Video: Governor Palin and Greta Discuss Cruz, Cheney, RNC, and More

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Governor Palin appeared On the Record tonight and talked to Greta Van Susteren about a number of topics. They discussed the Ted Cruz's victory, Chick-fil-A, traditional marriage, Dick Cheney, and the Republican National Convention. The Governor, I believe, was more vocal than I've ever seen her in calling out the GOP establishment and their little inside baseball games, where they seem content to use her as the baseball. Despite it all, as she expressed tonight, she continues to work hard and fight for America's restoration.

Excellent kick-butt interview:

(Video courtesy of SarahNET)


Palin-Endorsed Ted Cruz Wins in Texas; UPDATE: Governor Palin Congratulates Cruz

Governor Palin's endorsement of Ted Cruz helped turn his campaign around and allowed him to secure a run-off election against Dewhurst. Tonight, Cruz defeated Dewhurst in that election. So congratulations to Ted Cruz, the tea party candidate.

I'm reminded of what Rick Klein said on Fox News last night: An endorsement from Sarah Palin is golden." We continue to see the effects of her influence, in spite of how "irrelevant" her detractors say she is.


Help Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. Choose Book Tour Cities

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska is scheduled for release on September 25th. After their book about Governor Palin hits the shelves, Chuck Heath, Sr and Chuck, Jr. will hit the road--on a book signing tour. They want you to be a part of this exciting experience--not just by showing up on the tour, but by actually helping to decide where they should take the tour and working with them at the book signing table.

So, to what cities should the father-son team travel as they share their book that provides an up-close and personal look into who Governor Palin really is? Chuck, Sr and Chuck, Jr. will read your suggestions and actually visit the places that are most recommended. They're planning to travel to Texas, Alabama, Washington State, and Idaho. Florida, Ohio, and Northern California are also possibilities. However, don't limit your suggestions to cities within these states, as other places may also be considered. Let's brainstorm locations where there is likely to be large conservative interest so we can pack the house. Here's your opportunity to affect where they travel. Remember, the cities with the most recommendations win. In addition to suggesting cities, please suggest particular venues, such as specific bookstores, Costco, Sam's Club, and anywhere else you think would be good.

We all recall Governor Palin's own Going Rogue tour. Many of us were there at various stops to meet her, purchase the bestseller, receive her autograph, and meet some interesting people in the process. It's about time to do something like that again. Our Sarah is going on the road, so let's help decide where that will be.

The Heaths will be looking into making opportunities available for people to help work the book signing table with them, so stay tuned for more details about this. I worked with Governor Palin at her table, and I can tell you there was nothing like being there to interact with everyone and to help her get her story to the people. Perhaps you'll get to help her father and brother do the same.

For your information: a Facebook page for the book should be up and running very soon, which will provide a way for everyone to remain in the loop.

Okay, I'll start off the recommendations. I think the Heaths should take their tour to Rochester, NY, as the Governor took the Going Rogue tour. The crowd at Borders Bookstore was huge, and people were in good spirits, even after spending hours in the cold and rain. I encountered a plethora of people who were supporters, one or two people who were not, and one person who wasn't sure what to think. Whichever category people fell into, one thing was certain: each was interested in her story. Interest in Governor Palin has not waned in the years since. On the contrary, it has multiplied exponentially. Her father and brother are sharing more of her story in their own book, and I believe Rochester would be a great place to do so (even though it's a few hours away from me).

Being the competitive person that I am, I want my suggestion to win! Therefore, I encourage my fellow New Yorkers to join in and recommend Rochester with me. Remember, the cities with the most recommendations win.

So what say the rest of you?

The Heaths look forward to reading your suggestions. Though you can post them in this thread, I recommend you share them here at C4P.

Although the book hits shelves on September 25th, it has already been made available for pre-order. Amazon has it here. We may also acquire the Kindle edition and the audiobook. Barnes and Noble offers the Nook Book. We may also order it from


Mark Levin Takes on Dick Cheney's Assessment of Governor Palin's Qualifications

Mark Levin responds on his radio show to Dick Cheney's assessment that McCain's choice of Governor Palin as his VP was "a mistake." We can always count on Levin to lay out the facts and take on the good old boys. And he always has the Governor's back because, as he says here, no one has done more for the conservative cause since 2008 than she has. No one.

You've got to hear this:

Common sense conservatives everywhere thank you, Mr. Levin.

(h/t Stacy Drake)


Governor Palin: Vote Tomorrow: Martha Zoller for Congress (GA-9)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Via Facebook:

Vote Tomorrow: Martha Zoller for Congress (GA-9)

If you agree that it’s time our elected officials stopped talking at us and started listening to us, then I hope you will join me in supporting Martha Zoller for Congress tomorrow in Georgia's 9th Congressional District primary election. Martha has been fighting for conservative causes for years as an award winning radio show host where she has been a voice for the Tea Party movement.

Martha is running against the establishment, which, as we know, is an uphill battle; but with all of our support she can win. In Congress she’ll vote to cut spending, lower taxes, and repeal Obamacare. In addition to being pro-life and a firm defender of our Constitution, including our Second Amendment rights, Martha is a strong fiscal conservative. Her “MAP for Prosperity” plan calls for increased accountability, bold reform, and citizen engagement – three things we need more of in Washington.

I hope tomorrow you’ll join me and other conservatives like Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin in supporting Martha Zoller for Congress!

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin: Texas, Choose Cruz Tomorrow

Governor Palin, via Facebook:

Last Friday, I joined with Sen. Jim DeMint, Tea Party Leaders, and thousands of Texas patriots at a rally to get out the vote for Ted Cruz in tomorrow's run-off election. Ted will serve Texas with distinction as the people's Senator, not the establishment's. He will work for all Americans to defend our Constitution and help put the nation's economy on the right track. Electing Ted will start us down the road of returning power to the people and taking our country back. Texans, I urge you to get out and vote tomorrow for Ted Cruz. Bring your neighbors, friends, and family with you and choose Cruz!

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin Records TV Ad for Sarah Steelman, Candidate for U.S. Senate (MO)

On July 17th, Governor Palin endorsed Missourian Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate. Steelman has released this television ad the Governor recorded for her:

(h/t Steve Flesher)


Dick Cheney Confuses Governor Palin with President Obama

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Conservatives4Palin colleague, Steve Flesher, addressed Dick Cheney's ridiculous comments about the selection of Governor Palin as Senator McCain's running mate. First, let me say I find it very disheartening that the GOP establishment continues to attack the one person who has taken more slings and arrows than anyone else as she tries to save this country from what President Obama has done to it. She has done nothing but put herself on the line time and time again--withstanding the lies, the sexism, the intrusions into her privacy, the attacks on her children, the death threats, the skewing of her record, the questioning of her intelligence, the misrepresentations, and the list goes on.

Nonetheless, Governor Palin fights. She fights because she loves this country, and she knows it'll take a fight to restore this country. Like so many others, Dick Cheney responds with the typical bull and the same old faulty talking points. Perhaps he should save his criticism for President Obama and show the former Vice Presidential candidate a little respect.

Here's what Cheney said:

I don’t think she passed that test … of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.

Flesher handled this well over at C4P:
The news of Cheney’s interview airing on ABC tomorrow morning (Monday) on GMA is making its Sunday-rounds. The MSM couldn’t be happier.

While the entire interview has yet to be released, it appears Mr. Cheney has decided to do his part for his establishment-buddies by attacking his own party’s last VP nominee in lieu of going after the nation’s biggest elected mistake of all time – Barack Obama.


Apparently, Palin’s not “ready” to sit in an administration for eight years which adds 5 trillion dollars to our unpaid debt basically demoralizing the spirit of conservatism leading to four years of Barack Obama. Cheney was “ready” for that, wasn’t he?

