Gov. Palin Urges Votes and Support for Steve Lonegan of New Jersey

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Governor Palin continues to show support for Steve Lonegan's candidacy to become the U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Yesterday, she rallied for him. Today, she used Facebook to remind people to vote for him and to urge people to go to his website to see how they can help:

She wrote:

The momentum is on Steve Lonegan’s side coming into next Wednesday’s election in New Jersey! Please visit Steve’s website to find ways to help out. It was such an honor to rally for Steve yesterday in NJ. Thank you again to everyone who came to join us – including “The Great One” Mark Levin and Tea Party Express.

Photo Credit: Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger

She also posted:
Let's work to get Steve Lonegan to the Senate! Vote this Wednesday, New Jersey! Here's the video from yesterday's rally.


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