Video Compilation: Governor Palin's Key Accomplishments

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After wasting my time with some people on Twitter who have no clue how to discern fact from fiction, who still attribute to Governor Palin things that Tina Fey said, and who cite Game Change as a credible source of information, I am especially glad to share this with you.

Ian Lazaran posted the following on C4P this morning:

In case you missed the sixteen-part video series of interviews/press conferences/speeches/news clips from Palin’s time as Governor of Alaska that we posted the other day, consider this the “C4P version” of The Undefeated. Shelly took the time to put together all sixteen clips into a two-and-a-half hour “movie.”

Ron Devito of US4Palin has a master list of Governor Palin's accomplishments on his site, a source that many people turn to when researching the Governor's career. Concerning Shelly's video, he writes:
Ian Lazaran, a Conservatives4Palin editor this morning ran a nearly 2.5 hour video compiled by Shelly Dankert which captures key moments from Gov. Palin’s entire gubernatorial term: speeches, interviews, news items, and press conferences.

This movie will be permanently loaded on the US for Palin Accomplishments page so readers can enjoy this video compilation of Gov. Palin’s key moments in office. Our 2012 Master List is updated nearly daily now, so readers can see the size, scale, scope and frequency of her accomplishments as they unfold.

Let the truth go far and wide. Here's the video:

(h/t Shelly, Ron, and Ian)


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