Palin’s not “ready” to engage in cronyism which dictates who she’d appoint to lifetime positions on the Supreme Court or to head federal emergency agencies like FEMA. Bush & Cheney were “ready” for that, weren’t they?

Palin is “ready” to balance a budget – since she did it in Alaska.

Palin is “ready” to increase benefits for our esteemed elders while cutting out wasteful spending existing all across our federal government – since she did similar things in Alaska.

Palin is “ready” to call out entrenched special interests like she did when she served up a little justice to the Republican Party’s good old boys and their dealings with big oil. She did that in Alaska, too.

Palin’s “ready” to unabashedly call out Barack Obama. This includes pointing out his past associations, his reckless squandering of billions of our dollars to pay back his Wall Street friends (just as Bush/Cheney once did), and his plans to whip Americans into Greece-like big-government submission. This is in contrast to the establishment’s plans to hold back.

Palin’s “ready” to endorse countless candidates for the Congress. She’s been successful at using her enormous grassroots influence to pull a great deal of them across the finish line.

Palin’s not ready to fall in line with the establishment. Until any candidate (including our perceived “front-runner”) demonstrates a full willingness to truly unify with the party’s grassroots, don’t count on her to make deals behind closed doors or hold high-priced fundraisers at her home.

Considering everything Bush & Company were “ready” for, it’s no wonder why Barack Obama was ever put in the position of becoming President of our great Republic. Now of course, he must be fired.

Read Steve Flesher's full article here.

Doug Brady added an update to Steve's piece, a tweet by Cheney's daughter, Liz, in disagreement with the position her father has taken:

The article also quotes others who have the common sense to note that Governor Palin was more than qualified to be elected and certainly more qualified than the person who was elected as President. And lest we forget, she had more administrative experience than everyone on both tickets.

So let's move on--with the facts--and remember that President Obama is the opponent, not Governor Palin. It is he who was "not ready to take over," but we elected him nonetheless. That was the mistake. And we're paying the price.


Gov. Palin Stops By Texas Chick-fil-A

Friday, July 27, 2012

Earlier this week, Governor Palin called out Rahm Emanuel's Chicago-style thuggery for his support of banning Chick-fil-A from expanding there. The owner, with a record of good service, happy customers, and charitable contributions simply voiced his stand for traditional marriage. A politician attempting to bully a private business is unacceptable, but "merely more of the same," the Governor articulated.

Tonight, Governor Palin addressed an enthusiastic Texas crowd at a rally for U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz. Not long after taking to the podium, she mentioned that she'd stop by Chick-fil-A later to support the business.

As covered by Texas Politics:

Palin also injected herself into the Chick Fil-A dustup over its owner’s support for traditional marriage. “Jason,” she said, talking to an aide, “you’re going to have to take me on our way back to the airport later. We drive [by] a Chick Fil-A. We don’t have that in Alaska. Love me some Chick Fil-A. So, we’ll go there, Jason, on the way, OK?” The crowd cheered.

The article goes on to give a good run-down of Governor Palin's fiery speech and includes several pictures. See for yourself here.

Chick-fil-A has not only had to deal with Emanuel's ridiculousness, but has endured the vitriol of others who have no tolerance for those who don't agree with their worldview. In fact, as Twitchy reported, when Don Perry, Chick-fil-A's Vice President of Public Relations, died suddenly today, many of these so-called compassionate liberals took to Twitter to spew their hatred and revel in his death.

Once again, one reason I respect Governor Palin is she has the guts to consistently stand up for what she believes in, but she takes it a step further. It's not just her own interests she looks out for. She stands up on behalf of others who are targeted by the hypocritical left, yet for this tendency to speak the truth she is called "divisive" and "polarizing"--adjectives she should wear as a badge of honor, considering they often come from those who have never in their lives stood up for anything that might cost them acceptance into the good old boys' clubs for which they salivate.

Governor Palin, on the other hand, isn't interested in being in anybody's club, particularly if it shackles her or robs her of her independent spirit. She refuses to sit down and shut up, and she puts her money where her mouth is. A woman of her word, she did drop by Chick-fil-A, and she shared pictures.

Via Facebook, she posted:
Stopped by Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands to support a great business.

Shortly after, she also posted the following on Facebook:
Great to visit with the Sassy Feet dance squad at the Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands, TX.

(h/t Doug Brady for article link)


Governor Palin On Fire at Ted Cruz Rally in Texas

Tonight, Governor Palin stumped for Ted Cruz, candidate for U.S. Senate, at the Get Out the Vote Rally in Houston. She gave one fired-up speech, totally fitting for an enthusiastic crowd of Texas patriots. These people want to see government restored to its limited role, Obamacare repealed, the Constitution honored, and spending sliced. They know Ted Cruz is the man for the job. Governor Palin lit it up for him in a speech that really speaks for itself.

(Video courtesy of Barracuda Brigade)
(Frame grab courtesy of Ron Devito)


Governor Palin Will Announce RNC Plans Soon

Thursday, July 26, 2012

When Governor Palin accompanied her husband to the NBC party this week to promote the network's fall lineup, which includes Stars Earn Stripes, featuring Todd Palin, she was asked a very important question. With all the buzz lately about Mitt Romney's failure to date to invite her to speak at the Republican National Convention, and with many prominent figures stating she absolutely should have a major speaking role, it only makes sense that she would be asked about it.

Newsmax reports:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she will decide this week whether to attend the Republican convention in Tampa next month.

"We'll have an announcement in a couple of days," she told a reporter for the Tampa Bay Times Wednesday. “I don't know if we'll do anything fancy as a press conference, but we'll get the word out."


Several Republican luminaries have called for Palin to serve as a speaker at the Aug. 27-30 convention. That includes South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, and commentator Pat Buchanan.


Governor Palin: 'Stars Earn Stripes'...Wimps Need Not Apply!

Todd Palin is a participant in Stars Earn Stripes, a competition to benefit our nation's finest. I watched the preview. This is serious business! Today, Governor Palin shared this message:
"Stars Earns Stripes" is honoring our veterans and first responders who are fighting to protect the good guys every day! Todd was privileged to work with an amazing team of production experts, competitors, and patriots in this absolutely kick-butt show that airs after the Olympics. It will blow you away as you witness what our troops and first responders go through.

I don't know if I've ever met such a genuine, dedicated, and hardcore self-disciplined group of "stars" and operatives. This show can change your life if you understand the discipline and dedication our troops and first responders go through in order to bring honor to this great nation and then apply that same courage and discipline to your own life.

"Stars Earn Stripes"...wimps need not apply! :)


Governor Palin Campaigns with Ted Cruz in Houston Friday

Governor Palin will be campaigning with Ted Cruz this Friday in Houston. When she endorsed him in the primary, things turned around quickly in his favor. Being out there with him will be another boost for the Lone Star Senate candidate.

ABC News reports:

Sarah Palin is getting back on the campaign trail. She’ll hit the road this Friday at an evening rally for Ted Cruz, Texas candidate for the U.S. Senate, at the Woodlands, north of Houston, his campaign and a Palin friend confirmed for ABC News.

Palin appeared at an Americans for Prosperity rally earlier this month in Michigan, but she hasn’t been out and about recently in support of candidates she has backed. During the 2010 midterms, she went on tour with the Tea Party Express, making stops throughout the country on behalf of Tea Party candidates.

And it’s not just Palin. South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint will also be on hand for the 6 p.m. rally. Glenn Beck will be featured at another rally Thursday at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas and Rick Santorum will be campaigning with Cruz over the weekend, although the details are still being worked out.


