Bristol Palin Reflects on 'Life's a Tripp' Episodes 3 and 4

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bristol Palin reflected on episodes 3 and 4 of Lifetime's Life's a Tripp, via "On Second Thought":

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired. I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

Episode 3
“I’ve failed as a mother,” I said to Willow in front of Tripp. Why did I say that? Because as much as I try, I’m only one person trying to create a family without a father. I’ve brought a son into the world who won’t know his dad.

This is why we really should trust God to know what’s best for our lives. In high school, I knew I shouldn’t have been with Levi. Had I followed God’s laws about having sex within the context of marriage-only, I would’ve prevented a great deal of heartache and pain.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again: Tripp was not the mistake. Tripp is a gift from God. But there’s no denying it: I’ve put him in a less than ideal family situation.

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have said I’ve failed as a mom. After all, I’m going to be a mom for the rest of my life, and every day is new! Though I didn’t start this process out in the right way, God is forgiving and wonderful to me. He helps me through each day!

When I found out Levi was writing a book, I was sure it’d be classified as fiction. However, when his book came out, it was as bad as I’d feared. Friends texted me gross snippets. I read details in the newspapers. It’s crazy to get used to the idea that there is someone out there who is determined on misrepresenting my life and our relationship. But, after our debut on the national scene in 2008, I guess I’ve gotten a little more used to it.

I won’t lie. When we were to the range to shoot trap, I was excited about the possibility of using his “memoir” as a target. My only fear is that I’d miss it! Shooting at the little clay disks was fun, but I considered that mere practice for when I could get his book out. (Did you see what a great shot my friend Marissa is? Do not mess with her!)

We had an awesome instructor, who helped us a great deal… As you can see, we tore that book up. My frustration over his “tell all” was blown away with every round.
Oh yeah. And there was that scene with the paparazzi. In Alaska, people are used to seeing us, because everyone knows everyone in Wasilla. Yes, there are some reporters who will make the trek from other places in order to dig up dirt, but the most we get is usually some waves from people at restaurants or on the road. When I lived in Arizona, people saw the Alaska plates on my truck and would speed up to see if it was possibly a Palin vehicle. Most people are friendly and considerate of our family, and simply want to say hello.

But you can’t find a more celebrity-focused area than Los Angeles. Reporters are everywhere trying to get photos of stars, who apparently are everywhere. Since I definitely don’t consider myself a celebrity, it’s always funny to see them trying to snap a photo of me, Tripp, and Willow.

When we were eating outside, I saw them gathering on the other side of the road. On second thought, should I have asked him to stick his tongue out at the media?
Definitely! I’ve got to raise the boy with some values, after all!

Episode 4


Just the word causes a little pang in my heart.

When I was skating with Tripp at the hockey rink in Episode 4, I said, “All men are dogs.” On second thought, I shouldn’t have said that. It’s not true in life generally and it’s not even true in my life specifically. I have my dad, who’s one of the best people on the planet. He can win the Iron Dog, braid Piper’s hair, catch salmon, teach me a life lesson, and make sure our truck engines don’t freeze overnight in the winter months. Then, there’s Track, my brother who’s tormented his little sisters my entire life… and is still tormenting me as I wait for him to return from Afghanistan! Of course, I also have my grandfathers who have held together our family with their character and strength.

I guess as I stood there trying to skate with Tripp, I was simply frustrated. I never thought I’d be the one teaching Tripp to skate. I always envisioned having a husband helping our son strap on the skates and glide over the ice.

And so, there’s a hole. In my family. In Tripp’s life. In my heart.

Talking to Andy while we were stacking firewood was really poignant. “I’ve seen my dad twice. Once at a golf course and once after I turned 18,” he said. “I’m fine. I’m the person I am today, because my mom taught me everything. My dad is just a name on a birth certificate to me.”

Of course, I think Andy’s great and his mom obviously did a great job. However, I know it’s not God’s perfect plan for boys to be raised without dads… especially when the father lives down the street. That’s why I said, in a previous episode, that I’d failed as a mom. That’s why it hurts my heart so much to be in this situation.

As we drove to Anchorage, I was so nervous. I didn’t want Tripp to be let down if Levi didn’t show. Of course, if you saw the show you know Levi didn’t manage to make it. Instead, I got an angry phone call from his girlfriend.

I never thought my life would be this way. However, I’m thankful for all of the blessings that we have. I’m thankful for all the wonderful men in my family and in my life. Especially Tripp, who was really thankful I let him eat that icing right out of the can when we were baking.


Governor Palin on 'Hannity': Nancy Pelosi is a Dingbat

Friday, June 29, 2012

Governor Palin appeared on Hannity tonight. The two discussed the health care decision and Fast and Furious.

The Governor was clear in articulating how disrespectful it was for some members of Congress--Democrats--to walk out during the vote yesterday on whether or not to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. Border patrol agent Brian Terry deserves better.

One memorable part is when she, in typical Palin bluntness, called Nancy Pelosi "a dingbat." Most of us have figured out as much, but few call it as it is. Governor Palin, of course, isn't most people--and she wears "unshackled" quite well.

(Video courtesy of SarahNET)


Governor Palin on 'The Five'

Governor Palin was a guest on The Five today to discuss the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Obamacare. She broke down the two possible ways of viewing Justice Roberts' surprising vote: glass half empty or glass half full. The bottom line is the ball is now in another court. Since this has been deemed yet another tax on the American people, despite President Obama's insistence that it was not a tax, it can be rescinded, which is exactly what Congress needs to do upon returning from recess in July.

The Governor also discussed Fast and Furious and the tragedy of gunwalking, which resulted in the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry. His parents have yet to be given answers regarding their son's murder. Nonetheless, Attorney General Eric Holder has been protected from prosecution despite being held in contempt of Congress.

(Video courtesy of SarahNET)


DOJ Won't Prosecute Eric Holder

After the House of Representatives voted yesterday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress, his subordinates protected him today of any responsibility. No surprise here.

The Blaze reports:

Not surprisingly, the U.S. Department of Justice moved quickly Friday to protect Attorney General Eric Holder from criminal prosecution after the House voted to hold him in criminal contempt of Congress Thursday, including 17 Democrats.

In a Friday letter to House Speaker John Boehner, Deputy Attorney General James Cole said the DOJ would not pursue prosecution against Holder, his boss. Cole wrote that the attorney general’s refusal to turn over duly subpoenaed “Fast and Furious” documents “does not constitute a crime.”

“Therefore the department will not bring the congressional contempt citation before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the attorney general,” the letter said.

By advancing the criminal contempt resolution the House essentially gave themselves the power to refer the case to U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia who could bring it to a grand jury. However, it was seen by many experts as a [sic] largely a symbolic vote as U.S. Attorney Machen is a subordinate of Holder and President Obama has asserted executive privilege over the Fast and Furious documents the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is after.

