee will be, to use Governor Palin's words, "infinitely better than President Obama." Some would be better than others, of course, but we definitely need new leadership, and November can't come soon enough for me.


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