ZoNation Video: Do Not Let Democrats Elect First Female President

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Alfonzo Rachel, better known as Zo of ZoNation, has published an interesting monologue. In it, he breaks down the Republican party's failures and its need to make sure the Democrats do not elect the first woman president. He addresses the current culture as its being shaped by liberals, and how the GOP must infuse the culture with conservative principles. Electing the first woman president is a piece to the puzzle, he states. Doing what they've done in the past--throwing Governor Palin and Representative Michele Bachmann under the bus--won't get the job done for Republicans.

It's worth the 3 minutes, 55 seconds it takes to watch. Take a look:

(Video retrieved from The Right Scoop)
(h/t TENCOLE, C4P commenter)


Gun-Control: Transformation is Not Changed Laws, but Changed Lives

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Faced with the overwhelming sadness of more violent shooting deaths recently, Americans have resurrected the gun debate. Some believe that people are using the tragedies as a political tool to get what they have wanted all along: gun control. Others feel, all politics aside, it's time to have a reasonable conversation about the issue. Here's my take:

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Mentally ill people kill people. Evil people kill people. I am in favor of having a conversation on the issue of guns, but that conversation must include 2nd Amendment rights, facts, common sense, and compassion.

People have the right to bear arms. So says our Constitution. The vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens. Disarming them will not protect anyone from someone mentally ill or evil. It will only make them less able to protect themselves from the criminals who, common sense tells us, will not give up their weapons. Criminals don't care about the law. That's why we call them criminals. Having said that, do average citizens need certain types of weapons, military-style weapons, for example? That's part of the reasonable conversation that should be had. Nonetheless, recent history shows us that these restrictions have not reduced crime at all. In fact, the reverse seems to be true.

As someone who cares deeply for children, I believe we must do what's necessary to protect them. Our children are vulnerable within the school setting. Why people are so opposed to armed officers guarding our hallways is beyond me. Banks have them. Other government agencies have them. Politicians who oppose citizens' gun rights have body guards who have them. Yet we want our children to fend for themselves. It defies all logic.

Posting "gun-free zone" signs around our communities makes no sense either. Who do those signs impact? The honest, sane individual isn't inclined to use a gun irresponsibly, and the person who came to commit a heinous crime couldn't care less about the sign. It's not like he's going to see the posting and then say, "Oh, wait. The sign says this is a gun-free zone. I can't do what I've planned. I'd better go put my weapon back." Again, let's use logic. The only thing the sign does is alert someone that those inside are unprotected and therefore easier targets. In fact, I understand that James Holmes, the man arrested for the Aurora, CO shooting, did not choose the biggest theater in the area to carry out his evil deed. Nor did he go to the one closest to his home. He went to the one with a gun-free zone sign. This ought to be food for thought, if nothing else.

Surely, we must do our part to enforce the laws already on the books, look at the areas where loopholes to those laws exist, and examine access to gun purchases at gun shows. Furthermore, we cannot fail to address mental illness. It seems to be a common thread in many of these tragedies. The entire issue of violence demands conversation, but it must be intelligent, rational, common sense conversation.

Evil will always exist in the world because sin exists. The Bible teaches that in the end times wickedness will increase. Therefore, we cannot ignore the elephant in the room. A culture that denies or suppresses God sets itself up for all kinds of problems. Many have chosen to ignore this most obvious, most basic, truth. We see the results everywhere we look, and we're paying the price for it in these dark times. It is vital that we remember that darkness isn't really a thing. Light is. What we, in our limited understanding, call darkness is merely the absence of something real called light. Without God's light, we get every evil work. It's not that God is punishing us; we've chosen to punish ourselves.

The key to true transformation is not changed laws, but changed lives--which comes only by the power of Jesus Christ.


Merry CHRISTmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas!

In the midst of all the commotion, hustle, and bustle that accompany this day, may we ever be mindful of its true meaning: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son."

Without such an amazing gift, there would be no reason to celebrate today. But thanks be to God!

