NRO: Palin Ad Really Helped

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

While Palin Derangement Syndrome causes its victims to live in denial, common sense observers see things more clearly. What they see is the significant role Governor Palin is playing during these 2012 elections.

National Review Online reports on the Governor's impact on the Ted Cruz-David Dewhurst battle that will come to a head in a runoff this summer:

It was never going to be easy for Ted Cruz to force a runoff in the Texas Senate primary.

“This race is Ground Zero between the moderate establishment and the conservative tidal wave,” Cruz said Tuesday at a Houston polling site, according to the Houston Chronicle. “The stakes are high.”

“A runoff,” he added, “would be a tremendous victory.”

Last night, the former Texas solicitor general got his wish, winning a spot in the runoff and a direct showdown with Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, who finished just short of the “ 50 percent plus one” threshold he needed to avoid a runoff.

Throughout the course of the campaign, Cruz faced serious hurdles, including Dewhurst’s higher name-recognition levels and superior connections to the political establishment.

In steps Governor Palin.
Endorsements proved significant. Sarah Palin’s endorsement, which was a booster for Richard Mourdock in Indiana and Deb Fischer in Nebraska, gave new energy to the Cruz candidacy. It also helped Cruz successfully combat a negative ad run by a pro-Dewhurst super PAC.

“When Cruz says he’s a conservative, he has Sarah Palin backing him up. And for a certain segment of the Republican-primary electorate here in Texas, that means something,” says Mark P. Jones, a political-science professor at Rice University. Referencing that pro-Dewhurst super PAC’s ad, which included the line “Ted Cruz, a conservative? You’ve got to be kidding,” Jones points out that Palin’s endorsement undercut that ad. “In a lot of the broadcasts we’ve had here, that’s running right after this Cruz ‘Fighter’ ad, where at the end Sarah Palin endorses him. The Palin endorsement is undermining the next ad, because if you’re a voter, you’re saying, ‘Sarah Palin just endorsed him. Okay, but here’s the Dewhurst attack ad saying that he’s not a conservative. So either the Dewhurst ad is wrong or Sarah Palin’s wrong. But both of them can’t be correct.’”

“In the end, among a lot of movement conservatives, the Palin ad really helped to counter or at least neutralize a lot of the Dewhurst attacks,” Jones says. “Sarah Palin was a much more valuable endorsement for Ted Cruz than Rick Perry was for David Dewhurst.”

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