Former Bush Aide Blames Governor Palin For Chris Christie CPAC Snub

Monday, March 4, 2013

The political climate in this country becomes more and more ridiculous with each passing day. Add Governor Palin's name to the mix, and things get increasingly ridiculous by the hour. Since 2008, a formula has been concocted. It goes something like this: In need of media exposure? Mention Sarah Palin. Can't competently run a campaign? Blame Sarah Palin. Want to sell books? Write lies about Sarah Palin. Trying to boost network ratings? Produce a movie mocking Sarah Palin. Indeed, we are living in the Attack Sarah Palin Era.

And now the ultimate in asininity: Unhinged because Governor Chris Christie hasn't been invited to the Conservative Political Action Conference? Do all of the above--that is, mention, blame, lie about, and mock Sarah Palin. Surely, this makes sense because, after all, it must be her fault Christie hasn't sold people on his conservative credentials. This is the tactic employed by former Bush aide, Matthew Dowd.

David Edwards writes:

President George W. Bush’s former chief strategist Matthew Dowd is slamming the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for snubbing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) while inviting former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who he asserts “wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract.”

Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot on Sunday told an ABC News panel that CPAC had made a mistake by not inviting Christie after he pushed Congress for Hurricane Sandy relief funds and backed some gun-control legislation following last year’s mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

“If I were CPAC, I would have invited Christie and let him say what he wanted on guns or anything else,” Gigot insisted. “And if you disagree with him, boo him or what have you. But this is a time that the Republican Party needs to have a debate, and a pretty raucous debate.”

“CPAC, to me, has totally diminished its credibility as an organization,” Dowd agreed. “And you invite Sarah Palin, who wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract? But she’s invited to CPAC meeting?”

Somehow, in full Palin Derangement Syndrome mode, Dowd attempts to link this CPAC episode to Governor Palin's freedom from FOX News, except he presented it incorrectly, which is what people like Dowd do. So let me see if I understand this. Christie was perceived to be snubbed; therefore, Governor Palin is incompetent--so much so that she couldn't keep her FOX contract? Sure, that makes perfect sense.

Where do we even start to dismantle this nonsense? First things first: The former Bush strategist, who clearly is too incompetent himself to check the facts before running his mouth, doesn't understand how things really went down with FOX, so let's help him out. Governor Palin didn't lose her job with FOX. Her contract was up for renewal and she opted not to re-sign.

In case facts matter to Sir Einstein:

Real Clear Politics reported:
It’s my understanding that Gov. Palin was offered a contract by FOX, and she decided not to renew the arrangement,” the source close to Palin told RCP.
Tony Lee shared:
A source close to Palin confirmed to Breitbart News that Palin declined FOX News' offer to renew her contract, and the two parties seem to be parting amicably.
The Washington Post noted:
Sarah Palin has cut ties with Fox News Channel.

Now that we have taken care of that little pesky detail known to us decent people as truth, let's take a look at why Governor Palin might have been asked to speak at CPAC, as if it isn't obvious to anyone who's been even half-heartedly paying attention the last few years. Clearly, no one with a modicum of common sense would fail to understand that she continues to resonate with we the people. Her message of conservatism finds a home with patriots who believe in the Constitution, expect the government to get out of our way, want the President's feet held to the fire, are concerned about our children and grandchildren, understand we must rein in spending, recognize that Americans deserve to keep more of what we earn, despise crony capitalism, honor our military, and are committed to preserving the liberties for which these brave military men and women daily jeopardize their lives.

Furthermore, name just one other person who has been so maligned, so ridiculed, and so vilely treated for simply responding to the call to serve and taking a stand for America. It's impossible. In the face of these intense attacks, instead of running and hiding, Governor Palin continues to fight and has no intention to stop fighting--FOX News or no FOX News. In fact, without FOX, she is free to take the message to a wider audience, rather than being confined to preaching to the choir. Let's not forget, too, that she did just happen to secure a little something we call the nomination for the vice presidency--the first woman to do so on a Republican ticket. A simple Facebook endorsement from her translates into financial support, boots on the ground, votes, and victories for candidates across this country. No one else can boast of such influence--and certainly not Chris Christie. Combine these facts with her stellar record as Governor of Alaska, and undoubtedly, there should be no conservative conference to which she has not been asked to speak. Period.

In addition, the organizers of CPAC aren't stupid--certainly not as stupid as Matthew Dowd. Governor Palin draws a crowd. There will be people who normally would stay home who will hop a train, take a plane, rent a car, or charter a bus to make it to Washington, D.C., and they'll do so for one reason only--and it ain't the hope that Governor Christie might make a surprise appearance. They'll make the trip because Governor Palin is speaking. People might be intrigued by Chris Christie's bully tactics, but they ain't going to CPAC just to see him. Sorry, but that's just the truth.

So while Dowd and others have their panties in a wad because their GOP fave isn't invited to CPAC, perhaps they should spend some time figuring out why he might have been passed up. His love affair, as some saw it, with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy has been a sore subject. His flip-flop on Obamacare hasn't endeared him to true conservatives. His support of gun control does not sit well with respecters of the Second Amendment, nor did his attack on the NRA. Additionally, Chris Christie's past positions on illegal immigration, climate change, education, and the 9/11 mosque have not been without conservative controversy.

Did Dowd not find any of these things worthy conversations to be had, or is it just easier to blame and insult Governor Palin for something she had nothing to do with? To my knowledge, she didn't invite herself to CPAC and did not authorize the decision not to invite Governor Christie. Agree or disagree, he wasn't invited, obviously, because he wasn't deemed deserving of an invite. And if his presence was wanted there, I'm sure her speech wouldn't keep them from squeezing him into the program.

