MO's Jason Smith, First Candidate to Strike #PalinLibertyPose, on 'The Palin Update'

Monday, March 25, 2013

Jason Smith is the first elected official and candidate to strike the #PalinLibertyPose, as seen here, and recently he appeared on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. Smith is a friend of Sarah Steelman and worked hard on her campaigns. Now she has thrown her support behind him. He received the GOP nomination for the special election to replace Rep. Jo Ann Emerson in Missouri's 8th Congressional District. He supports common sense conservatives like Governor Palin and is all-in for the cause of liberty. Scholla introduced his interview with Smith this way:
Jason Smith stops by The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! The Missouri House of Representatives Pro-Tem has shown us the Liberty Pose and now he looks to show the Show Me State that he's ready for Washington. Hear about Smith's run for Congress in a special election, plus his thoughts on Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman. Smith talks about striking the Liberty Pose and discusses the issues including farming, the budget, abortion, and more.

Smith's campaign administrator is my good friend Kristi King, so I was able to spend a little time with him during my recent visit to the Show Me State. He's one of the good guys. Listen to his interview and hear what he has to say about Governor Palin and the issues important to conservatives:


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