Governor Palin, Bristol Palin, and Traditional Marriage

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Governor Palin, via Facebook:

Bristol makes such an important point in this post! Being in favor of the traditional definition of marriage doesn't mean a person hates gay people or is expected to shy away from candidly answering what their opinion is on something like marriage. Since when has our nation been anything but an exceptional nation that prides itself on the right of expressing personal opinion under the First Amendment and continuing to build our culture on a melting pot of diversity. Need we remind people that leaders like Barack Obama and Joe Biden held the exact same position as Bristol does in favor of traditional marriage just a few short months ago, yet were never called "haters" of anyone.

The press has certainly been very insistent – in fact brutal – in questioning Bristol about whether she'd have a problem dancing with a gay partner on DWTS this fall (this was ramped up after she posted a picture of Todd and me recently enjoying Chick-Fil-A), and some yellow journalists even ginned up a false controversy claiming her 3-year-old son Tripp used an anti-gay slur word which he never used. She answered the question clearly and elaborated on it with this blog post, yet – and this is fascinating – the piece was met with crickets from the liberal media because it just doesn't fit into their false narrative about her. That's a shame, and they're a shame, because she explained herself very clearly here.

Read Bristol's post here. It's quite good.

Bristol and her mom have both shared a powerful truth: those who themselves have no respect for other people's viewpoints assume everyone who disagrees is full of hate. You know, sometimes people just don't agree--and we can love, even in the midst of a disagreement that is deep, far, and wide.

Let me add this: Christians do not have to sacrifice their Christians beliefs on the altar of liberalism, political correctness, or pressure. Christians can be true to their most deeply held beliefs--and we shall.

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