Black Liberals Label Condoleezza Rice an "Uncle Tom" After Her RNC Speech; Language Warning

Thursday, August 30, 2012

First it was Mia Love (covered here). Now it's Condoleezza Rice. Liberals, especially black ones, are known for their racism. Yes, I said black liberals are known for racism--against blacks--while simultaneously accusing Republicans of racism at every turn. They use terms like "Uncle Tom," "house nigger," and "sell out." They reserve such language for fellow blacks who don't think like they expect them to think. That would be blacks who refuse to succumb to the victimhood, defeatist mentality that is every bit as embedded in the Democratic party's platform as is their undying commitment to abortion.

If you're a black liberal and you take offense at what I've said because it doesn't apply to you, then you need to hold your fellow Democrats accountable, for their behavior toward blacks is reprehensible and quite telling.

Racism isn't a defining characteristic of the Republican party. History teaches us that. But the present teaches us that as well. As I watch white Republican attendees at a Republican event where blacks are speaking, and as I watch Democrats listening to a black Republican speak, I very often see contempt. But it's not in the eyes of those white Republicans. In their eyes, I most often see admiration and great enthusiasm. It's often in the eyes of Democrats, especially black Democrats, where I find contempt--that these blacks would dare to think independently and be true to those thoughts.

Just a Conservative Girl reported the language used, via Twitter, to describe former Secretary of State Condi Rice as she gave an inspirational, articulate speech at the Republican National Convention last night. I warn you now that the language is raw, vulgar, and despicable. It is not language I normally post on this site, and it is certainly not language I ever use. I am choosing to post it here because it illustrates the vile tactics of the left when dealing with blacks on the right. If it bothers you, that's a good sign. These attacks should be jarring:

Tweets following Condi Rice's amazing (no telepromter needed) speech at the Republican National Convention:

Fuck Condoleezza Rice fucking uncle tom

Fuck Condoleezza Rice!!!!!!!! Uncle Tom ass Biotch!!!

Condaleeza Rice has to be the biggest Uncle Tom in history.... Right after Uncle Ruckus from Boondocks.

Condoleezza Rice..smh.. I guess I have to respect the fact that she's been an uncle Tom for quite sometime now.. that can't be easy

See, Condoleezza Rice, is what we call, an Uncle Tom.

Watching Condalezza Rice at the Republican Convention makes me sick she a Uncle Tom like hell

I hope that fuckin' Uncle Tom @AllenWest was paying attention Condoleeza Rice disagreed with the first black president w/o disrespecting him

Somebody need to tell Condoleeza "Red Beans and" Rice ol uncle Tom ass she got lipstick on her teeth.

Condeleeeza Rice is such a dick rider.... that;s why I don't like her uncle tom ass....!!!
sadly, this one is from a black woman.



Condoleeza Rice is the definition of a Uncle Tom

Why is it so hard for people to call Condi Rice an Uncle Tom?

Condoleeza rice is the definition of an uncle Tom and a coon all at the sane time!

I wonder how Condoleeza Rice and @gopblackchick feel when them white folks make em sleep in the slave quarters after the election.

Yep, racism only exists on the right. Got it.

Dr. Rice's crime and Mayor Mia Love's crime is the same: they are black and Republican, which means they have wandered off the liberal plantation on which the liberal left expects blacks to dwell. In the liberal's mind, the ability of blacks to think for themselves and choose their own political path based on their ideals is indicative of selling out. The saddest part of their sickness is they don't even know they're sick. They don't see their own racism. They don't understand that their idea that a black person has to think a certain way stems from the insulting, racist mindset that blacks cannot think any other way. Their assertions that a successful black person, even one who's been given the honor of speaking before a national convention, is merely the result of being a "pawn" illustrates, sadly, that they don't believe a black person could have earned that honor based on talent, intellect, and hard work. They must be a tool and a fool because surely they aren't worthy is what their deluded, racist, and yes, insecure minds have told them. How sad. How very, very sad.

When discussing slavery with my seventh grade students throughout the years, I have often said:
The greatest tragedy of slavery is not what it caused others to believe about us (blacks). The greatest tragedy of slavery is what it caused us to believe about ourselves.

What a shame that while many struggled to secure the equal treatment and respect of blacks, many blacks just don't believe we deserve it.

Visit Just a Conservative Girl here.


musingsfromthegirlontheright August 30, 2012 at 7:19 PM  

Excellent, just excellent points clearly communicated. I especially like the point in the very beginning about holding their fellow democrats accountable.

Anonymous,  August 31, 2012 at 1:54 AM  

very good job here.


Anonymous,  October 2, 2012 at 10:14 AM  

I being black, in the context of "my" community have no problem with the use of a term that does clearly show a group of persons that DO fit the definition of the phrase. The key is, "I being black" can, because of my history use freely this term to describe what we as a community discuss as trash. No different than the phrase, "poor white trash"! It is relevant, truthful, colorful, and colloquial. Truth isn't always nice, but at it's roots, truthfulllll!

Adrienne Ross October 2, 2012 at 3:17 PM  

No, Anonymous on Oct. 2nd, whether black or otherwise, it is ignorant and racist. In fact, it shows a higher degree of both, since you--to quote you--"being black," ought to know better.

Furthermore, using such terms to describe someone who simply has her own opinion is indicative of the slave mentality that erroneously states that all blacks should fall in line and do what they're told--in this case, go along with the Democratic party, also known as the slave master. I'm glad Condoleezza Rice rejects that fatuity, as do I.

Anonymous,  October 19, 2012 at 11:11 PM  

I am African-American Democrat--and proud of it. I also take issue with Condi Rice appearing at the Republican Convention. My issue lies not in the fact that she calls herself a Republican, but in the fact that her party's philosophies are completely contrary to the Civil Rights Movement, which she witnessed. I understand that she subscribes to the idea of freeing oneself from the vicitim mentality and thus believes in taking personal responsibility. However, I am having great difficulty in reconciling the impact that she said the Civil Rights Movement made on her, and her current position in the Republican Party. Condi Rice is too intelligent to not know the full long-term phychological impact that the CRM had on African-Americans. She is too intelligent to not know that the sort of damage that the CRM had on the psyche of blacks, sometimes takes generations to heal. In order for a people to heal, the damage must first be confronted. Other races call it the 'victim' syndrome when blacks acknowledge how we have been wronged, but it is impossible to heal from something few have acknowledged.
I feel bad that she can't see how she is used as a token by the Republican party.

Adrienne Ross October 20, 2012 at 7:33 AM  

Anonymous on Oct. 19th, 11:11 p.m, I'm rather confused. You seem like an intelligent person, yet you don't seem to know the historical facts regarding the Democrats and the Republicans. The Republicans have always fought for equality and worked to eradicate racism. Democrats pushed the anti-black agenda. Please research these truths. Democrats are still in the business of exploiting blacks and making us victims so they can remain in power. Their policies are an affront to blacks. Dr. Rice clearly knows this, as do I. I would never attach myself to a party that has a history--and present--of oppressing and suppressing the progress of a people, slaps my faith in the face, not to mention its commitment to Planned Parenthood, whose origin is stepped in racism, and is responsible for the staggering statistics of black loss of life. PP has been busted accepting money for the express purpose of making sure there are less black babies born. There is nothing admirable in that. Please do your historical research as well as current research.

Thanks for commenting.

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