He Always Does What He Says He'll Do

Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's Resurrection Sunday, and my heart is alive with celebration of Jesus Christ! Not only is He resurrected, He is the Resurrection! Jesus paid the ultimate price of death--willingly laying down His life--so that we could also make a choice, the choice to live life the way He intends. He intends for us to be free of sin, guilt, condemnation, and fear. He is madly in love with each of us and has a plan for our lives. We are not here by accident, we are not just passing the time, and we are not forgotten. All we have to do to enter into this glorious life is to confess Jesus as Lord, ask Him to forgive us of our sins, and walk with Him. He took care of it all. Just say, "YES!"

Enjoy Psalm 139:13-16 in The Message translation:
Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out;
you formed me in my mother’s womb.
I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking!
Body and soul, I am marvelously made!
I worship in adoration—what a creation!
You know me inside and out,
you know every bone in my body;
You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit,
how I was sculpted from nothing into something.
Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth;
all the stages of my life were spread out before you,
The days of my life all prepared
before I’d even lived one day.

Matthew 28:5-6 shares the story of the angel telling "Mary Magdalene and the other Mary" that Jesus was risen:
But the angel answered and said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

I love this! It reminds me that when the Lord speaks, He means it. The angel let them know that Jesus did just what He said He would do. Our Lord and Savior can be trusted. His promises are true. Whatever He said will be so, will be so! Such is the case in our lives even now. He will not fail us. His promises for us are true. So expect! As Galatians 6:9 encourages:
And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Happy Resurrection Day! Celebrate Jesus, but not just today; celebrate Him every day of your life--and tell someone else about Him so that they, too, may have reason to celebrate!


SarahPAC Money Bomb

Saturday, March 30, 2013

C4P and US4Palin announced money bombs for SarahPAC.

Governor Palin's PAC released a great video this week called "Loaded for Bear." The video makes it clear that she intends to be very active in the 2014 elections. Her success at endorsing candidates, leading to their victories, is unparalleled. She's ready to do it again, and many are ready to help. C4P has asked that people give $20.14 in honor of these upcoming elections, and US4Palin is encouraging people to give whatever they can. Whatever you decide, just keep in mind that every dollar helps. Go to the SarahPAC website here to make your donation.

Please know that these efforts to raise money are independent of SarahPAC. There is no coordination between SarahPAC and MotivationTruth.

Take a look at "Loaded for Bear":


Governor Palin: Happy Good Friday!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Governor Palin posted the following Good Friday message on Facebook:
Happy Good Friday! As Christians everywhere today remember Jesus' words that "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends," we also recognize the intrinsic value and dignity of all innocent human life -- life so precious that God's only Son offered Himself up to redeem us. As Bristol noted in her recent blog post (linked below), we just recognized World Down Syndrome Day, and days like that remind me of the great blessing God has given our family in our little boy Trig, who has taught me in a special way how precious all innocent life is.

Happy Easter weekend!

- Sarah Palin

Read Bristol's article, "What I Wish I Knew," here.

Speaking of Trig, Governor Palin also posted 12 precious pictures of him. Check them all out here. This is one of my favorites:


Putting Death to Death

Today is Good Friday, a cause of celebration for those who know that without the cross there is no hope. It took Christ's death to bring His resurrection--and our salvation. Praise God for Good Friday!

Isn't it something how Jesus used the devil's own tool against him? Check out what Hebrews 2:14 says:
Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;

Jesus used death to destroy the author of death, thereby bringing life to all who would receive. What a plan--and what a God!


Big Brother Chuck Pens Open Letter to Governor Palin

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Most often, the people closest to us know us best--which can be either a good or a bad thing. When we have spent an abundance of time with someone, and he or she still respects us, that's saying something. And when we still have the respect of those who have spent an entire lifetime with us, now that's a testament to our character. One thing I have noticed about Governor Palin's brother Chuck is the high regard he has for his sister. Today, he penned the following "open letter" to her at Chuck Heath Jr., his website:

I’m proud of what Sarah has accomplished and what she’s continuing to try to do for this country. I don’t know anyone who has her courage and drive. She’s never been afraid to step out and say the things that millions of patriotic Americans think but are afraid to voice publicly. She has endured more than most people could ever imagine: from vicious verbal attacks on her children, to real threats on her own life… all because she’s felt compelled to speak out in an effort to get this country back on the right path.