More here.

This whole situation smells. Who's hiding what and why? Furthermore, it is a slap in the face of the parents of border patrol agent Brian Terry who have simply requested the truth about their son's murder.


Gov. Palin and Greta Van Susteren Discuss Obamacare Ruling

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Governor Palin takes on today's Supreme Court Obamacare ruling:

Repeal and replace!

(h/t SarahNET)


House Holds Holder in Contempt of Congress

In a historic vote, the House has voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress:
The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal and civil contempt of Congress over the failed federal gunrunning Operation “Fast and Furious,” largely voting along party lines though several Democrats joined Republicans on each measure. A sitting attorney general never has been held in contempt by Congress.

Many Democrats walked out in protest and did not vote.

Lawmakers passed the criminal contempt resolution 255-67 with 17 Democrats supporting and later approved the civil contempt proposal 258-95 with 21 Democrats breaking ranks.

Two Republicans — Rep. Scott Rigell of Virginia and Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette — voted against the criminal contempt resolution.

The criminal contempt charges will now go to the U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., who is a subordinate of Holder. The civil contempt resolution will allow the House to go to court in an effort to force Holder to turn over documents the Oversight Committee wants.

More here.


Governor Palin Thanks SCOTUS for Firing up the Troops

Via Twitter, Governor Palin weighed in early after the Supreme Court's decision to uphold Obamacare:

Obama lied to the American people. Again. He said it wasn't a tax. Obama lies; freedom dies.

She has since followed up with this Facebook note:
Thank you, SCOTUS. This Obamacare ruling fires up the troops as America’s eyes are opened! Thank God.

This proves to be such an unsettling time in America as we undergo the fundamental transformation that Barack Obama promised he would do to us if elected. Obamacare was dealt in deception and confusion by flooding the public with an overwhelming amount of conflicting “rationale” via thousands of pages of unread legislative detail, which is the radical left’s M.O. Obama promised the American people this wasn’t a tax and that he’d never raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. We now see that this is the largest tax increase in history. It will slam every business owner and every one of the 50% of Americans who currently pay their taxes. The other 50% are being deceived if they think they’re going to get a free ride – because Medicaid is broke. Recipients of Obama’s “free health care” will have fewer choices and less accessibility. Trust me – this much more expensive health care WILL be rationed; to claim otherwise defies all economic and common sense.

We will not retreat on this. A newly elected legislative branch is key to defending our Republic and fundamentally restoring all that is good in America.

SCOTUS now rules this is a tax? Well, Congress has the ability to create taxes – and also has the ability to rescind them. Upon their return from the July recess, Congress should act immediately to repeal this terrible new tax on the American people, and indeed they must repeal all of Obamacare. This is the most brazen and sweeping new tax and government overreach imposed on us. We the People did not ask for this tax, we do not want this tax, and we can’t afford this tax. This is not an answer to America’s health care challenges.

It’s time, again, for patriotic Americans to rise up to protest this obvious infringement on our economic and personal freedom. November is just around the corner. Today, the Supreme Court issued their ruling on Obamacare. In November, We the People will issue ours.

- Sarah Palin

Governor Palin and Greta Van Susteren will discuss this ruling tonight when the Governor goes On the Record at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.


Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare Disaster

Today the Supreme Court of the United States upheld President Obama's massive intrusion into the lives of Americans via healthcare. The individual mandate was considered unconstitutional as commerce, but it was deemed constitutional as a tax. President Obama and his team, of course, argued repeatedly that this was NOT a tax, then went to court and argued it as such. This from a President who promised time and time again that he would not raise taxes. Now he owns the largest tax increase in the history of the country.

This is a sad day for America and our freedoms. The government has no business getting between individuals and their doctors. This will, of necessity, result in health care rationing, as Governor Palin pointed out and termed death panels. Obamacare must be repealed and replaced.

This is just one aspect of the "fundamental transformation of America" that Obama promised. By the time he's finished, will we recognize this country at all?

On the other hand, has this awakened the sleeping giant, who will rail against this disaster?


Palin-Endorsed Senator Orrin Hatch Reportedly Wins Utah Primary

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Governor Palin-endorsed candidate, Senator Orrin Hatch, has won the Utah primary, according to the Associated Press:

U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch has won Utah's Republican primary.

Hatch faced former Utah state Sen. Dan Liljenquist (lihl-IHN'-kwihst) in Tuesday's race.

Hatch barely missed his party's outright nomination at Utah's April GOP convention, winning 59.2 percent of delegate votes. He needed 60 percent to avoid a runoff.

Hatch emphasized his experience and potential placement as chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee if he won. Liljenquist made the case that his challenger has used his influence for wasteful earmarks.

Liljenquist's campaign hoped to capitalize on some of the momentum that saw the ouster of three-term GOP Sen. Bob Bennett in 2010, fueled by a tea party surge that was much less united this time.

Hatch now heads to November seeking his seventh term which he says will be his last.


Wendy Long Will Take on Senator Kiersten Gillibrand for U.S. Senate

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In today's primary for U.S. Senate, New Yorkers chose conservative Wendy Long to take on liberal Democrat Kiersten Gillibrand in November. Long got my vote.

Fox News reports:

Attorney Wendy Long has won a three-way Republican primary to take on Kirsten Gillibrand in this fall's race for the U.S. Senate.

Long defeated Nassau County comptroller George Maragos and U.S. Rep. Bob Turner in a primary election Tuesday notable for low turnout. Long held a double-digit lead with more than half the precincts reporting statewide.

Long now faces an uphill battle against Democrat Gillibrand, a three-year incumbent who already has about $10 million in campaign cash.

This will be Gillibrand's second campaign for the Senate since she was appointed in 2009 to replace Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. She won election in 2010 to finish Clinton's term that ends this year.

More here.


New Yorkers, Vote in Today's U.S. Senate Primary

New Yorkers, please vote today in the Primary for U.S. Senate. Cast your vote for a common sense conservative who will defeat Kiersten Gillibrand, the country's most liberal senator, in November.

I'm out of state right now, but I took care of my vote--for Wendy Long--before I left. Let's get it done, New Yorkers!


Governor Palin: “Death Panel” Three Years Later

Monday, June 25, 2012

Governor Palin, via Facebook:

As we wait for the impending Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, I reiterate what I wrote in my first post on this topic nearly three years ago. I stand by everything I wrote in that warning to my fellow Americans because what was true then is true now, and it will remain true as we hear what the Supreme Court has to say.

It was a pretty long post, but a lot of people seem to have only read two words of it: “death panel.” Though I was called a liar for calling it like it is, many of these accusers finally saw that Obamacare did in fact create a panel of faceless bureaucrats who have the power to make life and death decisions about health care funding. It’s called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), and its purpose all along has been to “keep costs down” by actually denying care via price controls and typically inefficient bureaucracy. This subjective rationing of care is what I was writing about in that first post:
The Democrats promise that a government health care system will reduce the cost of health care, but as the economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost. And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course. The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.

