What Are You Looking at This Year?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, everyone! What--and who--are you looking at in 2012? From where will you find your inspiration, your hope, and your joy?

There's only one place to look. There's only One who can fulfill all your needs and the desires of your heart as well, in accordance with His will. That One is the Lord. God is good, so let's look to Him this year. Let's walk in His power and authority, expecting to make a difference, impacting those around us, and being the servant of all.

It is imperative that we fix our eyes upon Jesus, for He is the Source of all that we need. Sure, He uses people to fulfill His purposes, and sure, He wants to use each of us, but it all comes from His power. Therefore, He must receive all the praise, as we can do nothing without Him. With Him, however, all things are possible to those who believe, as the Bible says.

God bless you as you walk forward into your destiny this year.


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