This Friday begins the final weekend before the Texas Republican Senate runoff. Tuesday, Cruz faces off against Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for the seat being vacated by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Dewhurst, a former solicitor general of Texas, is backed by Gov. Rick Perry and was once considered a shoe-in until Palin and other conservative favorites got involved in the race.

Cruz’s communications director James Bernsen said they expect large crowds at both the events in Dallas and Houston. Bernsen told ABC News that after Palin’s endorsement before the May 31 primary they received between 900 and 1,000 online donations almost immediately. A huge boon to their campaign.

The former Alaska governor has a stellar GOP primary endorsement record so far this cycle. She backed Orrin Hatch in his Senate primary in Utah, Richard Mourdock in his primary against Dick Lugar in Indiana, and helped Deb Fischer with her surprise victory in Nebraska. She still has not formally endorsed Mitt Romney nor joined him on the campaign trail.

The Texas senate race is the most expensive in the country so far this cycle, with more than $37 million spent so far. Dewhurst spent $11 million of his own money alone.

News of Palin campaigning with Cruz was first reported in the National Journal.

RSVP for the rally here.

(h/t Thomas S. Schmitz and Steve Flesher)


Governor Palin Calls Out Rahm Emanuel's 'Chicago Thuggery'

One of the many things I respect about Governor Palin is her boldness. While others cower in corners, she is relentless in her willingness to take a stand and not be bullied. In this regard, as in most others, she is head and shoulders above many so-called leaders on both the left and the right.

With the recent attacks on Chick-fil-A, Todd Starnes touched base with the Governor who called out Rahm Emanuel and his thuggery:

“Chicago thuggery is a scary thing in 2012,” Palin told me. “For its politicians to think they can muscle businesses and shut them out just because they hold a differing, albeit traditional, view on an issue is a scary thing indeed.”

Emanuel said he would support banning the construction of a second Chicago-area Chick-fil-A because the company’s owner believes in the biblical definition of marriage — meaning a union of one man and one woman.

“Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values,” Emanuel said in a statement to Fox News.

Palin balked at the threats to ban the private, family-owned restaurant from the Windy City.

“With a representative of Chicago politics making these threats, I'd be loathe to support any politician hailing from Chicago who supported Rahm and this radical action.”

Palin said the owner of Chick-fil-A is opposed to redefining the traditional definition of marriage — as are most Americans who’ve voted on the issue.

She said President Obama — until recently — opposed redefining the traditional definition of marriage. He evolved on the issue “when it became politically convenient for him to flip-flop around on.”

“Did these protesters oppose President Obama,” Palin asked.

“The leftwing’s double standard with intolerance of other people’s opinions is quite tiring, yet so expected,” she added. “This is merely more of the same.”

Read the full article here.

We already know what the left will say concerning Governor Palin's comments, but they are wrong once again. This has nothing to do with hatred or bias. It has everything to do with standing up for what one believes and standing against politicians' intrusion into private business and their intolerance of those who don't share their perspective. This attack campaign merely provides another example of the blatant hypocrisy in the ranks of the left wing. As Governor Palin pointed out, how interesting it is that the left didn't withhold their support of President Obama, with whom they are so enamored, who was against gay marriage before he was for it. Even more interesting is how the left hardly has a word to say about the fact that the black community, in large numbers, still does not--and will not--support gay marriage; that never seems to draw much criticism, either. I wonder why that is. Could they be afraid that their number one tactic will work against them? Calling out the black community might make them "racists."

"Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values," Emanuel said. Well, they are the values of a vast majority of Americans, and people do not take kindly to being pushed around by a Chicago--yes, she said it--thug. Good on you, Governor, for calling it as it is.


Governor Palin Shines at NBC Party

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Governor Palin apparently stole the show at an NBC party Tuesday, accompanying husband Todd who is a participant in Stars Earn Stripes, a military fundraiser.

Bruce R. Miller reports:
How do you gauge "star" power? By the crowd a celebrity draws.

At a party to promote NBC's fall shows, Crystal, the Weeping Capucin monkey who stars on "Animal Practice" and is a Hollywood veteran ("Hangover II," anyone?), clearly had the focus Tuesday night.

And then? Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin showed up and, clearly, the mob drifted.


Palin was at the Beverly Hilton hotel as a guest of husband Todd, who's one of the contestants on "Stars Earn Stripes," a new reality show that features "stars" in boot camp-like situations.


She was very personable -- talking about daughter Bristol and the great job soldiers did. And she steered clear of any heavy political talk.

While she didn't look like a candidate running for office, she did act like one. She took time for just about everyone and didn't miss a photo op with Gen. Wesley Clark, who's host of "Stars Earn Stripes."


Gracious? You bet. Out of the politics game? Don't be so sure.

Once a politician, always a politician.

Read the full article here.

Interesting scene, no doubt. The reaction to the Governor reminds me of what took place here at the MSNBC party last year when even Rachel Maddow was cordial. People who encounter Governor Palin with an open mind cannot help but notice how gracious and accommodating she is, even to those who have been less than kind to her. More than being the politician that Miller points out, she's a class act.

(h/t Lynda Armstrong)


Access North Georgia: Palin Endorses Martha Zoller

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

According to AccessNorthGa, Governor Palin has endorsed Martha Zoller for U.S. Congress, Georgia:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed conservative firebrand Martha Zoller for Congress Tueday [sic] in Georgia's 9th Congressional District.

"If you agree that it's time our elected officials stopped talking at us and started listening to us, then I hope you will join me in supporting Martha Zoller for Congress from Georgia's 9th Congressional District," said Gov. Palin via e-mail. "Martha has been fighting for conservative causes for years as an award winning radio show host where she has been a voice for the Tea Party movement.

"Martha is running against the establishment, which, as we know, is an uphill battle; but with all of our support she can win. In Congress, she'll vote to cut spending, lower taxes, and repeal Obamacare. In addition to being pro-life and a firm defender of our Constitution, including our Second Amendment rights, Martha is a strong fiscal conservative. Her "MAP for Prosperity" plan calls for increased accountability, bold reform, and citizen engagement - three things we need more of in Washington.

"I hope you'll join me and other conservatives like Sean Hannity and Mark Levin in supporting Martha Zoller for Congress."

A strong supporter of the governor's efforts to restore conservative values and principles in America, Martha Zoller personally requested Gov. Sarah Palin's endorsement earlier this year.

"I am thrilled to have the strong support of Governor Palin in my efforts to represent Georgia's 9th Congressional District in Congress and restore fiscal sanity in Washington," said Zoller. "Together, we will fight to put this country back on the right track and ensure prosperity and opportunity for many generations to come."

Martha Zoller is also endorsed by: FreedomWorks, Tea Party Express, Susan B. Anthony List, Georgia Right to Life, Citizens United, She-PAC, Maggie's List, Conservative Action Fund, Move America Forward, Docs 4 Patient Care, Herman Cain, and conservative talk show hosts Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity.

(h/t C4P)


Robert Ringer: Palin is One of Romney's Worst Nightmares

In a rather hard-hitting piece, Robert Ringer takes Mitt Romney to task for his "tepid" "RINOsaurus Rex" ways, his inability to capture the endorsements, as of yet, of Governor Palin and Representative Ron Paul, and his failure, to date, to invite them to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Now, Governor Palin has said numerous times that she will support whoever the GOP nominee is, for she firmly embraces ABO--Anybody But Obama. I'm sure she will do just that. However, I believe Ringer makes some very good points, as not all of the Governor's supporters are as gracious as she is, and many see this perceived Convention snub as the last straw, since Romney's people have a habit of attacking Governor Palin.