Health care by definition involves life and death decisions. Human rights and human dignity must be at the center of any health care discussion.

Rep. Michele Bachmann highlighted the Orwellian thinking of the president’s health care advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of the White House chief of staff, in a floor speech to the House of Representatives. I commend her for being a voice for the most precious members of our society, our children and our seniors.

We must step up and engage in this most crucial debate. Nationalizing our health care system is a point of no return for government interference in the lives of its citizens. If we go down this path, there will be no turning back. Ronald Reagan once wrote, “Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.” Let’s stop and think and make our voices heard before it’s too late.
If the Supreme Court doesn’t strike down Obamacare entirely, then Congress must act to repeal IPAB and Obamacare before it is indeed "too late." All of Obamacare must go one way or another.

- Sarah Palin


Todd Palin Competes in 'Stars Earn Stripes'

Todd Palin is participating in Stars Earn Stripes. The reality competition is a fundraiser to benefit the military, first responders, and veterans.
Sarah Palin's husband Todd will compete against Laili Ali, Dean Cain, former NFL player Terry Crews and others in NBC's upcoming reality competition "Stars Earn Stripes," the network said Tuesday. The network also revealed that former Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO will co-host the series with "Entertainment Tonight" personality Samantha Harris.

On the series, which premieres on NBC with a two-hour episode on Aug. 13, competitors will face off at a remote training facility as they take on missions inspired by actual military exercises. Paired up with "operatives" who formerly served in the armed forces or in a law-enforcement agency, the contestants will compete for cash prizes for military, veterans and first responder-based charities.


The full list of competitors includes boxing champion Ali (who'll compete for Military Child Education Coalition); "Lois & Clark" star Cain (competing for the Wounded Warrior Project); Crews (playing for the Pat Tillman Foundation); Palin (whose charity is the Armed Services YMCA Alaska); singer Nick Lachey (competing for the Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation); Olympic gold medalist Picabo Street (playing for Hiring Our Heroes); "The Biggest Loser" trainer Dolvett Quince (playing for Got Your 6); and WWE diva Eva Torres (competing for the USO).

Read the full piece here.

(h/t Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin for Sarah)


Title IX: You Play Like a Girl

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today is the 40th birthday of Title IX. As a young girl and teenager, I loved sports and played every chance I got, in the neighborhood and in school. At different times of my childhood, I played on soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball teams. Basketball is the sport I excelled in--and still do. I also coached girls' varsity basketball, winning back-to-back conference titles. Title IX helped create opportunities for me, for those I helped developed, and for every female athlete.

Girls often play without all the accolades their male counterparts receive, yet they come to play night in and night out--out of sheer love for the game. This legislation opened doors that many have run through. Let's keep running, ladies! Show 'em what you got! Because of you, when people say to a guy, "Dude, you play like a girl," he can smile and say, "Thank you!"

Read Whitney Pitcher's post, "The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Title IX" here.


Bristol Palin: On Second Thought: Episode One

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here's the article Bristol promised. This is installment #1 in the "On Second Thought" pieces Bristol will share with readers following each episode of Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp on Lifetime. She writes:

So, it’s crazy to see your life unfold on television! Before the premiere of Lifetime’s newest show, “Life’s a Tripp,” I was a little nervous. I’d almost gotten used to the cameras being around back when Mom filmed “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” but this was different. This was my life. And honestly, I sometimes don’t know what my life will hold. After all, I’m only 21 years old. Where will I end up living? What will I end up doing for a job? What sports will Tripp end up loving? Who will I end up marrying?

I look at my life as one big adventure waiting to happen. And most of that life has happened right here in Wasilla, Alaska. I love my home state. I want to raise Tripp in a true Alaskan-fashion – that means, I want him to know how to bait a hook, to play hockey, to ride snow machines, and to be able to withstand the below-zero weather that sometimes drives “flatlanders” away in the harsh winter months. Alaska is a part of me, just like it’s a part of everyone in the Palin family. (In fact, my brother Track even got a tattoo of the Alaska flag before he deployed on his first tour.)

However, if you saw tonight’s episode, you saw me make a decision to leave Alaska and head to Los Angeles. It wasn’t an easy choice. I love dad, mom, and Piper. Oh, and there’s Gino. Some of you might not have realized that I’ve been dating Gino off and on for several years. As you can see, he wasn’t too happy about me packing my bags and heading to California. I think he was worried that I’d find someone in Los Angeles that would sweep me off my feet. After all, everyone there is much more glamorous than what we’re used to. What he doesn’t realize is that I’m not attracted to men who wear oversized sunglasses and skinny jeans. Please. Give me Carhartts and a flannel anyday.

And so he – reluctantly – gave me his blessing. Mom also encouraged me to go. She wants me to try big things, always with the assurance that I can come back home anytime. Of course, this is hard with a three year old.

That’s where my sister Willow comes in. She rolls her eyes more than most people blink their eyes, but she’s also my best friend. Well, depending on the day. We are four years apart, so we’re sometimes best friends and at other times worst enemies. (You’ll see both before this season is through!) When I asked her to leave Wasilla to help me take care of Tripp, she wasn’t too excited. After all, she’s an Alaska girl through-and-through. When she was a kid, Willow loved hanging out with Dad at Valley Polaris, which sold ATVs, watercrafts, and snowmachines. Mom said Willow was raised there on Dad’s hip – that’s where she learned mechanic lingo and became a “motor head.” I couldn’t imagine her living Los Angeles, but sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone!

Thankfully, she did decide to go with me. I wouldn’t have been able to go without her!

On Monday

At the end of tonight’s first episode, you saw at least part of the infamous bar scene, when a man called my mother a whore. On Monday, I’ll talk about the next episode (and that scene in particular as well as the immediate aftermath when I called my mom to tell her about it). Please come back to this blog for the whole scoop on that unfortunate incident. I’d love to be able to completely explain what happened and why I reacted the way I did. To make sure you don’t miss any updates, please subscribe to my blog here!


Bristol Palin: Why I Did a Reality TV Show

Bristol Palin's show on Lifetime, Life's a Tripp, premiered Tuesday night. Last night, via her blog, she addressed why she decided to do a reality show:

Welcome new “Life’s a Tripp” fans!

I’m so happy that my new Lifetime reality show called “Life’s a Tripp” has finally debuted! I hope everyone enjoyed it. What did you think?

I’ve heard many of you ask a similar question: why did I decide to do a reality television show? Well, in many ways, I’m just like everyone else. I’m a young woman trying to make my way in this sometimes complicated world. I’m a single mom, I work at a dermatology office, and I’m trying to fix up a house I bought near my parents’ house.

