Governor Palin's Aides Release Statement on 'Game Change'

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Those who know Governor Palin best and have worked closely with her continue to push back against the lies contained in HBO's Game Change. Current and former staff members denounce the film and, unlike those who seek only to damage the Governor's reputation, advance their liberal agenda, and make money in the process, are willing to put their names to their statements. Since they were involved in the campaign, they ought to know exactly what transpired.

They released the following statement today, via SarahPAC:

Despite HBO's best efforts, we have all seen the movie Game Change. We stand by everything we previously said on the record. The movie is at best "historical fiction" - historical only in that Sarah Palin was nominated and campaigned for the office of Vice President. The movie is a series of scenes where the dialogue, locations and participants are invented or rendered unrecognizable for dramatic effect. HBO and its surrogates continue to argue that they spoke to 25 sources. None of them are on the record nor is their level of involvement in the campaign disclosed. Not one source is on the record in either the book or in the movie and it is clear why. The authors of the book never even traveled on the campaign with Governor Palin. We call on HBO to add the fiction disclaimer.

Tim Crawford
Jason Recher
Randy Scheunemann
Meg Stapleton
Tom Van Flein
Doug McMarlin
Andy Davis

(h/t Jackie Sic)


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