Ringer writes:

If it weren’t so tragic and there weren’t so much at stake, the tiptoe strategy of the Romney Tepid Team would actually be funny to watch. Here you have a group of archetypal RINOs who were clever and tough enough to figure out how to destroy the relatively weak Republican primary field while Romney patiently waited his turn – next in line behind John McMush – to be anointed by the Republican establishment.

Since the Republican debates ended, however, Romney has been so weak-kneed that he’s barely been able to keep pace with a president whom everyone but the most naive among us now realizes is a dedicated Marxist. Romney and his Tepid Team apparently feel confident that he can quietly slip through the clogged media filters all the way to Tampa, get the official nomination, then squeak out a win in November without making a wave in the process.

But it may not be quite that easy for Romney, because he still has to figure out how to deal with those pesky P & P problems: Sarah Palin and Ron Paul. You can just feel the fear emanating from the Romney control-and-command center at the thought of these two highly principled liberty lovers roaming around loose.


To the great annoyance of the Republican establishment, Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin has never officially endorsed him. Worse, on numerous occasions she has warned the Romney people that they had better pay attention to Ron Paul's message. The truth be known, Palin's ideological beliefs are a lot closer to Ron Paul's than to Mitt Romney's.

The gonadless Romney team knows it cannot afford to allow Palin to speak at the convention, because she might - Gasp! - say what she really believes about the whole odoriferous situation that Republicans have once again managed to get themselves into.

Worse still, they haven't even officially invited Palin to the convention. This is beyond a slap in the face. But, in a spirit of charity, let's be sympathetic to Mitt Romney's dilemma. Watching a turtle cross the road would be more exciting than listening to Romney speak in Tampa, so how in the world can the Tepid Team afford to take a chance on Sarah Palin's working the crowd into a frenzy?

After all, a Palin-induced frenzy would be a stark reminder to true conservatives that the guys in the over-starched white collars and size small jockey shorts have once again succeeded in commandeering the Republican nominating process - and we all know how that usually plays out, even if they win.

If Ron Paul and Sarah Palin do not endorse Romney, and if a large number of their supporters stay away from the polls on November 6, the Marxmeister in the White House, who did everything he possibly could to self-destruct, could actually achieve the unthinkable: win reelection!

Read the full article here.

(h/t Doug Brady)


Jeff Flake Announces Governor Palin's Endorsement (U.S. Senate, Arizona)

Monday, July 23, 2012

According to Jeff Flake's campaign website, Governor Palin has given Flake her endorsement in his run for the U.S. Senate (Arizona):

The Flake campaign announced today that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed Jeff Flake for United States Senate. Jeff Flake sought Governor Palin’s support and is honored to have it.

In a letter to Jeff, Governor Palin wrote: “The United States Senate needs a leader like Jeff Flake. Jeff is a proven conservative crusader, and today I am proud to announce mysupport for his campaign to become the next U.S. Senator from the great state of Arizona.

“Throughout his tenure in Congress, Jeff has been a consistent leader against the federal government’s out of control spending. Jeff is known for his media releases titled ‘Just How Broke Are We?’ where he brings home the reality of what our unimaginable $15 trillion debt really means in everyday terms. For the past eight years, Jeff has been ranked #1 in the House of Representatives by the National Taxpayers Union for his efforts against wasteful government spending.

“Credited by many as the leading anti-earmark crusader in the House, Jeff has fought hard against pork barrel spending – often times casting one of the few GOP ‘no’ votes on bloated spending measures. He’s not afraid to ‘go rogue’ against his own party and its leadership; and even though he has sometimes suffered the consequences from GOP leaders for failing to toe the party line, yet he continues to fight for what is right.

“I’ve spoken often about the need for sudden and relentless reform of government. Jeff is just the sort of ‘relentless reformer’ we need in the Senate. He will bring his fight against our crippling debt, reckless spending, and wasteful earmarks to the Senate. Watch this video at, and you’ll see why I am joining with Senators McCain & Kyl to support Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate.”

Jeff Flake responded to the endorsement, saying: “I am very gratified to receive the support of Governor Palin today. Governor Palin is a passionate conservative who has inspired many in the cause to reform Washington. I have always shared her healthy aversion to wasteful spending and out of control bureaucracy. Again, I am pleased to have her confidence in this campaign.”

More here.


Governor Palin: Support Ted Cruz

Governor Palin via Facebook:

Today early voting begins in the run-off election for U.S. Senate in Texas. Texans have a clear choice in this race, and I encourage them to support Ted Cruz, a strong conservative fighter who will protect and defend our Constitution and not just go along to get along with the reckless spending of the permanent political class in D.C. The high-paid consultants of Ted’s well-funded opponent are in full panic mode and have plunged millions of dollars into false personal attacks against Ted meant to dispirit us and break our conviction. We’ve all seen these tactics before, but together we can make sure they don’t succeed. I encourage Texans to get out and vote for Ted Cruz.

- Sarah Palin

P.S.: For those of you outside of Texas looking to support Ted you can do so by visiting his website here.


I Built This: The Video

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bristol Palin responded to President Obama's assertion that people who have successfully started small businesses didn't actually build them from intelligence or hard work. In fact, he said they didn't build them at all; the government did. Bristol Palin put together a video of pictures she encouraged people to send so we can send the President a message.

I agree with Bristol: this is very inspirational. Via her blog:


Prayers for Healing in Colorado

Friday, July 20, 2012

Today has been a tragically sad one. My heart aches for the victims of the Colorado shooting: those who have died, those injured, and all who have been affected by this evil act. It'll take God's hands to bring healing. I continue to pray for that healing, as do so many of you.

Governor Palin's condolences via Facebook:

Todd's and my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the terrible tragedy in Colorado. Our family joins others in praying for everyone affected by the evil that inexplicably took innocent lives. We wish to remind all to hold loved ones tight.

Times like these really do make us want to hold our loved ones and keep them near us.


Bill O'Reilly: Governor Palin 'Was Not Really Very Nice' to Romney

Via The Undefeated on Facebook, I discovered an article by Daria DiGiovanni about Bill O'Reilly's coverage of what he called "bad blood" between Governor Palin and Mitt Romney. He used such a description to segue into his version of why the Governor has not been invited, at least not yet, to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month. It's clear he doesn't think such an invitation is forthcoming, either, because, according to him, at this stage of the game, "she'd have to sleep in a tent."

Bill, of course, hardly ever lets people talk, which is, first of all, rude. Second, this means he's doing most of the talking himself, which, when it comes to Governor Palin, he too often gets wrong. Tonight was no exception. Daria calls him out on it, defining his interview on the matter as "dishonest":

Anyway, it’s not surprising that Bill couldn’t wait to devote a segment tonight to the GOP’s alleged snub of Palin at the RNC, which I’ve already noted would be a HUGE mistake, if true. And once again, he was completely dishonest in accusing Palin of “trashing” Romney. Yes, she like many other conservatives supported another candidate. And in interviews when prompted, she offered her suggestions as to how Romney could connect with the base of the party.

But “trash” him? She most certainly did not.

What makes this so ironic is that Mitt Romney’s surrogates have been trashing Palin for years.


But neither O’Reilly nor either of his guests tonight, one of whom was the wonderful conservative actress/author/blogger/radio host Janine Turner bothered to mention the Romney surrogates harsh treatment of Palin, perpetuating the false notion that supporting another candidate in a primary and pointing out Mitt Romney’s political weaknesses when prompted in interviews are tantamount to “trashing” him. To her credit, Janine did strongly recommend that Palin have a prominent role at the RNC for the sake of unity and “putting all the puzzle pieces together” — a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree.

Read the full article here.

