Governor Palin Rocks CPAC 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Governor Palin rocked the house at CPAC today! I have heard her speak numerous times--both in person and via television or video. Every speech is great. This one was extra special. In a short amount of time, she hammered the serious issues of President Obama's lack of leadership, the failure to pass a budget, crony capitalism, unemployment, and threats to our Second Amendment, to name a few.

Amazingly, she tackled these issues with incredible humor that was aided by her impeccable timing! Wait till you get to the Big Gulp! Someone forward this speech to the mayor of New York City, nanny Bloomberg, please!

How anyone can deny that Governor Palin has a message this country needs to hear is beyond me. This is a speech everyone must see.

Via Chuck Heath Jr.:


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