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!


Video: Governor Palin Talks to Greta Van Susteren - 12/19/12

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Governor Palin goes On the Record on Wednesday, December 19th:


Governor Palin: The Only Hope

Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm grateful for this moving message of hope shared by Governor Palin via Facebook:

Unspeakable evil slammed America in the beautiful little town of Newtown, Connecticut, just days ago. No words can express the collective shock and sorrow shared by Americans who know the murder of innocent children is the most horrendous crime imaginable. The Connecticut state motto, “Qui transtulit sustinet,” promises that only God can sustain us. Though still insufficient and unfulfilling for the grieving families of these beautiful babies in the Lord's arms now, perhaps those words are all the inconsolable loved ones can hold on to at this time. May God show His sustaining love to them right now. Please Lord.

It may seem, especially after Friday, the world is spinning fast and furious and out of control. Many political, economic, and societal problems attempt to weigh down our spirit so heavily that some despondently give up after being deceptively led to believe there is no real hope for anything getting better. And despite 24-hour news cycles with constant information flooding our eyes and ears with much white noise, TV's talking heads really have nothing meaningful to offer.

So the world spins furiously, but there is a reason its literal and figurative centrifugal force tightly holds us here together for such a time as this. Until God loosens the tie that binds us to this temporal earth, we are in it together, and we are expected to do our part to make it better. So, now is the time to speak truth, however politically incorrect some may deem it, and focus on what really matters so our nation's spirit can be lifted as we unite in the cause for a better world built on real hope. First, all truly is hopeless if your faith and hope are put in any politician or media elite. That is because the average person is more truthful and responsible than the average politician or media elite.

Those who let themselves be terribly disappointed in political leaders as they ignore real problems, aided along with a complicit media bombarding us with irrelevant distractions in order to avoid facing the reality of a fallen culture, should know those distractions are to hide from a finger pointing to the main contributors to much of our problem. To stop distracting would result in acknowledging the political and media machine's starring roles in our failing society. So, as they too often tear down those who try to do good, while elevating and celebrating corrupt selfishness, they dumbly assume we don't know it is they who significantly contribute to our upside down world today. We've learned our lesson. Don't put your hope in Hollywood or Washington. Instead, build resolve and seek truth more aggressively than ever at such a time as this.

I only know one source of truth and real hope. I call out to this hope with only childlike faith because I am so overwhelmed by the miraculous answers to my prayers that the comforting, secure hope I cling to is too inexplicable for a simpleminded person like me. Plus, because I am not a perfect Christian – and have never met one – I dare not judge others’ “Christian quotient,” and inarticulately explaining my faith is too often interpreted wrongly, hence, my thankfulness in being allowed via the Good Book to have a childlike faith that's good enough for God. Further, I do not wish to force my beliefs down anyone's throat – and simple faith does not do that. Though I'll share my faith unapologetically, I beg fellow faith-filled fallible human beings to quit pretending anyone's effective in forcing others to see the light; please also quit pretending you are holier than thou. You are not. I am not. We're merely fortunate enough to have been knocked to our knees at some point in life and grabbed hold of the opportunity to accept undeserved grace and forgiveness that allows a rebirth and its accompanying peace that passeth all understanding. I cling to it not because I am bitter, but because there is nothing better.

May this Christmas season give you a glimpse of the faith to which millions cling to, and are willing to live and die to self for. As you watch this video, even if you've never prayed before, you can ask God for revelation to what occurred 2000 years ago, what it means for today, and why we celebrate the babe born in that Bethlehem manger over 2000 years ago. And I offer this not because I have all the answers, but because many ask me from where does my hope come? How do I hang on? What do I cling to? Here is a glimpse of the foundation of my faith. May you be shown through this short clip and song that the unanswered questions, the horrible suffering, and the sacrifice of One birthed opportunity for new life and real HOPE for all of us today.

