Governor Palin on Tom Sullivan Show

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tom Sullivan interviewed Governor Palin today--and a very substantive interview it was. He asked if she was worried by all the infighting taking place amongst the GOP candidates. The Governor, who is definitely in favor of thorough vetting and competitive primaries, discussed the negativity that is pervading the race right now, and she commented on the commitment to "bury Newt" that she is observing. She went on to clarify that she does believe "they should be tough on Newt," as they should be tough on everyone--especially President Obama.

However, she said, the politics of personal destruction have become "sort of the accepted MO in politics right now, and that makes me sick." She pointed out that these tactics keep good people from wanting to run for office. She described the politics of personal destruction as pathetic, sick, and unfair to voters.

Sullivan asked Governor Palin if in her private moments she regrets not getting in. She answered that she knows the same attacks that the candidates are enduring now would be waged against her if she were running and doesn't envy the candidates any. Sullivan was not fully satisfied with that answer. Wanting more specifics, he asked her if she is rethinking things and if she will get in, particularly since thirty percent of Republicans want someone other than the four candidates remaining in the hunt for the GOP nomination. She responded that she's up in Alaska raising her family and running businesses and doesn't have the organization to be a viable candidate at this point. "We have what we have today."

She again called out the GOP establishment who seem determined to pick our candidate for us. The more the establishment tries to pick our candidate, she asserted, the more we want to pick someone else.

When asked how to get the votes of Independents, which will be necessary to win in November, she answered, "It's common sense!" Then she went on to explain.

Tom Sullivan conducted a very good interview, and the Governor was fired up as she answered his questions and reflected on where things stand in this election process.

(Video retrieved from SarahNET)


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