Vlog: Joining Governor Palin in the Lion's Den

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today, Governor Palin asked, "Where are the Daniels in the lion's den?" She implored Americans to stand up instead of cowering in corners, to get a backbone, and to fight back against the radical agenda to silence Christians and annihilate freedom. She told "cowardly Christians" not to be shocked when it all snowballs.

What caused such bold speech from the Governor this time? The story of an Air Force chaplain forced to remove an essay about...imagine this...faith! Read the Todd Starnes story here.

I join Governor Palin in asking for the Daniels to rise up and make our voices heard. America is better than this, but if we don't take a stand, soon we won't even recognize America.

Take a look at my brief vlog on this topic:


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