Friends, please watch this, and please don't lose hope. We mustn't lose hope! Look up! And put your time and effort in working so hard for your family and loved ones around you. Don't wait for a fallen world's politicians and pundits to do it for you. You can have within yourself the ability and opportunity to help make America strong again, and her people joyful again.

- Sarah Palin

Here's the video. Please watch it.


Dear God

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Via Bristol Palin's Facebook page:

Let us continue to lift up those who are personally impacted by the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. Let us pray also for hearts to be turned to the Lord, for He alone is the answer to this culture of sin in which we live.


Praying for Families of Newtown, CT School Shooting Victims

Friday, December 14, 2012

My heart aches today for the families of the victims of today's shooting in Connecticut. Words cannot express the sadness we each feel when lives are taken so violently, so senselessly--especially when children are involved. We mourn for every child and every adult murdered. Let us pray fervently for all who have been personally affected because only a loving Savior could possibly give comfort, strength, and peace at a time like this.


Howard Richman Hails Governor Palin's 'Economic Common Sense'

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Many of us are tuned in to these "fiscal cliff" talks, wondering how this thing will come down when it's all said and done. We continue to see the same games being played, and we are increasingly fed up with politics-as-usual in Washington. What America needs is less nonsense and more common sense, perhaps less intelligentsia and more intelligence. Howard Richman knows where to go to find these qualities we're looking for. He highlights Governor Palin's recent interview with Greta Van Susteren to make his points:

This November 30 interview with Sarah Palin restores my hope that there is intelligence left within the Republican Party


She's right that we're already over the fiscal cliff in that there's not going to be a painless way to bring down the budget deficits and prevent the collapse that will occur if they continue to grow, in proportion to GDP.


Sarah Palin has so much economic common sense. She's for:

* balanced budgets
* eliminating the corporate income tax
* balanced trade
* balanced monetary growth

That's precisely the recipe for stable economic growth with low unemployment. Too bad the rest of the Republican Party hasn't figured it out.

More here.

(h/t Steve Flesher)


Governor Palin: Happy Hanukkah

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Via Facebook:
Todd and I and our family wish a very Happy Hanukkah to all throughout the world who gather this week to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with our friends in Israel who in a special way embody the Hanukkah message by being a light of freedom in a region too often darkened by chaos and oppression. May that light shine ever brightly.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin Remembers Pearl Harbor and Our Veterans

Friday, December 7, 2012

Via Facebook:

Americans will never forget those who died on this day of “infamy” at Pearl Harbor 71 years ago, and we will never forget those who served in World War II and those who continue to serve in war zones today. We are thinking of our vets on this day, and we are thankful for them every day. Their sacrifices for America won’t be taken for granted.


Governor Palin: C'mon Now, GOP, Don't Go Wobbly on Us

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Governor Palin posted the following Facebook note:

Please read and pass along this article. We send good conservatives to D.C. to fulfill the promises they made to the electorate, and yet when they stay true to their word the permanent political class in their own party punishes them. This won't be forgotten come 2014. Right now the GOP establishment is more concerned about the opinion of the media and the Georgetown cocktail circuit than they are “we the people” who hired them. For all this new talk of how the GOP needs a “populist movement,” it would do them good to remember they already have one; it’s called the Tea Party movement, and it won for them the majority they now enjoy in the House.

- Sarah Palin


Video: Governor Palin and Sean Hannity--12-3-12

Monday, December 3, 2012

Governor Palin appeared on Hannity tonight and discussed President Obama's socialism and the fiscal cliff:

Via FOX:


Examining Governor Palin's Fiscal Responsibility During Fiscal Cliff Talks

Ordinary Americans, some involved in the Tea Party movement, some involved in local efforts, and some involved in no formal organization at all, are concerned about the country’s future. Not long after President Obama entered office and revealed himself to be the reckless spender he is, these people decided to take a stand and speak out against a government that was growing too big and spending too much. Contrary to what left wing politicians and their leftist media comrades would propagandize the country into believing, the opposition to the President is not rooted in racism. It’s rooted in patriotism and a desire to preserve America through common sense measures. Riding that wave, the 2010 midterm elections brought fresh faces to Congress, as Americans used their voting power to demonstrate their fatigue with the permanent political class and their desire to elect public servants who would do the people’s business with fiscal restraint.