Thanks for all you do Sarah.


Chuck, Jr. feels the same way about Governor Palin that we do. She has put everything on the line because she loves our country. She has boldly called out both sides of the aisle because she loves our country. And patriots everywhere respect and love her...because she loves our country.

Thank you, Chuck. Your words only confirm what we already know, but we sure do appreciate hearing them from someone who knows her best.

If you haven't read Our Sarah, written by Chuck, Jr. and Chuck, Sr., consider going here to purchase yours.


Governor Palin's New Video: 2014 - Loaded for Bear!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Via SarahPAC, here's Governor Palin's new video. It's already getting a lot of media attention:

And a note from SarahPAC treasurer, Tim Crawford:
SarahPAC supporters,

The 2014 elections are just twenty months away. We appreciate your support; together we have elected many great commonsense conservatives over the past four years. Together, we will keep fighting to support these bold candidates. Please take a moment to share this video with your friends and learn more by visiting sarahpac.com. You can also directly help SarahPAC by donating here.

- Tim Crawford, Treasurer - SarahPAC


Governor Palin Thanks Chili’s for Kindness to Autistic Girl

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On Facebook, Governor Palin posted a link to an article about an autistic young girl who was treated like a princess at Chili's in Utah. She added this comment:

Hope this makes your day. Thank you, Chili’s restaurant in Midvale, Utah, for showing kindness and understanding to a special family.

The article, posted on The Blaze, reads:
If you’ve ever made a sandwich for a young child, you might know that how exactly it’s cut — into rectangles, squares or triangles — and crust vs. no crust can be points of contention.

There was a similar issue with the cheeseburger placed in front of 7-year-old Arianna Hill at a Chili’s restaurant in Midvale, Utah. Hill, it turns out, has autism and wouldn’t touch the cheeseburger that had been cut in half. To her, it was “broken.”

What happened next prompted her sister to write up a Facebook post Sunday that has since gone viral with more than 27,000 comments, more than 199,000 shares and more than a half a million likes.

Anna Kaye MacLean explained in the post that she and her husband took her younger sister to Chili’s where she ordered her usual favorite — cheeseburger with pickles and French fries with a chocolate milk — promptly when the waitress, Lauren, came to get drink orders.

When the food was delivered MacLean said she asked her sister why she wasn’t eating her Krabby Patty, a reference to the hamburger joint in the cartoon show SpongeBob Square Pants.

“She replied, ‘It’s broken. I need another one thats fixed,’” MacLean’s Facebook post read. “Then it dawned on me why she wasn’t eating it. It’s because it was cut in half. Being a child with autism, she has to have certain things in a particular order at all times. One slight change in her routine can change the course of the day instantly.”

MacLean told the waitress when she returned that she needed to order a new burger, which they would happily pay for, that wasn’t cut down the middle. Here’s what happened next:
Lauren was so sweet and just smiled and went along with Arianna, telling her “I brought you a broken cheeseburger?! You know what, I’ll have them cook you a new one!” I loved this because rather than just taking it from the table, she actually TOLD Arianna what she was doing. While this seems insignificant, by her telling Arianna what she was doing, we avoided a melt down. The manager, Bradley Cottermole, then came to our table, kneeled down, and said to Arianna, “I heard we gave you a broken cheeseburger! I am so sorry about that! We are making you a brand new one that isn’t broken, with pickles! I’ll bring you some french fries to munch on while you’re waiting, ok?” A couple of minutes later, Lauren arrived back at our table with cheeseburger #2.
The little girl thanked Lauren for fixing her cheeseburger, turned to the sandwich to say ”OH I missed you!!” and began kissing it. That’s when MacLean snapped the photo posted above and showed it to Lauren who in turn took it to the manager and the kitchen staff who all got a kick out of it.

