Governor Palin Has No Regrets & Reveals Which Candidate MSM & Obama Want to Face

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tonight, Governor Palin was Judge Jeanine Pirro's guest on her Fox News show, Justice w/ Judge Jeanine. The Judge started right out the gate with the question that people have oft asked the Governor: Any regrets? Governor Palin reiterated that she has no regrets for not throwing her hat into the GOP ring.

After Judge Jeanine stated a couple times that Governor Palin had called for Jon Huntsman and Michele Bachmann to drop out of the race, the Governor corrected her. She clarified that what she gave was her opinion, which wasn't personal but was rooted in reality. Poll numbers showed consistently that it was not Bachmann's time, for example; therefore, for the sake of family finance, it would make sense to consider doing what Bachmann, in fact, did do: step aside. Governor Palin stated her point was that it would make sense "for their own good that they would look at stepping aside and having their supporters start coalescing around another candidate in order to oust the incumbent." This is further illustration of Governor Palin's commitment to what she calls ABO, anybody but Obama. She did point out, too, that Representative Bachmann's failure to maintain traction had nothing to do with the Tea Party losing relevance, but that Bachmann had "some staff members around her who didn't do her justice." That's the truth--which, to me, speaks to her own judgment. But we all live and learn.

About Mitt Romney, Governor Palin predicts that the media will go easy on him. "I believe the mainstream media, and Obama, want to face Mitt Romney in the general election" so they can portray him as out of touch with the regular, everyday, working class American. I believe she's right. The President is married to class warfare, and Romney lends himself to that tactic. (See his $10,000 bet suggestion for fodder.)

This was a rather substantive interview, with Governor Palin doing a fine job of discussing the candidates and giving us more of a look into what we have in store as we continue in this Primary process and head into the general election.

(Video courtesy of SarahNET)


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