Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Steps Aside

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ended her campaign for the GOP presidential nomination today. After last night's last place finish in the Iowa Caucuses, I expected as much. So when she spoke, after realizing her dismal finish, that she was still the person to defeat President Obama, I was at a loss for how she could miss what the rest of us see: It's been a valiant effort, but it's over. She won the Iowa Straw Poll, but that was it. Enthusiasm for her simply didn't remain, and neither did the finances to continue.

Today, Congresswoman Bachmann admitted as much, and said she has no regrets. Though I simply wasn't sparked by her campaign, and though I didn't agree with every manner in which she conducted business, I've always respected her stand for fiscal and social conservatism. Her unashamed faith in Christ opened her up to the kind of criticism Christians always receive in this country now, unfortunately, but it's certainly refreshing to see her boldness regardless.

As Governor Palin stated last night during her Fox participation in the Iowa Caucuses, Bachmann will continue to serve us well in the House of Representatives.

Watch some of Representative Bachmann's comments here.


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