Governor Palin Breaks Down Energy on 'Paying at the Pump'; Updated

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Governor Palin and Eric Bolling co-hosted "Paying at the Pump" on Fox News Channel Friday night. The special included a live studio audience and addressed an issue that every American is dealing with right now: high gasoline prices. The special wasn't simply about discussing the problem. We're in need of solutions. Both the Governor and Eric Bolling have energy expertise, and they offered solutions. They have encouraged President Obama to take note. For the sake of we the people, we truly hope he will put pride aside, listen, learn, and act.

Here is the bottom line, as expressed by Governor Palin in this short clip:

(Video retrieved from SarahNET)

UPDATE: Retrieved from C4P, here's another video clip from Friday night's "Paying at the Pump":


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