Governor Palin Goes On the Record; Fired Up About President Obama's Libya Lies

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Governor Palin talked to Greta on On the Record last night. She gave perhaps one of the most passionate interviews I've seen her give. With the information that has come to light about this administration's dishonesty with the American people concerning Libya, there's no surprise that she's fired up, as every one of us should be. Having a son risking his life in a war zone makes her especially disgusted with the Commander in Chief's willingness to mislead us concerning terrorism.

The first video (h/t Stacy Drake) begins with a few minutes of lead-in--very good clips of campaign coverage, including an interesting comment from Barbara Walters on The View. The actual interview begins at about 3:07. If you want to see only the interview, (courtesy of SarahNET), watch the second clip below:


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