Florida, Have You Voted for Rep. Sandy Adams and Col. Allen West Today?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today is the day to vote for Rep. Sandy Adams and Col. Allen West in Florida.

Sandy Adams is running in CD-7 in the Republican primary. From her website:

08/14/2012 - Last Chance, Remember to Vote!

Team –

You are about to show our country what Americans can do when they unite together. Since 2010, Americans have been awake. They are not only paying attention to what elected officials are saying, but they are examining their records. Today’s primary election will be testament to the strength of grassroots support. With a nearly $16 trillion debt, we can no longer afford status quo career politicians. We must continue to rein in spending, ensure that ObamaCare is repealed and return our great nation to its constitutional roots.

Please share my conservative message with your friends and family today, and encourage them to vote. You can show your support on Twitter by using the hashtag #StandWithSandy


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Victory is in sight!


Col. Allen West of Florida's District 18 requests your vote in today's primary. Via his website:
Be sure to vote in the primary election today for Allen West.

If you are undecided or need more information, click here to learn about Allen’s positions on the issues.

If you need help finding your polling location, click here.

If you would like to make a contribution to help us start the general election off strong, you can donate here.

Thank you again for your strong support!

Via The Miami Herald, Col. West joined Governor Palin in endorsing Sandy Adams:
Orlando, FL – Freshman Sandy Adams is proud to announce the endorsement today of fellow Florida freshman, Allen West. Together, West and Adams came to Congress in 2010 to fix what is broken in Washington, D.C. West joins former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, and America's Toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in supporting Sandy Adams over 20-year Washington insider John Mica.

West touted Adams’ patriotism and her ability to change the way Washington works in his endorsement statement:

“Two years ago, the citizens of Florida called for a change in the way things were going in our Nation’s Capital. Sandy Adams and I went to the United States House of Representatives to work to get our Republic back on track. We quickly learned the problems were deeper and there were some entrenched careerist politicians who supported the status-quo.

“These last two years, Sandy has been fighting to change the ways of Washington. She is a patriot with regard to preserving and protecting our nation and our Constitution. I fully endorse Sandy Adams candidacy for the 7th Congressional District because she represents a new generation of Republican Conservatives who have come to the Halls of Congress to find solutions and is working tireless against some on Capitol Hill who would rather perpetuate the problems.”

More here.


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