What I heard O'Reilly say is that during the primary season, Governor Palin was "not really very nice" to Mitt Romney. I pose this question: Why is it that when Governor Palin, as a Fox News contributor, is asked to comment on a candidate, and she cooperates, she's "not really very nice"? Are Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, or Brit Hume "not really very nice" when they provide feedback? Or is that a phrase political pundits only apply to women because they expect women to offer no strong, meaningful response? Furthermore, Governor Palin has actually been more than fair and balanced when it comes to Mitt Romney, qualities on which Bill O'Reilly supposedly prides himself--or so the "humble correspondent" would tell us. I imagine there's plenty that the Governor could say about Romney that she has refrained from saying. So if anything, she's been more gracious--or shall we say "nicer"?--than many of us would be if asked about Romney.

Bill O'Reilly's "bad-blood-may-be-overstating-it," "not-really-very-nice" segment about Governor Palin was a farce and just more of the same. Methinks he's still stewing over her long-overdue demand that he stop interrupting and actually allow her to answer a question.

Bill O'Reilly: pinhead or patriot? We report; you decide.

Here's the segment:


'Our Sarah: Made in Alaska'

Thursday, July 19, 2012

As many are already aware, Governor Palin's father and brother have written a book that is set to come out in just over two months, on September 25th. A plethora of books have been written about the Governor, by supporters and detractors alike, on a wide range of topics. However, no such book has ever been written by anyone closer to her than Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck Heath, Jr. They have promised to share with us who Governor Palin really is. In fact, their book provides such an intimate look into the life of Governor Palin that they've titled it, simply, Our Sarah. We may know her as Governor Sarah Palin or former Vice Presidential candidate Palin or Tea Party favorite Palin, but they know her as Sarah, a daughter and a sister.

Chuck, Sr. has been gracious to many as he has joined the Governor at events, like the Going Rogue book tour, where he took the time to sign autographs, shake hands, and pose for pictures with people who wanted to meet the man who instilled many of the great qualities in Governor Palin that we admire and respect.

Chuck, Jr. has been a friend to Governor Palin's supporters, particularly to the Conservatives4Palin community. He reads the site and sometimes leaves comments. He has expressed his gratitude for those who have had his sister's back and has assured us that our work has not been in vain. I'm confident we will let him know that the work he and his father have done to get this book to the public has also not been in vain.

We look forward to going directly to the sources for the truth, from childhood to the present, of who Governor Palin is, what truly drives her, and who she is in the quiet moments without the media and cameras. We are privileged to be given access to someone who, while captivating the attention of an entire nation, has simultaneously remained humbly true to her roots as Sarah from Alaska--or as the father-son team would say--Our Sarah: Made in Alaska. With this close look into the life of the most powerful voice in the conservative movement today, we, too, can get to know her better.

One of my favorite sayings is "A person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an argument." A multitude of "arguments" exist about Governor Palin, and many of us have fought those smears, misrepresentations, and innuendoes. Now, we are privileged to hear specifically from those with a true "experience," providing us the real deal about the real deal.

Here's the description of the book:

We may think we know Sarah Palin from all the coverage she has received in the political arena, but one-side depictions but media coverage is limited and, Sarah would even say, biased. OUR SARAH is also a bit biased since it's written by Sarah's dad and brother with contributions from many friends and colleagues--these are the people who know her--and love her--best.

Combining the appeal of Sarah Palin's bestselling book, Going Rogue, with the flavor of the hugely successful TV show "Sarah Palin's Alaska," here are intimate stories from Sarah's life along with a celebration of growing up in and sharing all that Alaska means to Sarah and her family. Sarah's dad and brother share great family stories of life in the last frontier--from hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and gold-mining, to marathon running, teaching and community service--first in small ways and then on a national stage. Structured around themes of family, faith, independence, resilience, character, risk-taking and adventure--here is a full and loving portrait of where Sarah Palin came from and what made her the person she is today.

Although the book hits shelves on September 25th, it has already been made available for pre-order. Amazon has it here. We may also acquire the Kindle edition and the audiobook. Barnes and Noble offers the Nook Book. We may also order it from We get to choose our preference.

Check out this picture of Chuck Heath, Sr. Any doubt he's a proud father?


Bristol Palin: I Built This, Mr. President

Like many hardworking Americans, Bristol Palin is scratching her head after the President of the United States said business owners aren't successful because they've applied themselves, worked hard, were smart, or anything else that entails personal responsibility. According to President Obama, "You didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." By "somebody else" he means the government, of course.

Bristol wrote on Facebook:

Let's send a message to Barack Obama. I want to hear from small business owners!! Who'll be the first to send in a photo for my #IBuiltThis blog post? (After my dad, of course!)

Check out Bristol's idea, which she explained in "I Built This, Mr. President":
President Obama recently said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Small business owners all over America took offense at this incorrect view that government (instead of elbow grease, intelligence, and good-old-fashioned risk taking) is the bedrock of our economy.

Since the President doesn’t understand how our economy works, let’s take a moment to explain how small businesses are created… More importantly, let’s show him the businesses we’ve made and who has made them. Please send me your photos — either e-mail me (via BristolsBlog @, without the space!) or tweet me at this blog’s brand new Twitter account (@BristolsBlog) using the hashtag #IBuiltThis.

Be creative! The photo can be of you working or of your small business. Make it fun, by putting yourself in the photo holding up a sign that tells the President “I Built This!”

Don’t forget to tell me your name, location, and business website!!

Let’s give the President a little lesson on how this country works. And let’s hurry, because he only has a few months left on the job!

And if there are small business owners in your family, tell us what your mom, dad, or grandparents have created. I’ll go ahead and start. My dad has one of the best spots to catch salmon in Bristol Bay. This tough, seasonal job put food on the table when I was a kid, and I’m thankful Dad built up his business through hard work and many cold nights.

There’s my photo – send me yours!


Governor Palin: Obama's 'Shovel Ready' Stimulus

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Via Facebook, Governor Palin drew attention to what federal dollars in the hands of this administration amounts to: waste. She writes:

Here's Obama's nearly trillion dollar "shovel ready" stimulus in action...

Please watch the video to which she linked. If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't believe it:


Lord to Romney: Invite Governor Palin to Speak at the Convention 'Post Haste'

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No, not that Lord, although He might also agree.

Jeffrey Lord, of The American Spectator, joined with others today to express disapproval in what appears to be Mitt Romney's calculated decision not to invite Governor Palin to speak at the Republican National Convention. Now, these aren't people who are doting fans of the Governor with an agenda to get their favorite conservative to the big dance. Rather, these are people who understand what is at stake and what she brings to this election. I hope Romney is paying attention because snubbing Palin is a nonsensical decision.

In an article entitled "Romney Campaign Disses Palin: Throws Party Unity Overboard," Lord writes:

So now come all these news reports (just for example, here, here, here, and here) that Team Romney has decided deliberately -- deliberately -- to trash Sarah Palin by not inviting her to the Tampa convention.

And they expect people to rally to their candidate when they are out there sticking their finger in the eye of the party's base? Sending a message to the Tea Party to go take a flying leap?

If this is true, and no less than Governor Palin herself has said she is uninvited, one can only wonder:

What are these wizards of smart thinking?

Historically, people who are trashed by their own party employ the one entirely fatal weapon they have at their disposal: they stay home in November.


What should be done? Having had the opportunity to once upon-a-time work on this kind of issue myself, here's the answer.

First, quickly and publicly remedy this by graciously inviting Governor Palin.

Second. As the 2008 nominees, Senator McCain and Governor Palin should have some place and/or role of honor at the convention -- in this case, yes, speaking slots for both.


Get Governor Palin invited now. Post haste.

She was the first woman VP nominee of the Republican Party. She has more than earned simple, basic respect.

Don't add to Governor Romney's problems by making him seem like an ungracious, small man.

