Governor Palin Explains 'Rage Against the Machine' to Judge Napolitano

Monday, January 30, 2012

Judge Napolitano interviewed Governor Palin on Fox Business tonight, and right out of the gate he asked her what she meant when she told Judge Pirro that voters in Florida should "rage against the machine" by voting for Newt Gingrich:

I want voters to rise up and allow this vetting process to continue so we can start hearing even more ideas--articulated even clearer what the solutions are--from these candidates, and how we're going to get back on the right track...we're only going to have that through an extended vetting process.

Judge Napolitano pressed Governor Palin on the candidacy of Ron Paul, stressing that he has consistently taken the right stands on issues that matter to conservatives. The Governor, not wanting to be dismissive of Ron Paul but wanting to be "practical," had this to say:
I want to make sure that my one vote really counts, and when you look at the numbers--when you do the math--you see that Romney and Newt Gingrich are the two front runners, and--it appears today--it's one or the other.

Governor Palin makes it clear that it is what it is, so one must spend her/his vote on a conservative candidate with a record of reform, one who can first, actually win the nomination and second, eventually beat President Obama.

(h/t SarahNET)


Anonymous,  January 30, 2012 at 10:38 PM  

The two establishment politicians...Newt and Romney...Sorry Sarah, this is one time where I will need to disagree with you! If Newt is the Republican Candidate, the Dems will destroy him with his own record! jav

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