Vlog: Truth Over Emotion - Stop Allowing the Players to Play Us

Thursday, July 18, 2013

We are emotional beings; we cannot help that. God fashioned us this way. We have a mind, a will, and emotions. That's what makes up our souls, but we cannot simply live in the soulish realm. Too often, unfortunately, we do just that. Furthermore, there are people who play on these emotions so they may stay relevant. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson come to mind. It's a very dangerous "game." We need to stop allowing these players to play us. Rather, truth has got to lead and guide us.

My latest vlog deals with this. Here's the YouTube description, followed by the vlog:

America is more divided than it's been in a long time, certainly more than it's been in my lifetime. This is largely because some people make a name off of playing on the emotions of others. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, for example, play this dangerous game. Enough is enough. We must elevate truth over emotion.


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