CPAC Further Proves Palin's Power

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anyone who saw Governor Palin's CPAC speech, whether in person or via television or video, couldn't help but feel the electricity she created. Having had the opportunity to hear her speak in person many times and see her interact with people at other times, I can tell you: the electricity is real. As Andrew Malcolm noted yesterday, she possesses an ability, above and beyond others' abilities, to connect with a crowd.

Considering Governor Palin is not running for President, it's reasonable to expect that at least one of the people who actually is running would shine as the real star at CPAC--that is, unless you've ever heard the Governor speak. Those who have wouldn't expect anything less than a stellar speech and an energized crowd.

Adam Daifallah of National Post comments about her speaking style and her influence:

CPAC also proved that Sarah Palin - who showed that she has as much influence on the sidelines as she would have as a candidate- is the conservative phenomenon that refuses to go away. If she had been on the ballot in the straw poll, she likely would have won. Her speaking style, both from a content and delivery perspective, has improved substantially since 2008. Her attacks on Obama were punchy and garnered repeated standing ovations. And her refusal to endorse a candidate (she noted on Fox News Sunday that she was "not convinced" Romney was a true conservative) has only increased speculation that she's simply biding her time until 2016.

Read more here.

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