Rock Solid 'Most Patriotic' Flag Day Photos; Updated With Song

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Flag Day! Our combination of red, white, and blue represents the most exceptional nation on the planet, our Providential freedoms, and our men and women in uniform who defend those freedoms.

Every year, we have a Flag Day parade in our city. It was held last Saturday. My church, Rock Solid Church, goes all out to represent Christ and our country during this time. Every year we are honored to win the Most Patriotic float trophy! We have a huge procession, and it's a wonderful time! It's an honor to watch people clearly moved, some wiping tears, many applauding and saluting, as we file by.

This year, we focused on the various branches of our military--those who have come before and those who currently serve. Because I'm always in the parade, I rely on getting pictures before we step off. Please enjoy them below. Again, these were taken before we were officially marching forward, so we're not all set up as we were as we proceeded through the city, but you can still get the idea. And yes, those are real people on the float! Last year, we replicated George Washington's crossing of the Delaware. Read about that and see those photos here.

Here's Saturday's pics:

Today is also the U.S. Army's 237th Anniversary. Governor Palin tweeted the following:

Happy 237th Birthday to the U.S. Army! And Happy ‪#FlagDay‬!

Thank you for your service.



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