He quite decidedly isn't. But the lights are on now -- people are paying attention. He has real enemies out there. He will need all the help he can get not just to win, but to govern.

And that specifically includes Governor Palin.

Read the full article here.

Romney has time to turn this around, and perhaps he will demonstrate, in this situation, what he has demonstrated in the business world: that he is capable of making the right decision at the right time. We the people are waiting.

(h/t Doug Brady)


Governor Palin Endorses Missouri's Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate

Via Facebook:


As we seek to fundamentally restore our great nation to strength and prosperity, we must send more commonsense conservatives to the U.S. Senate. We need sincere public servants who will fight for us, not the special interests and the permanent political class in Washington. Sarah Steelman will fight for all of Missouri and all of us, and that is why we must send her to D.C. this fall.

Sarah has run a grassroots campaign the way it should be run – handshake by handshake, voter by voter, farm to farm, not TV ad after TV ad. As a former State Treasurer and State Senator, Sarah has often had to stand up to the political establishment – even those in her own party – to stop out of control spending and the destructive debt it leaves in its wake. As a mother of three, Sarah knows that we must cut our unsustainable debt to preserve our children’s future. She’ll fight hard for Ag families against the crushing regulations that the Obama administration has put on them.

Please join me in supporting Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate. Let’s send a commonsense conservative woman from the Show Me state to show Washington how to get things done.

- Sarah Palin


Laura Ingraham and Newt Gingrich: Governor Palin Must Receive Invite to speak at Convention

It's good to hear from other voices in the conservative movement who recognize that Governor Palin should be a speaker at the Republican National Convention. Laura Ingraham took to Twitter to express her views and even quoted former presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, who agrees:

Via Steve Flesher, here are images of those tweets:

Here's the audio of Laura Ingraham's conversation with Gingrich on her radio show:

(h/t Steve Flesher and Stacy Drake)


No RNC Invitation Because 'Palin is Irrelevant' Nonsense

The political world is all abuzz with discussion of the fact that Mitt Romney has not yet invited Governor Palin to speak at the Republican National Convention next month in Tampa, which I covered here. I just knew the meme would be how irrelevant she is now, and I knew her detractors would jump up and down at the news. The truth is anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that no one wastes time writing articles about irrelevant people to express how irrelevant they are! The fact that they write about Governor Palin proves she's relevant. See, they hurt their own credibility with their own actions.

Furthermore, anyone who doesn't acknowledge that the Governor will light the Convention on fire, draw mega media attention to it, and articulate the conservative message with a boldness no one else possesses is seriously deranged, in denial--or simply a hater.

Contrary to an asinine article published in The Atlantic, it's Romney's own issues, rather than Governor Palin's, that has kept back the invitation to the former vice presidential candidate, an invitation that should be a no-brainer. Stacy Drake dismembers the piece, authored by Elspeth Reeve:

Just ask anyone who has seen her speak in person, within the last few months. Or ask one of the 1,500 people who gathered in 100 degree heat to see her speak in Michigan last weekend. Governor Palin is still very much a movement leader with “rock star” popularity, and the lefties can’t stand it.


Governor Palin didn’t get passed over by Mitt Romney and the RNC because she’s losing her influence, quite the contrary. If Governor Palin did attend the Republican Convention, and delivered a prime-time address, she would outshine their candidate a hundred times over. She didn’t mean to upstage John McCain in 2008, but she did, just by being herself. There is no doubt that Romney’s advisers aren’t aware of that. It’s nothing more than a left-wing pipe dream to think she wasn’t invited because she’s losing her stature.

The bottom-line is that she wasn’t invited to the GOP Convention because their 2012 nominee hasn’t extended an invitation. It fits the way Mitt Romney has treated Governor Palin ever since his staff started publicly trashing her before the 2008 election. It also fits the way the GOP establishment treats outsiders and reformers.

I hope The Atlantic is proud that they did their part to assist the good ole boys in the GOP establishment, cover their backsides, with this scatterbrained hit-piece.

Read Stacy's full article here.

The GOP needs all the excitement it can get with Mitt Romney as the nominee. It also needs a true conservative message shouted from the rooftops to combat the leftist nonsense President Obama is spewing all over the nation. Who better for the task than Governor Palin? Hopefully, Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment will come to their senses, put egos aside, and do the common sense thing: invite the de facto leader of the tea party movement, the most recognizable voice for conservatism, and the only woman to ever be on a Republican ticket for vice president to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Like I said, it's a no-brainer.


Full Video: Governor Palin Speaks at Patriots in the Park

Monday, July 16, 2012

Courtesy of US4Palin, below is the full video of Governor Palin's Patriots in the Park tea party speech in Michigan Saturday. (I expect an even better quality video soon. When it becomes available, I will replace this one.)

Enjoy this hard-hitting take-down of the Obama administration and the rally cry to restore our Republic.


Governor Palin, Mitt Romney, and the 2012 Republican National Convention

Sunday, July 15, 2012

With the Republican National Convention at the end of August in Tampa, many have wondered what role Governor Palin will play. Just a smidgen of common sense would tell Mitt Romney and the GOP establishment that she needs to have a significant role there. The former Vice Presidential candidate should be addressing the audience in a speech that would surely electrify, something Romney simply isn't able to do. If Romney is as bright as some say he is, he should surely be insisting on such a thing. So far he has not.

Via Peter J. Boyer (emphasis added):

Queries to the Romney camp about any possible Palin role at the convention meet with a stony silence. Palin does not seem surprised. “What can I say?” she responded in an email from Alaska, when asked by Newsweek about the convention, just before heading to Michigan to deliver an Obama-thumping speech. “I’m sure I’m not the only one accepting consequences for calling out both sides of the aisle for spending too much money, putting us on the road to bankruptcy, and engaging in crony capitalism.”

“In accepting those consequences,” she added, “one must remember this isn’t Sadie Hawkins and you don’t invite yourself and a date to the Big Dance.”


The Romney camp will not comment on Palin, or on plans for the convention, but one adviser associated with the campaign suggested that Palin would be prohibited from speaking at the Republican convention by her contract with Fox News. “It’s true I’m prohibited from doing some things,” Palin says, “but this is the first I’ve heard anyone suggest that as an excuse, er, reason to stay away from engaging in the presidential race. I’m quite confident Fox’s top brass would never strip anyone of their First Amendment rights in this regard.” (Fox says her contract would not prohibit speaking at the convention if she sought permission.)

Palin is keeping the dates open in late August, just in case. In any event, she says, she plans to be politically active between now and November, starting with a Michigan Tea Party appearance, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. “No matter the Romney campaign strategy,” she says, “I intend to do all I can to join others in motivating the grassroots made up of independents and constitutional conservatives who can replace Barack Obama at the ballot box.”


Team Romney may be well advised to consider bringing Palin inside the tent. Whether she’s in Tampa for the convention or not, she will be out there somewhere, and talking.

This is Boyer's take, and he clearly knows the power Governor Palin has and the enthusiasm she inspires. So what are the folks saying? Do they agree? Here are a couple snippets from the article to answer those questions:
“Romney’s just not a fighter,” says Jenny Beth Martin, head of the Tea Party Patriots, the largest of the activist groups. “That’s why it would be good for him to have someone like Palin speaking at the convention. He needs to do something to rile up his base, to make them enthusiastic. And I don’t mean just the Tea Party. I mean die-hard Republicans. I live in the second-most-Republican county in the state of Georgia, and the folks around here are not enthusiastic about him.”
“Palin is the female Ronald Reagan of our time,” says Kremer of the Tea Party Express. “There’s no one that excites the base, and energizes the base, the way that Sarah Palin does. There’s just not.”

