President Obama Makes Weak Syria Remarks, Then Strengthens Golf Game

Saturday, August 31, 2013

After making remarks about Syria and how important he deems waging an attack once he seeks Congressional approval, President Obama went golfing with Vice President Biden. What in the world?! This makes absolutely no sense. Who is advising this president? I cannot imagine any political adviser not pointing out the optics that go along with golfing after discussing the slaughter of men, women, and children and engaging our military in yet another battle. Either he has grossly incompetent advisers, or he is stubborn and ignores the advice he's given. Actually, anyone with common sense should recognize that today was not the day to golf. Does it really take a well-paid adviser to make this clear? Nonetheless, President Obama hit the green after his remarks.

On Facebook, I posted:

I just have to say this: Am I really hearing correctly that after the President spoke in the Rose Garden about Syria and his decision to attack them after seeking Congressional approval, he's now out GOLFING with Joe Biden?!? Really?! I'm no fan, but I'd really like the brother to represent better than this! Man!

As for the President's remarks in the Rose Garden, here are my thoughts, also posted on Facebook here and here:
Here are my thoughts on Pres. Obama's Syria decision. Because he spoke before about a "red line," to save face, he feels he has to say he wants to take action. Then to save face about what Pres. Bush was accused of, he feels he has to say he will seek Congressional approval. He doesn't expect to get it, and he really doesn't want it; this is all about the politics of saving face. Just my opinion on what I observed. And what leader says there's no time urgency?

Here's a version of what I posted as a comment on a friend's status: "If the President were acting on moral principle, and already spent hours upon hours wrestling with this decision, arriving at the conclusion that this is the right thing to do, he would act immediately. He would call Congress back from recess tomorrow, have the debate, and call the vote. If this were about doing the right thing, he would have a sense of urgency. He lost all credibility, if he had any, when he said there is no urgency."

Is it 2016 yet?


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