Speaking at Cape County Republican Women's Club Today: Conservatism and the Black Community

Friday, July 12, 2013

This afternoon, I will speak to the Cape County Republican Women's Club in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The topic I will present is "Conservatism and the Black Community." I hope to post the video later.

Here's the press release:


[Cape Girardeau, MO] – 7/9/2013—Cape County Republican Women’s Club is pleased to host Adrienne Ross who will speak from the perspective of, not only a conservative, but a black conservative. While she will acknowledge the chasm that exists between the black community and the Republican Party, she will highlight why the seemingly impossible task of appealing to them is not impossible at all. In fact, conservatives have more of an open door with black Americans than they have had in decades. The question is, however, "Are they willing to do anything about it?"

Adrienne Ross was born and raised in New York. There she has been a public school English Language Arts teacher for the past seventeen years. Previously apolitical, she awakened to politics during the 2008 presidential campaign and found her home in the Republican Party. While her values align with the Republican Party platform, she more readily identifies herself as a common sense conservative. She has endured the ridicule of both blacks and whites who believe that she, a black American, belongs to the Democratic Party. She rails against this faulty expectation.

The 2008 election, particularly Senator McCain’s selection of Governor Palin as his running mate, was the impetus that caused her to herald conservative principles. She started her own blog called MotivationTruth. It did not take long for her influence to expand to other venues, and Adrienne has served since as a contributor, author, and editor to several websites and blogs. From New York to Alaska, she has been interviewed on the internet, radio, television, and in print about such issues as politics, race, faith, and education. Writing continues to be the open door through which Adrienne promotes and defends common sense conservatism and common sense conservatives. She willingly supports public servants—with or without a title—who willingly support freedom, fiscal and personal responsibility, and the sanctity of human life.

The program will be held on July 12 at noon at Dexter BBQ and is open to the public.


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