Mourdock Reportedly Defeats Lugar in Indiana Senate Primary Race

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Governor Palin endorsed Richard Mourdock from the state of Indiana for Senate. The Tea Party backed Mourdock in this Primary, even while people debated whether it had lost its relevance. The GOP Establishment went the way of the good old boys and pushed Senator Richard Lugar, who's served for over three decades. Media outlets are now reporting that Mourdock has defeated Lugar, despite the best efforts--and much to the chagrin--of the GOPe.

NBC reports:
Republican foreign policy elder statesman Sen. Richard Lugar, 80, first elected to the Senate in 1976, was defeated in the Indiana primary Tuesday by state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, who was backed by conservatives ranging from the National Rifle Association to local Tea Party activists to the Washington-based fiscal conservative group the Club for Growth.

Mourdock appeared to be headed for a landslide victory.

With more than 55 percent of the precincts reporting, Mourdock was winning 60 percent of the vote.

ABC reports the historic aspect of Mourdock's victory:
Lugar’s loss made history. Among senators who had served at least six terms, only one had lost in a primary before Lugar: Kenneth McKeller, D-Tenn., who joined the Senate in 1917 and lost to Democratic primary challenger Al Gore, Sr. in 1952. Only 22 senators in history served as long as Lugar has of 1,931 total, according to the Senate historian.

Shortly after Governor Palin's Facebook endorsement of Richard Mourdock over Senator Lugar, the polls showed a surge for Mourdock, as he took a commanding lead.

In that Facebook endorsement, the Governor wrote:
Richard Mourdock is the conservative choice for Indiana. Senator Lugar’s 36 years of service as a Senator are appreciated, but it’s time for the torch to pass to conservative leadership in Washington that promises to rein in government spending now.

It appears Governor Palin was right--again. The time indeed has come. So ask again who has lost relevance. If the two choices are the Tea Party or the GOP Establishment, I think we got a glimpse tonight of what the answer is.

Congratulations, Richard Mourdock.


Sue May 9, 2012 at 3:59 PM  

As an ELATED Hoosier voter, I say thanks for this post. Now, we have got to make sure he defeats the Democratic opponent come November.

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