Blaming Governor Palin for everything is starting to get as old as President Obama's blaming, well, President Bush for everything--and former Bush aide, Dowd, of all people, should know how antiquated that is.

Matthew Dowd could learn a thing or two from someone many consider to be the personification of the spirit of CPAC, President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan quoted the 11th Commandment many times: "Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican." While it's rather obvious that I do not believe in an extreme interpretation of that commandment, and I think President Reagan would agree that even one's own political party should be held accountability, and healthy debate encouraged, I do believe that Dowd and other elitist Republicans should discontinue their obsessive need to excoriate Governor Palin every time something doesn't go their way. It serves no purpose other than to make themselves look little, bitter, and altogether out of touch.


Anonymous,  March 4, 2013 at 11:16 PM  

She's simply the best........better than all the rest!! Just love her.

Anonymous,  March 5, 2013 at 3:20 AM  

What I would like to know is did all Bush operatives take training on how to destroy a person that is not the gop elite person and has more character than what the elite should has. It is just amazing that so many Bush operatives have tried to do anything to destroy Sarah Palin for showing what a real conservative is all about. The day I heard Mother Bush say she hoped Sarah Palin would go back to Wasilla and stay there. I was never more disappointed. She more any one had to know what Sarah and her family had been through. I expected better from Mrs Bush and could only think she was wanting the path clear for Jeb and showed they only thought of themselves. I had heard Jeb was a good governor.I like a lot of others did not want another Bush nothing against Jeb. We sure didn't want him because they felt he deserved it. It didn't matter to them what Sarah and this country was put through because they were wanting to clear the path for Jeb at all cost. They were willing for Obama to become president by any means possible then when Jeb was ready he could be president. When a family just about destroys this country because they don't want another Reagan it is sickening to me. It didn't matter if Sarah was more qualified than Obama was,it didn't matter she had 85% approval rate before she ran for vice president, and that the people loved her and believed in her. She had done in the months she was governor that she had wanted to do.She had done more than most governors. She would have stayed gov if the Democrats in her cabinet had been willing to work with her once she got back from running for vice president.I have no doubt in my mind now that Obama was allowed to become president not just because the democrats did not vet him and neither did the republicans.For the four years before Obama ran for president many democrats tried countless times to change what the constitution had to say about a natural born person to become president but it was not changed I could never understand when they put McCain through having to prove he was able to be president but they didn't do the same with Obama.Sarah brought up about Obama past but McCain didn't want to deal with it. The McCain and Romney camp was run very similar. They did not confront the real issues. They both had Bush Operatives in both that did more damage to their campaigns then they know. I just never understood how some of the operatives managed to get on board with Romney's campaign after they had done so many times wrong with Sarah. The wrong operatives that helped destroying a campaign. Sarah is far above the politicians that are out there. Why did Romney think so many stayed home than vote for him. What happened at the Republican convention should never happen again like the one in Florida. From the primary we had a bunch showing us how dishonest they could be. Romney used his pac money he was really afraid off that was Newt. Newt could have easily won over Obama.Newt would have fought to win. Romney was put up to give the election to Obama.All they could tell you about Romney was what he did for the Olympic only problem the government gave him so much money anyone could have done the same thing with that much money. What he did was to know who to go to for the money. Democrats want to win any way they can. Republicans want to win if they can have who the GOP elite told us was great while destroying all others.

Anonymous,  March 5, 2013 at 12:57 PM  

"raucous debate"? Where was that when the RNC snubbed Sarah Palin and all of us who identify with her?

Mark,  March 5, 2013 at 6:12 PM  

To be fair to Dowd, it doesn't appear to me from the excerpt that he blamed Palin for anything, though his swipe at her was gratuitous. I guess you could say he was trying to kill two birds with one stone. He had a latent disrespect for Sarah, which is now out in the open, and he wanted to complain about CPAC.

I've heard a few conservatives talk about this that there is a rift between the Northeastern Republican establishment and conservatives in the party. This incident exposes it, as have others.

Romney was a product of the Northeastern establishment. He's being invited to CPAC. That should be enough to satisfy Dowd that CPAC hasn't "lost its mind," though I find it a bit ironic. A couple reasons I think Romney lost was conservative voters were not ignorant of his campaign's cold shoulder towards Palin and her supporters, and the fact that he created a state version of "universal health care" a la Obamacare. I guess CPAC nevertheless liked what he campaigned on last year, since they seem to be saying, "Whatever you did last is what counts." That's the reason they've cited for not inviting Christie. They saw him do some things last year that didn't seem conservative to them. They've said if he "shapes up he's welcome back."

What the Northeastern establishment sees is that Christie is the future of the party. That's the reason they're getting so worked up over this. They wanted unity around Romney quickly last year so that he would have the money to campaign against Obama. They want unity around Christie now quickly to assure his victory in 2016. (a bit soon for that, don't you think?) Dowd is obviously a loose canon, and he discredits himself with this behavior.

It seems the Northeastern establishment would rather have a "pass it before we find out what's in it" attitude towards their candidates, because they're not that strong, and they just want power back. They can have their power back when they nominate a strong candidate, if they figure out what that means.

Adrienne Ross March 5, 2013 at 6:21 PM  

Mark, when I say he blamed her, I'm saying that by attacking her in reference to something completely out of her control, he is, in essence, attributing blame to her. His focus on her when he didn't get his way equates to blame, as I see it. Perhaps there was a better word to use, but my point remains the same: he makes her the object of his fury for Christie's supposed snub.

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