Missouri, Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate, Ellen Brandom for State Senate

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today is Missouri Primary Election Day! Why, as a New Yorker, am I so interested in this particular election? Missouri is like a second home to me, as I spend so much time there. I spent the beginning of this summer in Missouri knocking doors, hammering yard signs, and going to campaign events with my friend Kristi King, who is the Cape County Coordinator for Ellen Brandom who is running for State Senate. Missourians in Brandom's district, vote for this common sense conservative today!

Today is also the day to elect Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate. Steelman has received the endorsement of Governor Palin who sees a lot of Sarah in herself--not just her name, either. Get to the polls today and make the right decision for a fighter who will work to reform Washington. That's Sarah Steelman! As Steelman says, "The status quo must go," which means Claire McCaskill must go. So vote Steelman!


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