'Our Sarah: Made in Alaska'

Thursday, July 19, 2012

As many are already aware, Governor Palin's father and brother have written a book that is set to come out in just over two months, on September 25th. A plethora of books have been written about the Governor, by supporters and detractors alike, on a wide range of topics. However, no such book has ever been written by anyone closer to her than Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck Heath, Jr. They have promised to share with us who Governor Palin really is. In fact, their book provides such an intimate look into the life of Governor Palin that they've titled it, simply, Our Sarah. We may know her as Governor Sarah Palin or former Vice Presidential candidate Palin or Tea Party favorite Palin, but they know her as Sarah, a daughter and a sister.

Chuck, Sr. has been gracious to many as he has joined the Governor at events, like the Going Rogue book tour, where he took the time to sign autographs, shake hands, and pose for pictures with people who wanted to meet the man who instilled many of the great qualities in Governor Palin that we admire and respect.

Chuck, Jr. has been a friend to Governor Palin's supporters, particularly to the Conservatives4Palin community. He reads the site and sometimes leaves comments. He has expressed his gratitude for those who have had his sister's back and has assured us that our work has not been in vain. I'm confident we will let him know that the work he and his father have done to get this book to the public has also not been in vain.

We look forward to going directly to the sources for the truth, from childhood to the present, of who Governor Palin is, what truly drives her, and who she is in the quiet moments without the media and cameras. We are privileged to be given access to someone who, while captivating the attention of an entire nation, has simultaneously remained humbly true to her roots as Sarah from Alaska--or as the father-son team would say--Our Sarah: Made in Alaska. With this close look into the life of the most powerful voice in the conservative movement today, we, too, can get to know her better.

One of my favorite sayings is "A person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument." A multitude of "arguments" exist about Governor Palin, and many of us have fought those smears, misrepresentations, and innuendoes. Now, we are privileged to hear specifically from those with a true "experience," providing us the real deal about the real deal.

Here's the description of the book:

We may think we know Sarah Palin from all the coverage she has received in the political arena, but one-side depictions but media coverage is limited and, Sarah would even say, biased. OUR SARAH is also a bit biased since it's written by Sarah's dad and brother with contributions from many friends and colleagues--these are the people who know her--and love her--best.

Combining the appeal of Sarah Palin's bestselling book, Going Rogue, with the flavor of the hugely successful TV show "Sarah Palin's Alaska," here are intimate stories from Sarah's life along with a celebration of growing up in and sharing all that Alaska means to Sarah and her family. Sarah's dad and brother share great family stories of life in the last frontier--from hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and gold-mining, to marathon running, teaching and community service--first in small ways and then on a national stage. Structured around themes of family, faith, independence, resilience, character, risk-taking and adventure--here is a full and loving portrait of where Sarah Palin came from and what made her the person she is today.

Although the book hits shelves on September 25th, it has already been made available for pre-order. Amazon has it here. We may also acquire the Kindle edition and the audiobook. Barnes and Noble offers the Nook Book. We may also order it from Christianbook.com. We get to choose our preference.

Check out this picture of Chuck Heath, Sr. Any doubt he's a proud father?


Isabel Matos,  July 20, 2012 at 12:08 AM  

It's difficult to choose a favorite member of the Palin family because there are so many good ones! But seeing the father-daughter hunting episode on Sarah Palin's Alaska tugged at my heart strings the most, so he is close to #1!

What a great moment when he says with pride yet humility that he loves the way he raised Sarah! He blew me away, too, when he took out his little camera as she was hopping back on the piper plane just to get his own picture of her. I don't know why that gave me a lump in my throat, but it did!

He also pursued a noble profession and always has interesting things to share with others.

What is there not to love?

I wish him much success on this new book!


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