Governor Palin at Republic High School Graduation; Updated

Saturday, June 1, 2013

See, this is why I love the Guv! The media (mis)characterized Governor Palin's willingness to speak at this graduation as a step down, "a long way down"--saying she has been reduced to speaking to a small graduating class of 27. They have failed to understand that THIS is what it's all about--not ever getting too big to reach out to "small" people in small towns. She accepted their invitation, brought each graduate a bag of gifts, and thanked THEM! Gotta just love her!

On Facebook, my friend Kristi and I had this exchange:

Kristi King: Love her! She is the real deal and this country needs more politicians that "get" small town America!

Adrienne Ross: When a former VP candidate, accomplished "politician," and sought-after speaker who draws crowds of thousands willingly speaks to a graduating class of 27, basically every critic should just shut up. You're right, Kristi: that's the real deal!
Katie Steiner, KHQ reporter, writes:
Governor Sarah Palin spoke at Republic High School's Commencement Saturday.

The former Alaskan Governor spoke to the 27 seniors who graduated Saturday. But it wasn't the just the students. About 700 people from the town of Republic showed up to watch as well.

The entire senior class worked hard to bring the governor to their graduation. This effort was led by Class President Tyler Weyer. They used Facebook to get Gov. Palin's attention, and it worked.
Steiner also posted pictures of the graduation on Twitter and tweeted some of Governor Palin's comments:

(h/t Stacy Drake)

Update: Go here to The Spokesman-Review to read an article and see more pictures of Governor Palin at Republic High School's graduation.

(h/t Ponnie YN)


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