Governor Palin: Happy Memorial Day: How Sweet It Is; Updated

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Although growing up, my family displayed the flag outside our home on holidays such as Memorial Day, although we attended patriotic parades, and although my father and uncle were veterans, I personally never really got into the spirit of these observances. It took many years before I came to fully understand and appreciate those who paid the ultimate price and those who still risk the same. Today, I find myself trying to impress upon my students how fortunate they are to be Americans and the respect our military men and women deserve for securing that fortune.

As I have shared many times past, Governor Palin is one of the reasons I came to develop such an intense regard for this nation and for those who have given themselves to protect our heritage. Her patriotism is unparalleled, and she has sacrificed much to stand up and speak out for the fundamental restoration of all that is America.

Via Facebook, she pays tribute to Memorial Day and reminds us--yet again--what truly matters:
With grateful hearts Americans recognize how sweet it is to live in a country where men and women offer to serve something greater than self. They choose to support and defend the Constitution to preserve our rich heritage, they deny themselves comfort to secure our well-being, and they sacrifice their personal freedom daily that we may enjoy liberty in perpetuity. “Thank you” cannot do justice to the gratitude we feel for our nation’s finest.

This year, more than ones prior, I am especially mindful of those who have served and those who gave their all. Contemplating the September 11th terrorist attack in Benghazi, our government’s targeting of conservative patriots, snooping into reporters’ personal communications records, the usurping of Second Amendment rights – how can one not notice the disregard for our Constitution? Our military men and women risk their lives to uphold our rights. They deserve better than to have their sacrifice trampled on by people who pretend to have heard nothing, seen nothing, and therefore can say nothing about abusing their power over We the People. Americans deserve better. Certainly our military veterans’ honor deserves better. (By the way, pleading the Fifth while showing no regard for the First is as bold an exercise in adding insult to injury as I have ever seen.)

It is time to declare, “Enough is enough.” It’s time to halt the fundamental transformation of the country our soldiers have given all to preserve.

Traditionally Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, replete with family outings, barbecues, and parades. As much as we enjoy these wholesome American pastimes, this observance represents so much more. For the love of all who have ever worn the uniform, as a memorial to the service rendered, and in the spirit of those who paid the price we can never repay, may we mark this day by committing ourselves to the fundamental restoration of the greatest country on the face of the earth.

Happy Memorial Day. We will never forget.

- Sarah Palin

UPDATE: Today, Governor Palin posted the following pictures on Facebook in honor of Memorial Day:

UPDATE #2: Here's another Memorial Day comment and picture from the Governor, via Facebook:

A big thank you to the wonderful flight attendants and crew on our US Airways flight today from Indianapolis who gave heartfelt shout-outs over the intercom to our military and to veterans who’ve sacrificed so much for our freedom. The airlines offered our service members onboard free food and asked us all to pass along a special thank you to those we know in the service. It was so encouraging to see open and genuine respect for our men and women in uniform who so richly deserve the respect and honor of a grateful nation.

- Sarah Palin


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