You know my parents? Yes, that’s what makes my life interesting to people. I’m a part of one of America’s most famous – and sometimes controversial – families.
When Lifetime approached me about doing a show, I was a little hesitant. After all, what could possibly be entertaining about my life taking Tripp to and from hockey lessons? Of course, life always contains unexpected twists and turns. And the Lifetime cameras – which I never got used to! – caught a lot of little adventures on film. You’ve probably seen the so-called “bar fight” I got into after some guy called my mom a name? Well, the series will also introduce you to a charity I worked for in Los Angeles, will show you some of my good friends, and let you see how I really responded to Levi’s book.

It was fun experience, and I’m excited about seeing it all unfold with you viewers at home. But I’ve already seen some of the footage, and I’ve learned one thing.
It’s crazy to see your own life revealed on a screen. While watching it, I realized that sometimes I didn’t respond quite right to situations. Sometimes I reacted too strongly, and sometimes not strongly enough.

That’s why I’m going to do a weekly blog post every week called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes as I process the issues presented… and my thoughts on them now that I’ve seen them aired. Expect the first one tomorrow!

I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!


Governor Palin Supports Former First Lady Laura Bush

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Governor Palin has graciously issued a statement in support of former First Lady Laura Bush. Mrs. Bush is being unfairly ridiculed by leftist "feminists," as an email from ShePAC highlights. In part, the email reads:

Throughout the history of our great nation, First Ladies have traditionally adopted and championed causes close to their hearts. Jacqueline Kennedy restored the dilapidated White House to its former grandeur. Nancy Reagan fought the war on drugs. Laura Bush quietly and effectively worked for her fellow women, both at home and abroad.

A simple search of Wikipedia shows that Laura Bush dedicated much of her eight years in the White House to causes directly affecting women. Mrs. Bush travelled to the Middle East to lift the stigma of breast cancer and raise awareness of this deadly disease. She promoted the PEPFAR initiative in Africa helping to stop the spread of HIV-AIDS and malaria. And at great personal risk, Mrs. Bush travelled into the dangerous and war-torn Afghanistan to promote education for young girls and equality for women. Here at home she fought to raise awareness and prevention of heart disease—the leading cause of death amongst women. And she is a champion of the greatest equalizer of all—education and literacy for all of our children, stocking libraries devastated by Hurricane Katrina among many other projects. We've put up a slide show of Mrs. Bush's service to women through the years on our Facebook page. Please click here to view it.

Which is why we are so puzzled that left wing, old school "feminists" have chosen to personally attack Mrs. Bush's selection for an award honoring her dedication and service to women. One of these so-called feminists, Sonia Pressman Fuentes, was quoted as saying, "I'm complaining that Mrs. Bush has never done anything for women to get this award."

What Ms. Pressman is really saying is that Mrs. Bush has failed to align herself with the causes of the left. To highlight where Ms. Pressman comes from: she is a co-founder of the National Organization of Women (NOW). But where were Ms. Pressman and NOW when Sarah Palin came under brutal attack for her gender? Where were Ms. Pressman and NOW when Anne Romney was criticized for choosing to stay at home and raise her children? Where were Ms. Pressman and NOW when Nikki Haley came under slanderous, gender-based attacks? NOW was silent because they don’t speak for women; rather, they are an out of touch group of liberals who speak only for liberal causes and candidates.


ShePAC is proud to #StandWithLaura, as Greta Van Susteren noted in her blog, and thank her for her unfailing commitment to helping women gain equality across the globe. Working quietly and effectively at home and around the world, Laura Bush is a shining role model for our daughters. Thank you, Mrs. Bush.

As Greta Van Susteren points out, Governor Palin is "never one to 'look the other way.'" Via Greta Wire:
It’s such a shame that some can’t put partisanship aside to recognize the good work done by one woman who used the platform she was given to help women around the world. Laura Bush continues to work tirelessly to help women in the Middle East get access to breast cancer treatment and preventative care. She has helped shine a light on the plight of women in Afghanistan and has encouraged women small business owners. These are things all women should applaud and encourage, not criticize or dismiss. And all of this was accomplished by a woman who did not seek or aspire to the position of First Lady. In fact, I’m told that she always preferred to be referred to simply as Laura Bush and not First Lady. When she found herself in a position to serve, she stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for women, and she still does to this day as she continues her work helping women at home and around the world.

There are so many issues of great concern that should unite all women. In fact, I think there are more issues that women agree on than disagree. We’re all concerned, for example, about equal opportunity for jobs and about raising our daughters in a respectful environment that allows them the freedom to achieve their full potential. Imagine the wonderful things women could accomplish together if an example like this unfair condemnation of a worthy Alice Award recipient would cease. I think Laura Bush and most reasonable women would agree with me on this.

- Sarah Palin

(h/t Stacy Drake)


Governor Palin On 'Hannity' 6/19/12

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Governor Palin was a guest on Hannity tonight. They discussed President Obama's violation of the U.S. Constitution in his decision to bypass Congress concerning illegal immigration--in a shameless political move to drum up the Latino vote. She also addressed the criticism that she did not mention Mitt Romney during her RightOnline Conference speech last Friday night. She reiterated that she subscribes to the Anybody But Obama philosophy and would surely vote for Romney over the current President. When asked what advice she'd give Romney's campaign, she said they should not do what McCain's staffers opted to do when they did not go after then-candidate Obama on his radical associations. As for Attorney General Eric Holder's "stonewalling," the Governor called it "disgraceful."

Check it out below:

(Video courtesy of SarahNET)


'Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp' Tonight on Lifetime; Updated: Gov. Palin's FB Reminder

Photo retrieved here.

Tonight, Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp begins on Lifetime TV. Tune in at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

Lifetime shares:
With never-before-granted access to Bristol’s real-life experiences, the show follows her everyday life as a single mother living under intense media scrutiny that comes from her lineage as the daughter of former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The series follows Bristol’s move from Wasilla to Los Angeles with Tripp and her sister Willow, and back to Alaska as she deals with parenting and disciplining her toddler without Tripp’s father. Giving viewers a unique look at the difficult decisions she has to make for her relationships, career and family, "Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp" will capture how these challenges test her resolve as she single-handedly writes the next chapter in her and Tripp’s life.

Update: Governor Palin placed the following on Facebook and shared the link to the promo:
Bristol's new show "Life's a Tripp" premieres tonight on the Lifetime channel at 10pm/9c! I think people viewing the show will see how independent and hardworking she is -- as is Willow who is shown making the move from graduating high school early to working and moving on to her next school. Bristol's show is the antithesis of any glamorization of single parenthood. Hers is a very real life (in fact, the show's producer recently mentioned that Bristol has a very ordinary job, but that was one of the few places she wouldn't allowed filmed because it is in a doctor's office). Single motherhood is shown to be as difficult as it is -- especially with the added challenges that come with having people irrationally dislike you. But I think people will also see that Bristol doesn't see herself as a "victim." She just deals with the challenges, learns from them, and moves on. The show's first installment tonight lays the foundation of the show, so it has to delve into some backstory; but the series moves on from all that stuff and becomes a great Alaskana show that keeps getting better as it goes. I hope you'll join me in tuning in tonight.

