Governor Palin in Buckeye Honoring Fallen Heroes; Updated

Friday, May 10, 2013

Governor Palin spoke in Buckeye, AZ yesterday to honor our bravest--our veterans. So many of us have deep respect for Governor Palin's dedication to our military. One young woman was privileged to meet the Governor there and tweeted a picture. Below, you'll find that picture; news coverage of the event, accompanied by comments Governor Palin made to a reporter; and video of Governor Palin's speech.

To access several pictures Governor Palin took with members of the military, first responders, and attendees, go to US4Palin.

(h/t and video access US4Palin)

UPDATE: Courtesy of C4P, here's the audio of Governor Palin's speech, as the video above stops 3 minutes or so short of her full speech:


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