“I was so touched by this experience. Especially since I know people who have been asked to leave restaurants when their child with autism is being disruptive. I expected a few different things with this scenario based on past experiences, but I did NOT expect such kind and compassionate mannerisms from Lauren and Bradley,” MacLean wrote.

Read the rest of the touching story here.


Tony Lee Takes Down Scottie Hughes for False Palin Accusations

Yesterday, I wrote an article addressing the ridiculous claims made by Scottie Hughes, news director for the Tea Party News Network, that Governor Palin was not accessible enough to the regular folks. According to her, the Governor left CPAC without mingling with the people. Wrong! Clearly, Ms. Hughes's disappointment was rooted in the fact that Governor Palin didn't mingle with her.

Today, Tony Lee at Breitbart called out Scottie and dismantled her false claims. The article includes pictures from CPAC in which Governor Palin is amid supporters and grassroots activists, as always. It also includes statements from Palin staffers who attend these events with her and know full-well how much time she invests in we the people. She is, after all, one of us.

Lee writes:

In a bizarre rant--or "open letter"--at Townhall, Scottie Hughes, the news director for the Tea Party News Network, falsely accuses former Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin of rushing out of this year's CPAC and having a pattern of ignoring grassroots conservatives.

While Hughes's motivation for writing such a column may only be known to her, her accusations are demonstrably false.

Doug McMarlin, who has been with Palin since 2008 and was with her at this year's CPAC, was also perplexed by Hughes's characterization of the event. Palin met with volunteers, supporters and CPAC leadership at this year's event. Palin keynoted last year's CPAC and was the conference's last speaker, which allowed for her to mix with the audience following her speech.
This year, her slot fell on a Saturday afternoon, which meant there were scheduled speakers immediately after her remarks. It would not have been logistically possible for Palin to even greet the crowd or do talk radio hits from CPAC without causing a huge disturbance due to the crowds that would have swarmed her and disrupted the conference.
"Never underestimate the level the uninformed with a keyboard will go to make a point based on a lack of information," McMarlin told Breitbart News. "Lamestream, mainstream, and no stream media, it's unfortunate when those who lack facts lash out without regard. Governor Palin, as always, was with volunteers, supporters and fellow conservatives throughout her days at CPAC."

Hughes also implied that Palin only speaks to the grassroots through the teleprompter, but this accusation again does not even pass the smell test.

Jason Recher, a Palin staffer who has been with Palin at nearly every event since 2008, told Breitbart News Palin never asks for a teleprompter. In fact, reporters have often said Palin improvises during her speeches, which forces reporters to pay attention to every word in order to quote her accurately.

"I've been at almost every speech she's given since '08 and can't think of a time where she ever asked to use a Teleprompter," Recher told Breitbart News. The teleprompters at CPAC were part of the stage set up used for all the speakers; it was not something Palin personally requested.

Hughes, with no evidence whatsoever, alleges Palin made a "rush to the exits" at this year's CPAC, implying Palin did not have time for the grassroots.

Again, not true.

As the photos below indicate, Palin spent time after the speech meeting with volunteers.


Hughes needs to be careful, for more columns like this will make people think Hughes may be projecting or falsely seeing in Palin what she may see in herself. Columns that smear a politician like Palin who has held both parties to account in the true spirit of the Tea Party movement will begin to "worry" conservatives and Tea Partiers. They may begin to wonder what Hughes's intentions are for being in the Tea Party movement and whether Scottie Hughes puts herself before her country and the principles for which she purportedly fights.

Read Lee's full article here.


Who's Lost Touch?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Today, Scottie Hughes demonstrated that reality has escaped her. Anyone remotely familiar with the political landscape knows that Governor Palin is as down-to-earth as one can get. No one has made herself more accessible to regular, everyday people than she, which makes sense because she is a regular, everyday person. Very often, after giving a speech, she spends close to an hour shaking hands, taking pictures, and signing autographs. She goes above and beyond in the time spent with people. Whether it's a rope line, a NASCAR race, or a packed auditorium, she has opened herself to those who have sought a moment of her time.