- Sarah Palin


Gov. Palin's Father's Day Tributes

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Governor Palin posted the following Father's Day message and shared a link on Facebook.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thank you for everything. Happy Father's Day, Todd. You are my rock. And Happy first Father's Day, son. You and all our troops are my heroes. To all the good dads out there, God's blessings on you all.

Here's a portion of the article the Governor shared. It's entitled "When Fathers Sent Their Sons to War."
The only thing more difficult than ordering men into harm’s way is sending one’s own son into battle. It has happened throughout history and continues with men and women today, but rarely have there been more sweeping and poignant father-son experiences than during World War II.

Men in command repeatedly found themselves making decisions that affected a younger generation that included their own offspring. These sons were grown men of fighting age, but at some point each of their steely fathers couldn’t help but mutter a silent prayer: “Take care, my boy.”


There was another particularly poignant father-son relationship that extended to a third generation. While Vice Admiral John Sidney “Slew” McCain led fast-strike aircraft carriers against Japan, his son, John Sidney McCain, Jr., captained the submarine Gunnel. Four days after the Japanese surrender, Admiral McCain, worn out by the stress of war, dropped dead of a heart attack. He was posthumously promoted to admiral and twenty-some years later, when his son was also promoted to admiral, they became the first father-son pair to hold the four-star rank. When the junior McCain was appointed commander in chief, Pacific Fleet, his own son, John Sidney McCain, III, a naval aviator who had been shot down over North Vietnam, was a prisoner of war enduring five and one-half years of captivity.

World War II and its inherent dangers and uncertainties took its toll across generations. Some of the sons who were rushed into men did not return home. Many daughters did their part in America’s industries and support roles around the world. There were, as Chester Nimitz intoned, “losses along the road to victory.”

Read the full article here.


Special Gift to Me on Father's Day

I extend a Happy Father's Day to every father. A child who has a good dad in his or her life is blessed beyond words. Thank God for those who don't simply reproduce, but who love, nurture, discipline, and live for Christ.

I lost my dad all too soon; he was only 46 at the time, and I was 23. The older I get, the more I realize how young 46 is. We really must cherish the moments and years God has given us with those we love.

This morning, my aunt gave me a document I had never seen. It's my dad's Certificate of Graduation from his training in the United States Army. It was "Given at US Army Training Center, Armor, Fort Knox, Kentucky, this 26th day of January, 1968." I'm honored to have it, and I'm especially honored to receive it on Father's Day.

I was blessed to have an uncle in my life, too, who recently passed away. Where would I have been without Unc, as we called Uncle Cleveland?

God bless all the fathers and father-figures today.


Governor Palin Says President Obama is 'Pandering'

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Politico caught up with Governor Palin after her keynote address at the RightOnline Conference last night. She was asked about President Obama's announcement that, once again, he will step all over the Constitution and do whatever he feels like:

Sarah Palin on Friday condemned President Barack Obama’s new immigration policy as both unconstitutional and cravenly political.

“He’s absolutely pandering to a specific demographic that no doubt polls have shown … he would be helped in this demographic if he just makes this move,” the former Alaska governor told POLITICO late Friday as she left the Venetian hotel after a speech to the RightOnline conference. “And I say that because all of President Obama’s actions are based on polls that are provided him that would lead him to believe he can garner support for his reelection bid.”

She decried the executive order declared Friday as “amnesty” that violates Congress’s constitutional right to pass laws.

“Our president still doesn’t understand the three branches of government,” she said. “He thinks he can usurp the Congressional branch of our government and dictate and mandate a policy like this.”


She took umbrage about an explanation she read in the press that said the law would only affect “law-abiding illegal immigrants.”

“That is a contradiction right there,” she said in the interview. “I think we need to characterize it and describe it more accurately. It’s called illegal for a reason.”

Read the full article here.

(h/t Doug Brady)


Tony Lee: Top Ten Quotes from Sarah Palin's RightOnline Address

Big Government's Tony Lee evaluated Governor Palin's RightOnline Conference speech last night and shared what he deems to be her top ten quotes:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin delivered a call to arms to the online "Army of Davids" in its battle against the Goliath that is the "lamestream media" Friday at the RightOnline conference in Las Vegas.

Of course, this was also the late Andrew Breitbart's life's mission, and Palin keynoted the fifth annual conference on the same night it honored Breitbart's life and legacy. Palin showed once again how she, like Breitbart, could inspire conservatives, be funny, and mock liberals in a way that allows her message to cut through the mainstream media's filter.

Here are the top ten quotes from her address.

1. On not being co-opted by the permanent political class

Sometimes you gotta rage against the machine … to hold them accountable … Whatever the outcome is in November, please do not get co-opted by the permanent political class. Granted you will not make many friends in the Beltway or in Hollywood … or in HBO … you won’t be one of the cool kids … doggone it … aww … sometimes you’ll find yourself under the bus … but you need to stay outside of the machines … sometimes you gotta rage against it … stay outside of the political establishments in order to hold them accountable … don’t spin the GOP failures the same way the left does for President Obama …

2. On Andrew Breitbart’s legacy of fearlessness

As we honor Andrew Breitbart, remember his greatest gift he left for us is fearlessness … and I would hope … that you would be able to reload with that inspiration of his fearlessness … stand your ground and others will stand with you .. courage inspires courage .. victory begets victory … don’t retreat, reload with that inspiration.

3. On Matt Drudge and his clairvoyance

The new media rose up precisely because the old media failed to tell the truth. That very first new media breakthrough was about 15 years ago when this lowly little store clerk in a lowly little apartment equipped with his computer and a modem broke one of the biggest stories of the decade. His name was Matt Drudge and the rest is history. And in hindsight, we see that the story he broke was more than just a president having an affair. To me it was much, much more than that. It was about a major old media publication that had spiked the story eleven times. And they knew all about it. Eleven times! Not just once to check their facts. Not twice just to double-check. Eleven times they spiked the story. Why? Because as charter members of that Democrat Media Complex they were protecting their guy. So, when a fellow with a modem and a website found out about this, he decided to tell the truth they refused to tell. And oh how that old media cried foul and they howled. They denounced Drudge as irresponsible and unprofessional and even dangerous and anti-everything from motherhood to apple pie. How dare that nobody from nowhere without a degree or a pedigree try to influence the national discourse. But the real reason they feared him was because he wasn’t beholden to the old media’s machine and the Thought Police. Unshackled, he was free. And a few months later, Drudge got to speak at the National Press Club in DC. He predicted the future in his speech there. He said, “We have entered an era vibrating with the din of small voices. Every citizen can be a reporter, can take on the powers that be....I envision a future where there’ll be 300 million reporters, where anyone from anywhere can report for any reason. It’s freedom of participation absolutely realized.” Thus the birth of citizen journalism, and you are the future he predicted!

