Interview: Governor Palin Discusses Pop Culture

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mark Trash at Acculturated conducted an interview with Governor Palin, which he entitled "Sarah Palin Talks Pop Culture, Rock, and Conservatism." It is rather interesting, as he delves into questions we don't often hear asked of politicians, particularly politicians on the right, as Trash discussed in his article.

Here's a portion of the interview:
Last year I briefly encountered Sarah Palin at CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Committee meeting in Washington, and took the opportunity to ask her an important question: who’s your favorite band? The verdict: Van Halen. As you’ll see in the video, Governor Palin seemed surprised, but then a little delighted, to be asked about rock and roll. Everyone just assumes that that’s Jay-Z wingman President Obama’s turf.

I’ve always wanted to follow up with Governor Palin, and I recently sent her some questions about popular culture. She was kind enough to respond. Here are her answers, followed at the end by a couple of my own observations.


Gov. Palin, what is your general philosophy about modern popular culture?

Culture matters. As Andrew Breitbart liked to say, politics is downstream of culture. If you wonder why a civilization is in decline, you have to look at the culture first.

We were both teenagers in the 1980s. Did you have a favorite band or genre—heavy metal, pop, English bands?

My favorite bands as a teen were Van Halen, Boston, and AC/DC.

Do you think conservatives are engaging the popular culture effectively today?

Good question. No, conservatives aren’t infiltrating and influencing pop culture enough, and we’re missing the boat. That’s why I’m fine with, for instance, Bristol being on the shows she’s been on and why I preach against preaching to the choir.

For years, conservatives have glumly waved the white flag when it comes to influencing popular culture. Defeat has been declared many times. But the civic values that conservatism cherishes—like courage, honesty, integrity, hard work, patriotism, faith, fortitude, individual liberty—are values that civilization depends upon. So, if conservatives lose the culture, the culture will collapse and take civilization with it.

For years we have been focused on November election nights, and perhaps not focused enough on Oscar night, or Emmy night, or script buys, or production deals. We have been focused on sending our brightest and best to Washington. But we also need to send them to Hollywood or to the Columbia School of Journalism. We need to take back Hollywood and the mainstream news media. We need to step out of our comfort zones. We can’t allow ourselves to be pushed to the margins. We can’t allow the principles upon which this nation is founded to be ignored or undermined.


Furthermore, Palin is spot-on about conservatives waving the white flag when it comes to engagement in the popular culture, and that if a society loses its culture, its civilization soon follows. Palin is downright wise in this regard; it’s just sad that more conservatives don’t get it.

Read the full interview and article here.


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