From personal experience, I can state unequivocally that she has often spent that time in the trenches despite the fact that her aides have tried to move her on because of a tight schedule, perhaps even for security reasons. Always, she tries to shake another hand, ask another name, allow another picture. So when Ms. Hughes not only suggests, but states outright, that Governor "Call Me Sarah" Palin has lost touch with the people, I have to assume she's lost touch--with reality. In fact, her assertion is so absurd, it almost doesn't even merit a response. I've already said more than Scottie's "Open Letter" deserves, and it has been covered here and here. I want to share one more take-down. Kevin Scholla, who is acquainted with Scottie Hughes, wrote a note of his own:

Sarah Palin doesn’t owe me anything. In fact, we all owe her a great debt of gratitude. No one gets inside President Obama’s head more than Governor Palin, no one drives the Left bat crap crazy like her, and no one can energize conservatives quite like the Mama Grizzly. Thus, no one can spread the message of common sense conservative principles as well as Palin can.

Earlier this month at CPAC, Governor Palin stole the show. Her Big Gulp speech is the most talked about aspect of the conference, leading to new web sites promoting liberty, and sparking a reinvigorated discussion on the importance of rebuilding our country. Governor Palin is doing her job.

Governor Palin did not grant interviews at CPAC. After her high noon address that Saturday, she left Maryland. Once I realized she wasn’t sticking around, my reaction was as follows. Finish writing my recap of her speech for SarahNET, start to get The Palin Update radio program ready for SarahNET Radio, and go eat. Apparently eating was also on the mind of another conservative but unlike my burger and Caesar salad, she ordered the sour grapes.

Scottie Hughes has done a wonderful job in recent years promoting conservative values from the perspective of a working mom. She has always been a friend to SarahNET Radio and she’s always spoken highly of Governor Palin. She’s gone toe to toe with the obnoxious Piers Morgan on gun issues and she’s served as a tremendous ambassador to the Tea Party movement. All of this makes her column “An Open Letter to Sarah Palin” not only curious but flat out disappointing and hurtful.

In the piece Hughes writes that she’s worried Governor Palin is losing touch. Her examples of this include wearing a Chick-fil-A shirt and attending a Phoenix Suns game. To most people that would be considered a comfortable, fun Friday night.

She then brings Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars adventure in to the conversation for seemingly no reason. I’m not sure what Hughes is missing here, but Palin’s association with Big Gulps, Chick-fil-A, and network television is essential if we are to ever reach the vast amount of Americans who enjoy these things on a daily basis.

Hughes then gets into the crux of her piece which is a complaint that Sarah Palin did not grant her an interview. She blasts Palin for making a “rush to the exits” and for not “shaking the hands of those who you inspire.” This reminds me of the dad who doesn’t like a ball player because Heaven forbid the slugger didn’t sign an autograph for his kid. Maybe that player has something serious going on in his mind. Maybe he had to take batting practice. Maybe, he didn’t hear your request. In the same ilk, Hughes has no idea why Governor Palin left when she did. One thing is for sure though, it certainly wasn’t so she could rush to a Hollywood party, as Hughes insinuates.

Worse than making these incorrect assumptions, Hughes made them public. She knows as well as anyone how unfairly Governor Palin is attacked on a consistent basis, yet now she’s joining the mob. Hughes was my guest on The Palin Update in late January. Speaking on SarahNET Radio Hughes called the Left hypocrites when it comes to Sarah Palin. She called out the makers of the movie Game Change for presenting falsehoods regarding the Governor. “Governor Palin can’t do a single darn thing right to the Left and unfortunately to the moderates of the Republican Party she can’t either,” Hughes told me. “But she still holds strong with those of us that are close enough to the base. The true conservatives will not blame Governor Palin for the McCain loss.” But they will blame her for not giving a special, exclusive interview to a particular reporter? So, if it’s the Left and moderate Republicans who go after Palin and the conservatives who defend her, where does that leave Hughes? I always thought she was a conservative. Has something drastically changed in two short months?

