Liberals Heap Hate On Gospel Singer BeBe Winans for Singing at RNC

Friday, August 31, 2012

I recently covered the hate heaped upon black conservatives Mia Love and Condoleezza Rice following their speeches at the Republican National Convention. It didn't end there. Last night, the final night of the RNC, featured Gospel legend, BeBe Winans. He and a choir graced the Convention with their soulful, patriotic singing. Who would have thought this would open him up to attacks by the left? Anyone paying attention to how the left operates should have expected it.

BeBe is a Democrat, and he received no compensation for his appearance. However, the left railed on him for sinking so low as to share his gift with a bunch of Republicans last night. The nerve!


Musicians gotta make a living. Performing at a GOP function, however, is apparently the eighth deadly sin of the entertainment industry. Gospel singer BeBe Winans, a registered Democrat, sang tonight as part of an unpaid gig. He would’ve performed at the DNC, too, but for some unknown reason, they pulled their invitation.

The singer received a tsunami of Twitter spewage for his appearance and misinformed criticism for being a sellout.

Here are a few of those tweets, but I must warn you, as I did here, that the language is raw.
Amber Hodgepodge
BeBe Winans let them play his arse for a sucka! they gives a fcuk about you. they used you as a pawn for some black votes! #RNC #RNC2012

Sept 1st Virgo
They got Bebe Winans looking like the house negro at the Republican convention Smh

Zenobia Polk
Bebe Winans ATTENTION WHORE! #SellOut

Angela Burt-Murray
Really BeBe Winans? #anythingforacheck

Dear Bebe Winans, tonight you've been singing about America for an audience that doesn't think you should be a part of it. Just so you know!

Bebe Winans will learn, just like I did, that to whites, especially conservatives, she's still just a nigger #RNC

Go to to read more.

I will continue to point out this kind of hateful, racist, despicable behavior and language. It is disturbing and needs to be exposed.

(h/t April Moore)


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