Vlog - Personal Responsibility: Get the Dog Off

Monday, July 22, 2013

Personal responsibility is such an important aspect of the conservative message. Some people, particularly people on the left side of the political aisle, view this kind of expectation and talk as the antithesis of compassion for those in need, however. Not so! In fact, personal responsibility is true compassion. It's about empowerment and believing that people have what it takes to rise up, even if they have found themselves in situations where they have needed help for a time.

Personal responsibility comes in various forms. One such form involves behavior. Liberals often are offended when conservatives bring this up. They say we are trying to push our value system on others. Let's think about that, though: when one person's behavior affects another--me, for example--do I not have a right to comment? When I am expected to subsidize someone else's lifestyle, that lifestyle becomes my business. It's time to have these kinds of transparent--and often painful--conversations. Are you ready?


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