So how is it that we stand where we are today, teetering on the edge of this so-called fiscal cliff, with Americans wondering if politicians—on both sides of the aisle—are talking out of both sides of their mouths? Currently, it looks like the Republican Establishment is showing more spunk than I’m accustomed to seeing them show. Perhaps this will be the time that they stand on principle and not allow themselves to be party to that game so popular in Washington, Kick the Can Down the Road. Time will tell.

I’m just a simple person, and in my simple mind time-tested methods should always be applied when funds are low and debt is high. First and foremost—again in my simple mind—should be taking this advice: Stop spending!

There’s much Washington can learn from how Governor Palin executed her duties as a public servant. She has a record of fiscal responsibility. As mayor of her hometown of Wasilla and governor of Alaska, she demonstrated her knowledge that she was a steward of other people’s money. Politicians today seem to have a hard time understanding that they, too, have been entrusted with other people’s money and must handle that responsibility prudently, which might explain why they all too often speak so cavalierly about taking more of this money to finance continued spending.

Never has this been more evident than in President Obama’s commitment to raising taxes during woeful economic times when hardworking Americans need more, not less, of their own money in their own pockets and when our job creators cannot afford the additional tax strain that’s coming down the pike if Obama has his way. Democrats continue to advocate for kicking the can down the road, expecting Americans to wait another year before they tackle entitlement reform and serious spending cuts. Will Republicans be equally guilty, easily caving on the issue of taxing and spending, or will they be true to their principles? Where exactly will these fiscal cliff talks take them—and us?

The situation America faces is a serious one, but when I look at Governor Palin’s history in office, it doesn’t seem a hopelessly difficult situation. It boils down, again, to a common sense approach. The Governor has always said that public servants should do for their constituents what they do for their own families during tough times: cut all superfluous spending, shop more wisely, save for a rainy day, and make sacrifices. During her time serving Alaskans, she endeavored to function within that framework of fiscal restraint and sanity. I’m not talking about times of bankruptcy. She did the right thing even during a surplus. That’s wisdom. That’s discipline. That’s stewardship.

In her capacity as mayor, she cut personal property tax, the business inventory tax, and the property tax mil levy every year. As governor, she yearly utilized her line-item veto power to cut spending by millions of dollars, invested $5 billion in state savings, forward-funded education, provided Alaskans a resource rebate to offset energy costs, and opted to reject much of the proffered “stimulus” funds. The upshot of the Governor’s wise fiscal management included a business boom, decreased unemployment, and an improved credit rating.

Putting her money where her mouth was, Governor Palin also denied herself raises during her career. How often do we see this from our politicians? Rather, they’re too often getting fat off of insider trading, legal graft, and crony capitalism, as foreign policy adviser to Governor Palin, Peter Schweizer, reveals in his book, Throw Them All Out.

With the fiscal cliff political football being bandied about, politicians need to return to the basics of sound practice, the kind Governor Palin espoused. My simple mind leads me to believe that measures that work in running a family, city, or state will work in running this country. Furthermore, my simple mind thinks that there should be no consideration of raising taxes—and no caving on the issue—when politicians have not gotten serious about cutting spending. Line by line, program by program, entitlement by entitlement, it’s time to do the work of reining in all wasteful, unnecessary, unsustainable spending. America cannot wait until next year. We cannot kick the can down the road. We’ve reached the end of the road already. As Governor Palin told Greta Van Susteren recently, “We’ve already gone over the cliff.” Indeed, Americans cannot afford to pay more of their hard-earned money in taxes to a government that refuses to do its part to truly cut into the debt and deficit, but instead burdens the very people they claim to be serving.

I sure do hope our elected officials are up to the task because much is riding on their ability to do the right thing.


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