Governor Palin Wins Over Indy 500 Crowd

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Governor Palin made a weekend out of the Indianapolis 500. Breitbart Sports reports:

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin won over racing fans this weekend at the Indianapolis 500, again showing how well she resonates with people because she genuinely loves retail politics and meeting them.

As was observed, that genuineness--and patience--cannot be faked. Palin met with people in the lobby of the hotel she was staying at on Saturday night, and those who observed her noticed how patient she was with everyone as they asked for her time. It is worth noting that those who do not even have as many speaking engagements and television appearances as requests Palin has had to deny often find interacting with supporters to be a burden. Not Palin.
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The Governor also posted some pictures from the day on Facebook:

Todd and I at the #Indy500 today. What an epic all-American event!:

Another photo from Indianapolis today. #Indy500

With Sarah Fisher, former Indy racer and owner of Sarah Fisher Racing, in her pit today during the race. #Indy500

As we "speak," Governor Palin is in attendance at the Indiana Pacers-Miama Heat NBA playoff game. I say they should suit up the former point guard because the Pacers need some help if they're going to stop LeBron James and the Heat. Come on, Pacers!


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