Governor Palin: Paying at the Pump” Solutions to Relieve Pain at the Pump

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Governor Palin via Facebook:

Real energy solutions shall be presented! Please join Eric Bolling and me as we host an energy special this Friday, April 13th at 10pm ET on FOX called “Paying at the Pump.” We’ll present real solutions to solve our country’s rising energy prices and relieve America’s pain at the pump. And, yes, there are real solutions! We’ll discuss them and invite President Obama – in fact we’ll challenge the President – to adopt them for the good of our country. The White House will have an opportunity to put partisanship and its stubborn lack of energy common sense aside to get a handle on these outrageous prices. Please tune in Friday night. The energy special will also re-air on Saturday and Sunday.

- Sarah Palin

I am concerned about rising gas prices, as most everyone is. So I'm ready to hear some real solutions from a real energy expert, which Governor Palin is, of course. I certainly hope President Obama will take note--and take notes!


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