Read the rest here, and if you haven't seen the keynote address, watch it here.


Governor Palin's RightOnline Keynote

Below, enjoy Governor Palin's keynote address at the RightOnline Conference. Her speech paid tribute to the late Andrew Breitbart and encouraged the new wave of grassroots activists who use social media to speak truth and combat the lamestream media:

(via The Right Scoop)


What Will Governor Palin Say Tonight at RightOnline Conference? Revolution Starts With You

Friday, June 15, 2012

Governor Palin is speaking tonight at the RightOnline Conference in Las Vegas.

Tony Lee at Big Government was able to get exclusive information regarding her speech, which is scheduled for 10:00 p.m. Eastern and will be livestreamed here:

The battle for America’s political future will be won online, and the late Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin – the former Alaska Governor, vice presidential candidate, and current North Star of grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers – were pioneers in understanding the power of the Internet in influencing political change and combating the mainstream media’s false narratives.

On Friday night, at the Right Online conference in Las Vegas, Nevada – a two-day gathering of online conservatives put on by the dynamic conservative group Americans For Prosperity – Palin will give a keynote address in addition to honoring Breitbart and his legacy.

A source close to Palin with knowledge of her speech told Breitbart News that Palin “will be speaking about the importance of new media” because “she sees conservative bloggers and social media activists as the vanguard of the grassroots conservative movement."

After the 2008 elections, Palin was repeatedly mocked by liberals, those in the legacy mainstream media, and even Republicans for using Facebook and Twitter to go over the heads of these establishment institutions. Now, nearly everyone who initially mocked her Facebook posts and tweets regularly use Facebook and Twitter to get their message out.

Twitter and Facebook have been integrated and ingrained in nearly everything that occurs in the political universe. In essence, they could not beat Palin, so they essentially joined her.

Read the rest here.


Rock Solid 'Most Patriotic' Flag Day Photos; Updated With Song

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Flag Day! Our combination of red, white, and blue represents the most exceptional nation on the planet, our Providential freedoms, and our men and women in uniform who defend those freedoms.

Every year, we have a Flag Day parade in our city. It was held last Saturday. My church, Rock Solid Church, goes all out to represent Christ and our country during this time. Every year we are honored to win the Most Patriotic float trophy! We have a huge procession, and it's a wonderful time! It's an honor to watch people clearly moved, some wiping tears, many applauding and saluting, as we file by.

This year, we focused on the various branches of our military--those who have come before and those who currently serve. Because I'm always in the parade, I rely on getting pictures before we step off. Please enjoy them below. Again, these were taken before we were officially marching forward, so we're not all set up as we were as we proceeded through the city, but you can still get the idea. And yes, those are real people on the float! Last year, we replicated George Washington's crossing of the Delaware. Read about that and see those photos here.

Here's Saturday's pics:

Today is also the U.S. Army's 237th Anniversary. Governor Palin tweeted the following:

Happy 237th Birthday to the U.S. Army! And Happy ‪#FlagDay‬!

Thank you for your service.



Governor Palin and Bristol: Praying for Robin Roberts

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Via Facebook, Governor Palin directs us to Bristol's blog post about Robin Roberts, who is in need of our prayers:

Let's keep Robin Roberts in our prayers as she undergoes treatment for a rare blood and bone marrow disorder. She's a fighter, a good and fair broadcaster, and even a recent inductee into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. If anyone can beat this, she can. Our prayers are with her.

Here's what Bristol posted:
Though I’m never really excited about being on morning talk shows, I always look forward to seeing Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts. She’s kind, respectful, and her calm manner makes it much more comfortable to be on camera. She’s the most down to earth celeb I know! When I was in New York, I found out that Robin, a breast cancer survivor, is battling a blood and bone marrow disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome. This was likely caused by her cancer treatment. Here is her explanation of her situation:

Bristol added:
Please join me as I pray that God gives her strength as she goes through “pre-treatment” and her bone marrow transplant. Also, I’m praying for her complete healing. We love you, Robin!

I'm agreeing in prayer with Governor Palin, Bristol, and many others. When I first saw the clip a couple days ago, I immediately began praying for Robin. Let's all lift her up in full assurance that Jesus has all power, and with Him all things are possible.


Bristol Palin on 'Good Morning America'; Talks Reality Show, Mom, and Faith

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bristol Palin was Robin Roberts' guest on Good Morning America today. They discussed Bristol's reality show, scheduled to begin on Lifetime on June 19th. They also discussed her defense of her mom, as seen in a very heated exchange Bristol had with a man who insulted Governor Palin. The reason Bristol can withstand all the criticism? Faith. She talks about the fact that faith is the most important thing to her and her family.

(Video courtesy of ABC News)


Sneak Peek of Bristol Palin's Reality Show

Bristol Palin has a reality show, Life's a Tripp, which begins June 19th on Lifetime.

Courtesy of Lifetime, below is a sneak peek. See what caused her to break down:


Governor Palin on America's News HQ

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Governor Palin was interviewed on America's News HQ today. Very good interview. She even responded to questions about a third party and where she might fit into a Romney administration:

(Video courtesy of SarahNET)


NY Sun: Gov. Palin to Labor: Join the Commonsense, Conservative, Constitutional Cause

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Governor Palin has always readily described herself as a former union member and wife of a union member. While she has taken union bosses--union thugs, if you will--to task, she continues to show support for union brothers and sisters.

Via The New York Sun:

Though we have disagreed with Big Labor on most public policy issues of the past generation, it happens that we don’t think of ourselves as anti-labor. We watched the central role that the AFL-CIO and other anti-communist labor unions played in the defeat of the Soviet Union. It was a huge thing. It led us to the conclusion that a free and democratic labor movement, invested in the riches that only human intelligence and work can create, is less a fifth column than a pillar of strength in a free society. But for the same reason that communism didn’t work, public sector unionism is a zero-sum game that pits labor against everyone else. It’s a fight that labor, like the communists, can only lose.

In this respect, Wisconsin can be a teaching moment. It puts at a premium politicians who, like Mr. Walker, have the grit for the fight. It also puts at a premium leaders with ability to reach out to labor and make this argument. This is one of the reasons we’ve been savoring the strategy of Sarah Palin, who stepped onto the national stage by announcing that her husband, Todd, was a “proud member of the United Steel workers” and who herself is a one-time union member from her days as a telephone company dispatcher. She is the only Republican who has pointedly reached out to labor and bid its rank and file to join the commonsense, conservative, constitutional cause.

