Governor Palin: 'Seattle Weekly,' You Miss the Point; Small Town America is the Soul of Our Country

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I felt like puking when I read this snarky, elitist, totally juvenile article published in the Seattle Weekly today. So threatened by Governor Palin's common sense appeal that they attempt to diminish a small town high school graduating class. Their ridiculous left-wing souls really don't get it, do they? Insulting young adults to appease their own immature minds? The graduating youth, in their perseverance to secure Governor Palin's participation in what will be one of the biggest moments of their lives, show more integrity and work ethic than Ellis Conklin demonstrates in his poorly written, typo-infused attack article.

Conklin sees Governor Palin's speech this weekend at this small graduation as "a long way down." Why? Because his nose is so high in the air that he doesn't understand that this is who she is. She doesn't bypass the common, everyday individual--which is why she has so many of us in her corner. I know they don't get it. The question is: Will they ever?

Governor Palin dealt with this best today on Facebook. She wrote:

Small town America is the soul of our country, despite the opinion of the Seattle Weekly’s Ellis Conklin and the lamestream media. Todd and I are on our way to congratulate the graduating class in Republic, Washington, this Saturday and I’m honored and touched by their ingenuity, tenacity, and invitation to speak to these young Americans about to begin their futures.

Small town America is our heart; it may not be the Ivy Leagues or what Ellis and the media deem acceptable, but these students and this town represent what is good and right about America and the small towns where most of us grew our own roots and values.

Too often the media forgets its own humble roots and plays the elitist card. Not so this weekend. We are going to congratulate the Tigers of 2013 and have something special for each and every one. They will grow to defend our country, manage our economy, build our families, and work to achieve each of their own personal dreams.

Sorry, Seattle Weekly, you, as usual, miss the point.

- Sarah Palin

Thank you, Governor, for truly being of the people and a grounded public service.


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