Epitomizing Relevance

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just when you thought the campfire had finally gone out, another spark emerges from the ashes. Anyone who's gone camping has been in this situation. Anyone who's followed Governor Palin since 2008 has been in this situation as well. Just when it seems a particular narrative has been proven false, so as to have extinguished all possible reemergence, it comes flaring up again.

Relevant is defined as "having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand." Irrelevant, therefore, is just the opposite, defined simply as "not relevant." Of all the adjectives used to describe Governor Palin, it's almost unfathomable that irrelevant would be among them. Love her or hate her, no one who is paying even a modicum of attention could reasonably say that the Governor does not hold incredible weight in the political process. Nonetheless, I encountered this cluelessness once again.

My friend, Kristi King, shared with me a conversation she had about Governor Palin yesterday. A gentleman told her that Governor Palin is irrelevant and her time has passed, that she no longer has any momentum in her favor. Kristi told him that the media examine, re-examine, and diagnose every move the Governor makes, thereby proving her relevance. He stated the media do so only for ratings, and she countered that if she is capable of producing ratings, clearly she's still relevant; otherwise, no one would watch, read, or listen. He maintained his position, which really doesn't speak well for him, as he is a seasoned political mind who ought to know better. Then again, even on the national stage we've found that it's those entrenched in the establishment who seem to be the biggest deniers of what stares them right in the face.

I encouraged Kristi to clue this guy in on what Governor Palin has done. I'm not even talking about in 2008 or 2010, which should give him plenty to consider. I'm just talking about the past month. Obviously he is in need of some useful information: Governor Palin endorsed Richard Mourdock, going against the grain of the GOP establishment, who backed Lugar, and Mourdock received a bump in the polls and won an historic victory. She endorsed Deb Fischer, a long shot, and the "Palin Effect" kicked in, helping to produce a Fischer win. Governor Palin then endorsed Ted Cruz, and he became the beneficiary of what even ABC called the "Sarah Palin Bounce" and Big Government coined a "jolt," a "surge," and "sun-spot hot." Immediately, the phones lit up and a plethora of donations poured in. Cruz continues to close the gap in the days preceding the Primary, which is set for this Tuesday, May 29th.

Relevance, however, is not only illustrated where there is massive support; perhaps it's even more obvious where there is heated disagreement. Governor Palin's recent endorsement of Orrin Hatch was met, not only with approval, but also with disapproval, by even her most ardent supporters. Those in agreement voiced excitement and appreciation because they know that her opinion matters. Some who find themselves at odds with her decision voiced disappointment. That disappointment could be the result of a number of factors--from her not walking lockstep with the Tea Party, to her not walking lockstep with them and their own preconceived ideas, to other possibilities. Not at the bottom of that list is this: some who do not personally support Senator Hatch are disappointed in the endorsement because they want their preferred candidate to win, yet they know how weighty her endorsement is; it considerably lessens Liljenquist's chances. Whichever category one finds him or herself in, the bottom line is obvious: no one would give a rip either way if her endorsement didn't wield power. But it does.

Though I won't, I could name politician after politician whose endorsements of this candidate or that candidate mean absolutely nada to me--or anyone else--because frankly, who cares what they think? Now, they are irrelevant. What Governor Palin possesses, like it or not, is a "significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand." In that, she epitomizes relevance. The matter at hand, she has reminded us again and again, was never whether or not she ran for President of the United States, as many of us still long to see. The matter at hand is to change, not just the uniform, but the team. As the saying goes: "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." And the main thing right now is to keep the House, seize the Senate, and capture 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is quite clear that Governor Palin is a key player in the effort to bring this to pass.

Perhaps this gentleman my friend conversed with isn't a Palin detractor. Perhaps he's just uninformed. But the facts are the facts, and it's always a pleasure to highlight those facts for those in need. Governor Palin possesses the relevance to create an effect, bounce, jolt, and surge any time she chooses as she endeavors to help usher America toward sudden and relentless reform. Thank God she also possesses the conservative common sense to use it wisely.


Anonymous,  May 27, 2012 at 9:01 PM  

Excellent post Adrienne.

It is clear the crowd the political consultant runs with and believes the lies.

I usually like to ask pertinent questions before the oops upside your head, like who are the relevant players in the gop now?

and what have they done say from 2010 till now that makes them relevant, that's not too much to ask is it? after all that's only 2 years.


Morgan May 28, 2012 at 8:16 AM  

Spot on post. I'm one of those who can't join Sarah and others in supporting Orrin Hatch (reminds me too much of Dick Lugar for my liking), but I support her decision.

The post reminds me of the reaction from the Liljenquist campaign; they insist Sarah's endorsement is not a factor. To underestimate the power of her endorsement is a big mistake.

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