Palin Liberty Pose

Monday, March 18, 2013

Governor Palin gave a rousing speech at CPAC Saturday, and the speech has been a conversation piece since. Her salute to liberty, in particular, has people talking--and taking pictures.

When she raised her big gulp cup in defiance of Mayor Bloomberg, the nanny of New York City, people took notice. Her pose so resembled the Statue of Liberty that this photograph emerged and a Twitter hashtag was born: #PalinLibertyPose.

Everyone is talking about the pose, including Michelle Malkin and Fox and Friends, where the hosts mentioned it this morning and showed the following picture, first seen at C4P here:

If you'd like to submit a picture of yourself, or someone else, doing the Palin Liberty Pose, email it to Thomas Schmitz at Also, Kevin Scholla, host of the Palin Update radio show, has gotten involved. Kevin started a website highlighting pictures of people doing the pose. Go here to learn how to get your photograph on his site.

Finally, I tip my hat to Mary Beth House for this gif I'm borrowing:

As much fun as people are having with this, we are very serious about the point Governor Palin made when she took a simple gulp of soda Saturday. We the people must take a stand against the overreaching arm of government officials who seek to take away more and more of our freedoms. Soda bans, gun control, tax increases...enough is enough. This is America, and liberty must win day.


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