Boyer himself adds:
Palin would certainly light up the base at the convention—her 2008 vice-presidential acceptance speech was, in terms of partisan enthusiasm, the high-water mark of the McCain campaign

The Republican National Convention will be held August 27th through August 30th in Tampa, Florida.

(h/t C4P)


Governor Palin Lights Up 'Patriots in the Park' in Michigan

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Governor Palin spoke today in Belleville, Michigan at Americans for Prosperity's Patriot's in the Park tea party event. The Detroit News reports, "Sarah Palin brings positive energy, message to tea party faithful":
Former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin told an energized crowd of supporters Saturday to keep up hope going into the election season.

"I don't want you to be bummed, I don't want you to lose courage and I don't want you to lose hope and faith that things can be turned around, though the challenges do seem daunting," Palin told a cheering crowd of at least 400 strong gathered at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. "We must not lose our sense of optimism."

Actually, reports on the ground state that more like 1,500 attended the event of fired-up patriots.
Palin's address rounded out a day of speeches from tea party and conservatives in politics, religion and the media, hosted by the Michigan branch of Americans for Prosperity and the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus.

Other speakers included Wisconsin Speaker of the House Jeff Fitzgerald, Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton Township and Troy Mayor Janice Daniels.


But the enthusiasm of the crowds could not be compared to when Palin appeared shortly before 4 p.m. Dozens ran to the stage to get close enough to snap a picture. Supporters screamed "You go girl!" and "Palin for Energy Secretary."

Palin started off by telling the crowd about how much she likes Michigan.

"Any state that loves hockey and hunting and snow and cars, I feel perfectly at home in," she said.

Palin touched on a myriad of issues including the energy crisis, the budget deficit and healthcare. She said President Obama's vision for the country is to fundamentally change America.

"Why would anybody want to fundamentally transform what is so good and free and strong about America?" she said.

More here.

(h/t Elizabeth Hawkes)


The Community Organizer Has a Black Community Problem

Friday, July 13, 2012

This week, President Obama shunned the opportunity to attend the annual NAACP Convention (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) in Houston. That's not the way he would tell it, of course. His version is that his schedule wouldn't allow him to attend. According to the schedule the White House posted online, however, his schedule was wide open. So what's the deal? The bottom line is the President believes he has the black vote locked up; therefore, he feels no urgency to make time for the people by showing up in person. He did, however, address the convention via video, and of course he sent Joe Biden.

Megyn Kelly interviewed a black minister, Rev. Owens, who attended the convention. He stated unequivocally that President Obama is taking the black vote for granted.

The Blaze reports:

“Do you think the president is taking the black vote for granted?” Kelly asked.

“I think he is. I’m confident that he is taking the black vote for granted,” Owens replied.

Owens went on to say that blacks have been very “catering” towards Obama, therefore, the president assumes “just because we’re black, we are going to vote for him.”

Kelly asked if Obama had reason to take the black vote for granted because, in some polls, his approval rating among black voters was as high as 96 percent.

But Owens questioned the validity of the polls and predicted Obama’s approval among blacks is not going as strong as it was in 2008, largely due to the president’s decision to support same-sex marriage. Given the way the 2012 presidential race is shaping up, it could be detrimental to the Obama campaign if his campaign sees a dip in support from the black voters.

“I don’t know if the polls we are seeing are correct,” he added. “Our polls do not show he has that great of a percentage of the black vote.”

Further, Owens argued there are “thousands” of black people who will not to vote for Obama and others who are being dishonest by saying they will vote for him but actually plan to stay home on election day.

Owens said Obama should have made an in-person appearance at the NAACP convention and his absence sent a clear message to black voters.

“I think he would have been there if he had not taken the NAACP for granted. The NAACP has pandered to the president, they are doing his will by endorsing same-sex marriage, and I don’t think he counts them as being important now because he already has them.”

He went on, “I think the president is making a serious mistake by taking the black vote for granted. And I think the NAACP has made a serious mistake by pandering to the president and endorsing same-sex marriage.”

Read the full article here and/or watch the interview below:

Mitt Romney accepted the invitation, traveled to Houston, and spoke. He did receive some boos, most notably when he discussed repealing Obamacare, but he also received some applause and a standing ovation at the end. For many, no doubt, he deserved the applause simply for showing up. I'm no fan of Mitt Romney, but he is certainly ahead of President Obama in terms of accomplishments and perspective on where this country needs to go. One issue he discussed that ought to have captured the attention of everyone in the room was education. Black students are failing disproportionately, and parents need to be allowed school choice. Instead, the Democrat Party is in bed with unions and public education, to the detriment of our children and grandchildren--and ultimately our success. Again, every individual in that room should have grabbed a hold of that message, rather than continuing to be played by the left. The first black President, as we are so often reminded President Obama is, ought to be leading that discussion on education, and the NAACP Convention would have been a great place to do so.

Some argue that it's unfair to expect President Obama to take on the needs of the black community because he's everyone's President. The truth is he hasn't had a problem weighing in on other issues in the black community, even at times when he should have said nothing because he spoke too soon. Having said that, asking this President to address the needs of the black community is not outrageous. He's not the first President who has been asked to do so, and if a Republican President or candidate didn't do so--or even simply didn't attend the NAACP Convention--he would be called "racist." Look, the jobs numbers are abysmal. National unemployment is 8.2%, which is bad enough, but unemployment among blacks is 14.4%, and black youth unemployment is 39.3%. Where is the President on this? His policies certainly do not help. Furthermore, he clearly doesn't seem too motivated to make a difference, as he didn't even take his jobs tour into the black community last year, earning him impassioned criticism from Maxine Waters, of all people:

President Obama's presidency has been a failure all the way around, and the National Black Republican Association released a radio ad in which they took on his particular failure within the black community. The only advice he seems to have is, "Shake it off. Stop complaining. Stop grumbling. Stop crying." Does that sound like hope and change to you? As Governor Palin so often says, "How's that hope and change working for you?"

It's time for some real change. November is coming.


Kevin Fobbs Encourages Romney to Heed Governor Palin's Advice

Earlier this week, Governor Palin appeared on Hannity and encouraged Mitt Romney to "light our hair on fire." Romney is certainly not the most electrifying of individuals, thus he really needs to step it up to engage the American people. Kevin Fobbs would agree. He penned an article for the Examiner in which he advised the candidate to heed Governor Palin's advice:

Sarah Palin is smart, decisive and she understands the needs and the dreams and aspirations of the heartland of America. So when she urges Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to “Light our hair on fire”, it would behoove the presidential aspirant to listen.

Throughout Romney’s political career, it is safe to say that no one would ever accuse him of possessing rousing oratory or that he has ever lit an audience on fire with flame and inner passion. But, that is probably not as essential in this race, as having the ability to connect in a personal way with each one of the millions of voters who walk into that voting booth to cast their vote. Each voter needs to feel, Romney is right for their family’s needs, and that his administration will build a better tomorrow for their family, sooner rather than later.

Sarah Palin has bottled that formula for inspiring the conservative and independent American electorate, because she not only speaks from her heart, but Palin lights a flame underneath each person who listens. She encourages them to get up and stand up for an America that is rich with values, history and principled purpose.

Palin speaks to the heart of an America that Americans remember, full of grandeur and bristling with vibrant spirit and tenacious ability to protect the family, and rebuild from an inner spiritual strength endowed by God.

Mitt Romney should seriously consider using Palin’s suggested playbook and truly demonstrate from within his will to defend and protect America’s families and their future. He must jettison the image of being perceived as a candidate who is walking a politically safe tightrope to the RNC Convention and the fall campaign.


Sarah Palin has it absolutely right, as she stated on Fox News Network, Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night. She stated that Romney has the message right. Yet, that is only part of the battle. In order to carry the independents and conservatives votes across the Electoral College line in November, Romney has to, “Remind us how important it is that we get engaged in the presidential election because it is the election of our lifetime,” indicated Palin.

