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Monday, October 15, 2012

Ready to watch Dancing with the Stars All-Star edition? Tune in at 8 p.m. Eastern to check it out; then get your vote on for Bristol and Mark. Here's what her mom, Governor Palin, posted on Facebook today:
Take a “Happy Days” break today on DWTS before tomorrow's big Presidential debate! Bristol’s theme this week is “Happy Days/At the Hop.” Those with fond memories in the 70's of evenings watching “Happy Days” will enjoy tonight's dance enormously. Here’s a link to Bristol & Mark’s statement about tonight along with information on how to vote:

This is Bristol's article that Governor Palin linked to:
Last week, it was hard to see two “all star” couples go home, but I’m so glad Mark and I weren’t one of them!

Thank you for letting me be here for another week of Dancing with the Stars. If you think Mark and I are the best dancers tonight, then there are four ways to vote this week:

1. Phone

Please use this official telephone number. It is:


Phone lines open as soon as the show starts and stay open for 1 hour after the show. Fans should try to phone vote as soon as the show starts. After they dance and at end of the show are the hardest times to get through and we want every single vote. You can vote on as many phones as you have access to. For the first half of the season, voters will be allowed the same number votes as the contestants. For example, this week there will be nine contestants, so each type of account gets 9 votes. Once they are down to 5 contestants or less, the fans still get 5 votes per account.

2. Text

AT&T users can text the word “vote” to “3409″ as well. Once again you get the same number of votes as contestants. You can text votes and call votes from the same phone.

3. E-mail

You can also e-mail votes online here. On show nights there will be a vote tab. You have to have an account to vote online. You should make your accounts before the show starts because when the show is going the site crawls. You can vote with as many accounts as you make.

4. Facebook

The final way to vote is by going to the DWTS Facebook app and casting your votes here!

Spread this information far and wide! Thank you for your support!

You betcha!


Anonymous,  October 17, 2012 at 12:29 AM  

You're such an idiot....

Adrienne Ross October 17, 2012 at 12:19 PM  

Anonymous at 12:29 AM, I had heard that you have that illness that causes you to get other people mixed up with yourself, but I didn't want to believe it. I can no longer remain in denial at this point. Here's to wishing you a full, speedy recovery. ROFL! Seriously, I wish you nothing but the best. Take care, and God bless. May you find something to do that makes you happy. :)

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