Robert Ringer: Palin is One of Romney's Worst Nightmares

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In a rather hard-hitting piece, Robert Ringer takes Mitt Romney to task for his "tepid" "RINOsaurus Rex" ways, his inability to capture the endorsements, as of yet, of Governor Palin and Representative Ron Paul, and his failure, to date, to invite them to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Now, Governor Palin has said numerous times that she will support whoever the GOP nominee is, for she firmly embraces ABO--Anybody But Obama. I'm sure she will do just that. However, I believe Ringer makes some very good points, as not all of the Governor's supporters are as gracious as she is, and many see this perceived Convention snub as the last straw, since Romney's people have a habit of attacking Governor Palin.

Ringer writes:

If it weren’t so tragic and there weren’t so much at stake, the tiptoe strategy of the Romney Tepid Team would actually be funny to watch. Here you have a group of archetypal RINOs who were clever and tough enough to figure out how to destroy the relatively weak Republican primary field while Romney patiently waited his turn – next in line behind John McMush – to be anointed by the Republican establishment.

Since the Republican debates ended, however, Romney has been so weak-kneed that he’s barely been able to keep pace with a president whom everyone but the most naive among us now realizes is a dedicated Marxist. Romney and his Tepid Team apparently feel confident that he can quietly slip through the clogged media filters all the way to Tampa, get the official nomination, then squeak out a win in November without making a wave in the process.

But it may not be quite that easy for Romney, because he still has to figure out how to deal with those pesky P & P problems: Sarah Palin and Ron Paul. You can just feel the fear emanating from the Romney control-and-command center at the thought of these two highly principled liberty lovers roaming around loose.


To the great annoyance of the Republican establishment, Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin has never officially endorsed him. Worse, on numerous occasions she has warned the Romney people that they had better pay attention to Ron Paul's message. The truth be known, Palin's ideological beliefs are a lot closer to Ron Paul's than to Mitt Romney's.

The gonadless Romney team knows it cannot afford to allow Palin to speak at the convention, because she might - Gasp! - say what she really believes about the whole odoriferous situation that Republicans have once again managed to get themselves into.

Worse still, they haven't even officially invited Palin to the convention. This is beyond a slap in the face. But, in a spirit of charity, let's be sympathetic to Mitt Romney's dilemma. Watching a turtle cross the road would be more exciting than listening to Romney speak in Tampa, so how in the world can the Tepid Team afford to take a chance on Sarah Palin's working the crowd into a frenzy?

After all, a Palin-induced frenzy would be a stark reminder to true conservatives that the guys in the over-starched white collars and size small jockey shorts have once again succeeded in commandeering the Republican nominating process - and we all know how that usually plays out, even if they win.

If Ron Paul and Sarah Palin do not endorse Romney, and if a large number of their supporters stay away from the polls on November 6, the Marxmeister in the White House, who did everything he possibly could to self-destruct, could actually achieve the unthinkable: win reelection!

Read the full article here.

(h/t Doug Brady)


Mymati,  July 24, 2012 at 4:45 PM  

And it will be Romney's fault for not enbracing the base of the party and the Constitutional ideals that produced the mankinds best.

Adam R. July 25, 2012 at 11:30 PM  

Months ago, I would have blindly agreed. Let's see, the person that Romney should embrace is someone who did nothing but complain about him and all the other candidates this cycle when she didn't bother running. I would never invite someone who has no will to show support for me and can only say "anyone but Obama". At least Mitt busted his hump going from state to state in order to earn the nom, even if it's the "conventional" way. I'm sure that anyone willing to sit it out because of Sarah could care less about the country and more about her cult of personality that she no longer deserves after months of teasing only to not run. It's one thing to be a fan of a political personality, but it becomes dangerous when you invest too much emotion in a human like that. No human is the "only one" who can do all the things that will make you or anyone else happy 100% of the time. The Obama cultists scare me since they lack logical thought. The Paul fanatics are driven by paranoia and hate. Maybe they also hope that Obama will be the antichrist in his 2nd term and that they are playing a role in letting prophecy come about. Should Obama get a second term, he won't have to worry about gridlock. Executive orders will be flying about. At least Sarah can try and remain relevant by complaining and criticizing everyone that isn't up to her standards, until Obama issues an executive order that shuts her, talk radio and the conservative blogs up.

Adrienne Ross July 25, 2012 at 11:41 PM  

Adam, I'm not so sure what changed your mind in recent months, but Gov. Palin isn't the only one who is less than enthused about Mitt Romney, the candidate the GOPe handed us on a plate. So excuse us all if we're not jumping up and down about him. The bottom line for many, yes, is he is Anybody But Obama. It's not his flip-flopping record that has captured our affection, that's for sure. Also, perhaps you should go back a bit further to Romney's people who have a history of trashing Gov. Palin.

Nonetheless, if this is all about Romney and holding a grudge, as you seem to suggest, he needs to grow up quickly because he's going to need some help to cross the finish line, and there is no one better suited, whether you (or he) like it or not, than Gov. Palin. It's time to put on his big boy pants, suck up his ego, and do what should be done: invite the Governor to speak. Anything less, as many have said, is unacceptable, foolish, and makes him and the GOP look rather small--and insecure.

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