Happy Birthday, Governor Palin

Monday, February 11, 2013

Today is Governor Palin's birthday, and I wish her a happy one! She deserves it. Not only has she committed herself to fighting for our country, she does so in the face of personal attack after personal attack. Nonetheless, she epitomizes courage and patriotism and never backs down. For that, I cannot help but respect her. Refusing to sit down and shut up, she stands for those principles that are necessary for the success of this country.

Today, rather than simply focusing on herself on her birthday, she and Todd attended the funeral of murdered Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, and she asked that we consider helping the families of our American heroes.

She wrote:

On a personal note, I thank you who've sent birthday greetings today, and it would be awesome if you'd join me in supporting the families of these heroes by helping them out!

To see how you can help, click here.


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