We don’t mean to suggest this struggle is about Mrs. Palin, only that this is a moment to think about where the true interests of labor lie and about the possibilities of the labor movement. The Cold War taught that there can be hinges in our history when free labor and free enterprise are on the same side. Government is a zero sum game for organized labor, as for the rest of us, while in the private sector the possibilities are wide open. There is no natural limit to growth in private enterprise, in the creation of wealth by human ingenuity and effort. One of the things to watch for after the victory in Wisconsin is the one who can make that case to labor itself.

Read the full piece here.


Remembering D-Day

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

In characteristic appreciation for those who give their all, Governor Palin paid tribute to our finest on this 68th anniversary of D-Day.

Via Twitter:

God bless those who sacrificed to liberate a continent. We, their children & grandchildren, honor them by remaining strong & free. ‪#DDay

She followed that tweet with this one:
Please remember, if you love your freedom, thank a vet! ‪#DDay

Governor, we do--and so we do.

Let us look back to the speech President Reagan gave on June 6, 1984, the 40th anniversary of D-Day.


Wisconsin's Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch Prevail; Gov. Palin Offers Congratulations

Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch of Wisconsin faced a recall election--and prevailed. In an election that sends a message about fiscal responsibility and the courage to stand up to union bosses, the people have spoken--and President Obama and those in his camp surely don't like what they have said.

Via ABC News:

Wisconsin voters rejected a year-long effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and replace him with Democratic challenger Tom Barrett.

The recall started last year as a local fight over Walker’s efforts to curb public unions in his state. But with its fierce debate over how to resolve the country’s budget woes and tens of millions of outside political money pouring into the state, the recall has morphed into what many view as a preview of what to expect this fall when Obama battles GOP nominee Mitt Romney for the Oval Office.

Via AP:
Walker becomes the first governor in American history to stay in office after a recall challenge.

The Republican governor rose to national prominence last year after taking on public-sector unions shortly after being sworn in. That fight also triggered the recall and set up a rematch with Tom Barrett, who was defeated by Walker in 2010.

Walker argued his policies were necessary to confront the state’s budget problems.

The loss is a blow to Democrats and to unions that spent millions to oust Walker.

Via Fox News:
Wisconsin residents on Tuesday voted in favor of keeping GOP Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election organized after he eliminated collectively bargain agreements for most state employees to cut a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.

Fox News called the race shortly before 10 p.m. Eastern Time.

Walker in surviving the recall election, beat back a challenge by Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The recall effort started about 18 months after the first-term governor eliminated collectively bargain agreements for most state employees, in an effort to cut Wisconsin’s multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.

Democrats and unions argued that Walker had gone too far, then helped organize massive statehouse protests and gather 900,000 signatures for the recall vote. The effort began shortly after the state legislature agreed last year to Walker’s proposal, which also requires most public state workers to pay more for health insurance and pension benefits.

Roughly $63 million was spent on the race, with much of Walker’s money coming from outside of the state.

Governor Palin endorsed both Walker and Kleefisch, and after the election results, she offered the following congratulations via Facebook:
Congratulations to the people of Wisconsin for standing by strong leaders who made tough decisions in dire circumstances that have begun to turn their great state back to prosperity. Leadership is doing what is right, not what is popular. Both Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch are shining examples of this ideal. Elected leaders must do what we elect them to do – lead! – not follow polls or focus on only re-election. A special congratulations to Lt. Gov. Kleefisch who overcame much personal adversity, stood by her governor, and embraced her Tea Party roots.

On Wisconsin! Forward!

- Sarah Palin

(h/t to Doug Brady for links to election results coverage)


Gov. Palin Discusses Wisconsin Recall Election Win with Greta Van Susteren

Governor Palin went On the Record with Greta Van Susteren tonight to discuss the Gov. Scott Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch victory in Wisconsin.

(h/t SarahNET)


Governor Palin Talks to Neil Cavuto

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Govenor Palin talked to Neil Cavuto tonight on Fox Business Channel:

(h/t SarahNET)


Governor Palin Will Keynote RightOnline Conference

Monday, June 4, 2012

Governor Palin will keynote the RightOnline 2012 conference, which takes place in Las Vegas June 15-16.

Politico reports:

The former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee has committed to delivering the keynote address at Right Online, the annual gathering of conservative bloggers and online activists organized by the Koch-backed non-profit group Americans for Prosperity Foundation.


This year’s meeting is focused on higher-level tactics and strategies than past year’s editions of Right Online, which sometimes had the feel of a crash course on blogging 101. The Vegas conference features training on video exposes to be conducted by guerrilla video journalist James O’Keefe, a session on polling featuring conservative’s favorite pollster Scott Rasmussen and a session moderated by columnist Michelle Malkin entitled “How to Use Facebook & Twitter to Win,” which will include instruction on using social media to drive narratives.

It’s an area in which Palin can rightly be considered a pioneer, having mastered a high-impact, communication style that almost completely circumvents a traditional media from which she’s sometimes gotten rough treatment.

In addition to her regular, paid appearances on Fox News, Palin tapped social media such as Facebook and Twitter, combined with her own star power, to deliver endorsements of allies and cutting attacks on opponents that sometimes drove the political debate for days. While her impact had diminished somewhat after she announced that she wouldn’t seek the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, she’s increasingly carved out a place for herself in recent months as a Triple-A level political kingmaker and conservative movement figure.

“Sarah Palin is an expert at harnessing social media technology and tactics to shape the narrative,” Tim Phillips, the president of Americans for Prosperity Foundation, said in a statement announcing Palin’s Right Online keynote address. “Few others have demonstrated Palin’s prowess at breaking the rules of the Old Guard Media.”

Read the full piece here.

Register for the conference here.


The Truest Measure of Any Society

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Planned Parenthood has been busted yet again, this time for actions that are not just unethical but inhumane. If they're not taking donations to abort black babies, they're issuing advice on how to commit fraud while aborting based on gender. Is this the United States--or is this China?

Bristol Palin posted the following on her blog:

Have you ever seen anyone actually happy about possibly killing an infant pre-born girl, even after admitting, “everything’s already pretty much developed?”

Watch this video of a woman who goes into a Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas and tells them that she only wants to terminate the pregnancy if she’s carrying a girl.

Does Planned Parenthood condemn this or condone this “gendercide?”

Here's the video:

Bristol adds:
Lila Rose and her Live Action team are fearless in taking on Planned Parenthood, so learn more about them here. After Roe v. Wade is finally overturned, they’ll be remembered as heroes in the fight for life.

I appreciate Bristol's boldness. Too many don't even want to talk about defunding Planned Parenthood, much less overturning Roe v. Wade. God bless her for standing up for the most vulnerable among us.

This week the House of Representatives had an opportunity to take a bold stand also, but apparently they don't have the strength that a young woman possesses when it comes to an issue that matters more than any other: life. Unbelievably, the House rejected a ban on gender-selective abortions.

CNN reports:

Congress took up one of the most divisive issues in politics Thursday as the House of Representatives rejected a controversial measure banning abortions based on the sex of a fetus.

