What if Mitt Romney Launched "White Americans for Romney"?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

President Obama launched "African Americans for Obama." With black unemployment twice the national average, lack of choice in education stifling black children, thanks to union thugs who back the President, and social issues like gay marriage a serious bone of contention in the black community, the President is pulling out all the stops, clearly without shame. Talk about audacity!

Beyond this, imagine with me what would ensue if Mitt Romney launched "White Americans for Romney." In fact, Romney has no such movement, but still he is accused of sending out dog whistles to "those racist white Republicans." Democrats throw that accusation around to the Republican party daily. Apparently these people have never had a lesson in which party finds its history steeped in racism and which party opposed such a deplorable thing.

President Obama has got to be the most divisive leader America has ever seen, and he gets away with it time and time again. Of course so do his followers, who feel completely at ease walking around the Democratic National Convention with buttons that read, "Once you vote black, you never go back." Governor Palin called this what it is in an interview with Neil Cavuto: racism.

President Obama's policies fail and entrap the black community. Rather than "African Americans for Obama," what we need is a movement of people who have the boldness to stand up and say their children's futures are more important than race, exercise their hard-fought right to vote, and vote this President and his failed policies out of office.

(h/t Kristi King)


isabel matos October 2, 2012 at 8:27 PM  

Yet another sign they are desperate.

That and scaring women that their privates will be taken away..

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