Former Governor Palin is right on point. America under President Obama is slipping into a socialistic induced economic quagmire that worsens with each day. Romney has to show America that he is willing to not just tell us what is happening to the nation, but “'Light Our Hair on Fire’,” so that we can see it, and more importantly feel it.

Read the full piece here.

(h/t C4P)


Governor Palin Goes 'On the Record' - July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Governor Palin talked to Greta Van Susteren tonight. Some topics on the table were the rumor that Condoleezza Rice is Mitt Romney's front runner for the VP slot, Romney's appearance at the NAACP Convention, immigration, Solyndra, and Stephanie Cutter’s smear campaign against Romney:

(h/t SarahNET)


Todd Palin's 'Stars Earn Stripes' Co-Participant Discusses His Changed View of Palins

As reported here, Todd Palin is participating in "Stars Earn Stripes," a reality competition which serves as a fundraiser for the military.

Andrew McLaren, an Iraq War veteran, discussed his experience with Todd and Governor Palin. I appreciated reading his honest account of the Palins, as it sheds light on their true character. It speaks to what I've always known: even those who disagree with the Palins politically come away with a new respect for them when they set aside the media's false portrayal and open themselves to who they really are.

Via Fox News (emphasis added):

Andrew McLaren is a decorated Iraq War veteran and fast becoming an “it” boy in Hollywood, having been hand-picked over hundreds of thousands of contenders to star as an expert operative in NBC’s forthcoming “Stars Earn Stripes” competition series alongside the likes of Todd Palin, Dean Cain and Nick Lachey.


“Stars Earn Stripes,” which debuts on August 13, is centered on eight celebrity competitors who gather at a training facility where they tackle complicated and difficult “missions,” and each is paired with an expert – an experienced member of the U.S. military or a law enforcement agency. Contests range from helicopter drops to long-range target shooting, with the star and veteran competing as a team. Each week, one team is given their marching orders.

And while audiences might be blown away by the skills and danger exerted on the highly-anticipated program, McLaren was personally blown away by Todd and Sarah Palin, and admitted that he thinks of them very differently now than before they met.

I like hanging out with Todd and Sarah a lot. They walked into my trailer, and obviously we disagree on some issues. I am a libertarian guy – socially liberal and an avid supporter of gay marriage, but I am pro-gun rights and pro-life, and we made off like regular people. I was teaching Todd how to shoot grenades, we were hanging from helicopters together 60 feet above the ground and we were swimming together with full gear on,” he enthused. “The thing that impressed me most is that Todd is a commercial fisherman in Alaska, he is pretty hardcore. He even won a challenge with a broken arm! He really earned my respect.”

McLaren also noted that even though his friends are shocked that he has become such good friends with the high-profile Republican couple, the portrayal of the Palins in the media is often vastly distorted.

Todd and Sarah Palin are the nicest people I have ever met,” he said. “I love America and they love America. They may not agree with me on my stance on gay marriage, but that is their personal view and I respect that. That’s what is so great about being American.”

Read the full article here.

(h/t Steve Flesher)


Gov. Palin Endorses FL's Sandy Adams for U.S. House

According to Sandy Adams' website, Governor Palin has endorsed her candidacy for Congress:
Today, freshman Sandy Adams announced that she had earned the endorsement of former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin. Governor Palin's support is proof-positive that Sandy Adams is the conservative choice for Florida’s new 7th Congressional District.

"Governor Sarah Palin has led the charge for conservatives," said Adams. "While many politicians subscribe to the notion of the status quo, Governor Palin has risen above it. She knows that the true power of our country comes from the American people – not the Washington establishment or special interest groups. Governor Palin knows our nation is drowning in debt and the only way for our country to survive is to send true fiscal conservatives to Washington, D.C.

"Americans need representatives who will truly listen to them and that care about the direction our country is heading. I didn’t run for Congress because I wanted to be a politician, I ran because I was concerned about the future for our grandchildren and children. I refuse to accept business as usual in Washington, because I know Central Floridians deserve better than a career politician like my opponent."

Today, Gov. Palin made the following endorsement of Adams:

"In 2012, we have a unique opportunity to elect more commonsense conservatives to Congress, but that alone is not enough. We must support conservatives who are with us on the issues but not weighed down with the burden of crony capitalism that is so prevalent in Washington, D.C. Congresswoman Sandy Adams is just one of those candidates. Unlike her opponent, Sandy is free from the shackles of lobbyists and back door dealings in Washington. As someone who served in the military and a career law enforcement officer, Sandy doesn’t have time or the patience for the business as usual ways of Washington. Washington insiders on both sides of the aisle have spent this country into massive debt and put our children’s future at risk. Let’s start to restore power to the people. Please join me in supporting Sandy Adams today."

- Sarah Palin

Adams was endorsed by Gov. Palin in her race against an incumbent Democrat in 2010, and that support helped contribute to a 20 point win in November. At the beginning of this election, Adams approached Palin about continuing that support in her race for re-election. In her letter to Palin, Adams wrote:

During the 2008 presidential campaign your candidacy for vice president shone a bright spotlight on the need for politicians to answer to the people they are seeking to represent. You spoke out against the entrenched bureaucracy that holds our economy down, against the mainstream media who go along with the status quo to maintain their access to power, and against the special interests who too often control the levers of power in politics.

While ultimately unsuccessful, your outspokenness helped a new generation of politicians who were not afraid to stand up to the old guard, who are willing to challenge the status quo, and who believe that the brightest days of our republic lie ahead of us. For that I thank you.

Today I am writing to once again ask for your endorsement in my reelection bid for Congress. This year, however, it is not a Democrat that chose to run against me, but rather a fellow Republican. Rather than run in a district with more than 70 percent of the people living there currently in his congressional district, my opponent has chosen to run against me for reelection. A twenty-year incumbent who has a long history of favoring earmarks, foreign travel and who once proclaimed he was President Obama's "biggest cheerleader" for the high speed rail boondoggle, my opponent epitomizes what is wrong with Washington, D.C.

Today’s endorsement by Gov. Palin adds to a long list of conservative organizations committed to supporting freshman Sandy Adams in her race against a 20-year incumbent politician. To date, Adams has been endorsed by the Concerned Women for America, Eagle Forum, Maggie's List, VIEW PAC, the National Right to Life, SBA List, the National Defense PAC, the Government is Not God PAC, David Barton, Erick Erickson, the Central Florida Tea Party Council, and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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Bristol Palin: On Second Thought: Episode 7 – I Shouldn’t Have Hit Willow with the Refrigerator Door

Here's Bristol Palin's "On Second Thought" for episode 7:

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired. I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

Episode Seven, Air Date: July 10, 2012

On second thought, I shouldn’t have told Gino about Levi cheating on me with that girl at the fight.

(It just made him jealous!)

On second thought, I shouldn’t have tried to make Willow participate in our Valentine’s Day dinner.

(I can’t make her do anything.)

On second thought, I shouldn’t have cut the stems off the strawberries.

(But they tasted better than they looked!)

On second thought, since Valentine’s Day turned out to be less than romantic, I should’ve invited Andy to eat with us instead of sending him home to his mom and Carl’s Jr.

(You can’t have romance with Tripp around threatening to topple the candlesticks.)

On second thought, I shouldn’t have sat so close to Willow during the bonfire because I knew she’d stick snow in my boot.

(No fire could’ve melted her anger toward me.)

On second thought, I shouldn’t have hit my sister with the refrigerator door.

(I should’ve used something bigger.)

By the way, if you've missed any of these episodes, you can access them at


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