In the House, 246 representatives backed the bill while 168 voted against it, leaving the proposal short of the two-thirds total necessary for passage. Most Republicans supported the measure; the majority of Democrats opposed it.

Supporters characterized the proposal as a necessary defense of the civil rights of unborn children; opponents called it part of a broader so-called war on women and an ongoing assault on legalized abortion.

There's an elected official trying to ban soda, but we can't get Congress to ban abortions based on gender? Sick!

So the majority of Democrats voted against this ban because they see it as a war on women. Really? In the video, the Planned Parenthood employee took no issue with aborting a female, so who's really conducting a war on women?

Planned Parenthood has reportedly fired the employee in the hidden video and has stated they oppose gender-selective abortions; however, they also opposed the legislation to ban such selective abortions and called on Congress to reject it. I am increasingly disgusted that my tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood. They shouldn't get one penny of federal funds--not one!

President Obama joined his friends in the abortion industry and also opposed the ban. The Weekly Standard reports:
National Right to Life legislative director Douglas Johnson was upset to learn Obama opposes the common-sense bill, telling LifeNews: “It is appalling, but not surprising, that President Obama now stands with the pro-abortion political committees and his Hollywood donors, rather than with the coerced women, and their unborn daughters, who are victimized in sex-selection abortions.”

Of course, there's no surprise in his opposition. Since when has he stood up for life? He wouldn't even vote to provide health care to babies born after a botched abortion, but America has chosen him to lead. We need to wake up!

This morning, as I was reading my Bible, something jumped out at me. Exodus 1 in The Message translation reads:

15-16 The king of Egypt had a talk with the two Hebrew midwives; one was named Shiphrah and the other Puah. He said, "When you deliver the Hebrew women, look at the sex of the baby. If it's a boy, kill him; if it's a girl, let her live."

17-18 But the midwives had far too much respect for God and didn't do what the king of Egypt ordered; they let the boy babies live. The king of Egypt called in the midwives. "Why didn't you obey my orders? You've let those babies live!"

19 The midwives answered Pharaoh, "The Hebrew women aren't like the Egyptian women; they're vigorous. Before the midwife can get there, they've already had the baby."

20-21 God was pleased with the midwives. The people continued to increase in number—a very strong people. And because the midwives honored God, God gave them families of their own.

22 So Pharaoh issued a general order to all his people: "Every boy that is born, drown him in the Nile. But let the girls live."

Clearly, the Lord was not pleased with the king's decision to destroy those whom He created. In this case, the boys were going to be killed. On the other hand, God was pleased with those who honored Him by disobeying the king to protect life. The Bible says they disobeyed the king because they "had far too much respect for God." I pray God touches our hearts and brings us to a place where we have more respect for Him than for the kings we've erected in our lives and the ideas that are accepted by man. I believe we will be held accountable, not only for the decisions we make that affect our own lives, but the people we elect to lead who make decisions that affect the lives of others--or whether others are allowed life at all.

Governor Palin has always had my respect and support because she walks the walk and understands what matters most. As much as she tackles the economy, energy, the size and scope of government, President Obama and his inability to lead effectively, she has never been silent on the issue of life. She knows that life is precious and worth defending. Perhaps this is another area in which she "went rogue" in 2008. This speech from the campaign trail is worth revisiting, and we can see that it is still fitting under current circumstances:
In this same spirit, as defenders of the culture of life, John McCain and I believe in the goodness and potential of every innocent life. I believe the truest measure of any society is how it treats those who are least able to defend and speak for themselves. And who is more vulnerable, or more innocent, than a child?

Yes, every innocent life matters. Everyone belongs in the circle of protection. Every child has something to contribute to the world, if we give them that chance. There are the world’s standards of perfection … and then there are God’s standards, and these are the final measure. Every child is beautiful before God, and dear to Him for their own sake.


I listened when [Obama] defended his unconditional support for unlimited abortions. He said that a woman shouldn’t have to be – quote – “punished with a baby.” He said that right here in Johnstown –“punished with a baby” – and it’s about time we called him on it. The more I hear from Senator Obama, the more I understand why he is so vague and evasive on the subject. Americans need to see his record for what it is. It’s not negative or mean-spirited to talk about his record. Whatever party you belong to, there are facts you need to know.


In short, Senator Obama is a politician who has long since left behind even the middle ground on the issue of life. He has sided with those who won’t even protect a child born alive. And this exposes the emptiness of his promises to move beyond the “old politics.”

In both parties, Americans have many concerns to be weighed in the votes they cast on November fourth. In times like these, with wars and a financial crisis, it’s easy to forget even as deep and abiding a concern as the right to life. And it seems our opponent hopes that you will forget. Like so much else in his agenda, he hopes you won’t notice how radical his ideas and record are until it’s too late.

But let there be no misunderstanding about the stakes.

A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for activist courts that will continue to smother the open and democratic debate we need on this issue, at both the state and federal level. A vote for Barack Obama would give the ultimate power over the issue of life to a politician who has never once done anything to protect the unborn. As Senator Obama told Pastor Rick Warren, it’s above his pay grade.

For a candidate who talks so often about “hope,” he offers no hope at all in meeting this great challenge to the conscience of America. There is a growing consensus in our country that we can overcome narrow partisanship on this issue, and bring all the resources of a generous country to the aid of both women in need and the child waiting to be born.

President Obama clearly has not changed, but thank God neither has the Governor. America, however, definitely needs a change in leadership.

Here's the speech, delivered in Johnstown, PA:


Governor Palin Talks Energy with John Stossel

In a Fox Business interview, Governor Palin and John Stossel discussed energy issues and President Obama's lack of an energy plan. Specifically, the conversation focused on ANWR, the Keystone Pipeline, environmentalists, and President Obama's dishonesty regarding energy:

(h/t Doug Brady)


Gov. Palin: Game On in Wisconsin

Friday, June 1, 2012

Via Facebook, Governor Palin showed her support for Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch in the Wisconsin recall election:

Please remember to support Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch in next Tuesday’s recall election. Wisconsin is still the front lines in the battle for our nation's future. Last year, Andrew Breitbart and I spoke at a rally in Wisconsin. Here is the video clip of our remarks.

She included the link to Breitbart TV where they've reposted what I call her "Game On" speech, which she delivered in Madison, Wisconsin last April.

The Governor also posted the link to the Kleefisch website where supporters can donate:
Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch could really use our financial support as well. Her opponent is getting massive last minute funding from organizations out of DC. Let's show her that we have her back. Please visit her website to help.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in her typical arrogance, has called this election a "dry run" for November. The Governor has reminded us that there's a part we can play in helping to make sure this "dry run" sends the message we want it to send. Let's follow the Governor's lead: Wisconsin residents can vote for Walker-Kleefisch. Perhaps the rest of us can make a donation.

Once again, we appreciate Governor Palin's support of good old-fashioned common sense. Game On indeed!


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