Whitney Pitcher Breaks Down Governor Palin's Stellar Record

Monday, May 7, 2012

Whitney Pitcher wrote an article for Big Government today in which she does a thorough job of highlighting Governor Palin's record as governor of Alaska. As she supports each assertion with documented facts, there is no reason anyone can claim to be in the dark about what the Governor has accomplished. Whitney even uses real numbers to compare Governor Palin's record to those of President Obama and prominent members of the Republican party whose names are often touted as qualified presidential contenders. They cannot hold a candle to her. Anyone who wants to know the truth has access to it now, although it's been readily accessible all along; Whitney just did the very hard work of putting it all in one place for you. Anyone who wants to continue ranting the tired, easily-debunked narrative that Governor Palin is unqualified to be President, Vice President, Energy Secretary, or any other high-ranking office is simply making a conscious decision to ignore the facts. What Governor Palin has accomplished is irrefutably impressive.

Let me introduce you to Whitney's article. You should then click here to read it in its entirety. Read it, bookmark it, share it, become acquainted with it, and don't allow anyone to get away with the accusation that Governor Palin does not bring sudden and relentless reform and a plethora of achievements to whatever role she chooses to pursue in America.

Whitney writes:

If you listen to the media, the left, and the GOP establishment, you’ll hear that Sarah Palin is “unqualified.” Even those who grudgingly admit that she helped the McCain ticket in 2008 by energizing the base will still dismiss her gently by saying that she was not “prepared.” Translation: “Sure, sure, she drew a crowd. She’s Caribou Barbie. The rubes like her, but that doesn’t mean she’s competent.”

Is she “unqualified” or “unprepared”? What is her actual record? The media demanded and got unprecedented access to the emails she wrote as governor. No other national or state politician has been more open and transparent. We can know this woman if we just take the time to investigate.

I did, and I discovered a record of relentless reform and fiscal leadership that goes beyond “drill, baby, drill” and is more complex than selling an expensive state jet.

Today everyone likes to call himself a deficit hawk, but it’s easy to be a budget cutter when you’re broke. Palin was a serious deficit hawk at a time when her state was flush with a massive oil revenue surplus. It takes discipline and strong conservative principles to rein in spending at a time like that. Palin cut spending by nearly 10% during her tenure while reforming government, attracting more energy companies to do business in her state and adding jobs.

In the days of credit downgrades in states across the country and for the country as a whole, Alaska has seen its credit upgraded twice since 2006 due to Palin’s reform of the state employee pensions and Alaska’s oil valuation tax.
While the nominees for both political parties have implemented health care mandates on some level, Palin proposed repealing bureaucratic mandates for health care facility development and enacted patient-centered, market-driven health care reforms.
Though she is unabashedly a woman of faith, Palin’s message and governing style garnered her approval ratings as high as 93% in the second least religious state in the country. This was no uneducated, geographically-challenged “Bible Spice.”
By any objective standard, this woman was and is more than qualified to be vice president or president. Her record is arguably better than anyone on the national scene today. The facts bear this out.

I’ve assembled just a brief and partial glimpse of Palin’s record. Much more could be written. Whole films have been made about it (see Steve Bannon’s “The Undefeated”). I’ve chosen to focus primarily on fiscal and energy issues because that’s what Palin focused on.

After reading the following you should ask yourself a few questions:

Why haven’t we heard about all of this before? Why didn’t Steve Schmidt highlight this record during the 2008 campaign? And why is the GOP establishment attacking this woman instead of praising and emulating her leadership?

Read the rest, see the record, get the facts here.


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