HBO Produces Another Palin Hit Piece

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Palin Derangement Syndrome just won't go away. Pathetic.


A comedy about an inept Vice President. I thought, wow – that could be funny. I’ll bet it’s about Joe Biden, as much time as his foot has been in his mouth these past three years.
But then I tuned in to HBO's new comedy "Veep" and saw Julia Louis Dreyfus dressed up as … Tina Fey dressed up as … Sarah Palin.

So after suffering through “Veep” I’m yet even more mystified than before by the Left’s obsession with Palin. The only conclusion I can come up with is this: They are so terrified of a Palin candidacy, for anything that they just can’t let go.

Nevermind that Palin is not running for anything; what’s salient is merely the spectre that she may, at some point in the future, throw her hat back into the political ring. And if the stake is not driven completely through the heart of her political aspiration, there’s still a remotely outside chance Mitt Romney will tag her to run with him this summer.
(Insert a collective feminist shudder here.)

Yet, posed to someone on the Left, this quandary would be met with sarcastic derision and the silly notion dismissed with a smirk. Apparently the notion of anyone taking Palin seriously for any power of any sort is so laughably laughable that no serious, clear-thinking intellectual worth his or her serious salt would ever even seriously consider her as a serious legitimate threat, much less a viable force for political change.

I mean, really – just reflect on her comments that “I can see Russia from my house!” … or “us mama-grizzlies gotto keep our shotguns loaded and ready” … or “I’m just a pig in lipstick anyway!” Oh wait, you say she never said any of those things? Sure she did, I heard [her] say them! Oh yeah, that was Fey's Palin.

Read the full piece here.

(h/t Doug Brady)


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