In her hit piece, Hughes writes “One of the best attributes of today’s Republicans is that we do not hide behind the curtain and only come out to chat when there is a teleprompter present.” To say that line is unfair would be a gross understatement. As we learned after major technical difficulties shut down her screen at the 2008 Republican National Convention, the last thing Governor Palin needs is a teleprompter. Further, anyone who has met Governor Palin knows how generous she is with her time and thoughts.

Governor Palin works so hard every day, often battling not only the Leftist (and now apparently Right-wing) pot shots but also the very limiting time constraints. She is pulled in many directions at all times. To say she is more concerned with celebrity than substance is frankly a flat out lie and mischaracterization.

Read the rest of Kevin's article here.

Ms. Hughes reminds me of others who have gone before her who turn on the Governor whenever she doesn't do something they want or expect her to do. It's truly pathetic.


Governor Palin: Passover and Palm Sunday

Via Facebook, Governor Palin acknowledges both Passover and Palm Sunday:
Todd and I and our family send our best wishes this evening as Jewish people around the world celebrate Passover, commemorating their deliverance from bondage and their Exodus to the Land of Israel. This timeless and beautiful story reminds us of the universal human aspiration for freedom and that the Almighty hears the cries of a suffering people and fulfills His promises. Chag kasher V'Sameach. Happy Passover. And next year in Jerusalem.

And yesterday, Palm Sunday, was the beginning of the holiest of weeks for Christians. During this time, we honor the sacrifice of Jesus, reflect on amazing grace, and celebrate resurrection power!

“And many spread their garments in the way: and others cut down branches off the trees, and strawed them in the way. And they that went before, and they that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna; Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord: Blessed be the kingdom of our father David, that cometh in the name of the Lord: Hosanna in the highest.” –Mark 11:8-10

- Sarah Palin


MO's Jason Smith, First Candidate to Strike #PalinLibertyPose, on 'The Palin Update'

Jason Smith is the first elected official and candidate to strike the #PalinLibertyPose, as seen here, and recently he appeared on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla. Smith is a friend of Sarah Steelman and worked hard on her campaigns. Now she has thrown her support behind him. He received the GOP nomination for the special election to replace Rep. Jo Ann Emerson in Missouri's 8th Congressional District. He supports common sense conservatives like Governor Palin and is all-in for the cause of liberty. Scholla introduced his interview with Smith this way:
Jason Smith stops by The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! The Missouri House of Representatives Pro-Tem has shown us the Liberty Pose and now he looks to show the Show Me State that he's ready for Washington. Hear about Smith's run for Congress in a special election, plus his thoughts on Sarah Palin and Sarah Steelman. Smith talks about striking the Liberty Pose and discusses the issues including farming, the budget, abortion, and more.

Smith's campaign administrator is my good friend Kristi King, so I was able to spend a little time with him during my recent visit to the Show Me State. He's one of the good guys. Listen to his interview and hear what he has to say about Governor Palin and the issues important to conservatives:


Governor Palin: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Governor Palin paid tribute to her dad's birthday earlier today on Facebook:

I join the Governor in wishing Mr. Heath a very Happy Birthday.


Governor Palin: Pray for Peace in the Holy Land

Friday, March 22, 2013

Governor Palin, via Facebook:
As always, one must listen carefully to what leadership says, or fails to say, in analyzing current affairs. During his trip to Israel, President Obama said, "It is not fair that a Palestinian child cannot grow up in a state of her own." Of course, as people of good will we would like everyone to have the right of self-determination and God-given liberty, but we also have to ask ourselves what has been done to establish the circumstances necessary for that. It's been observed that a Palestinian child cannot grow up "in a state of her own" because of Palestinian leaders' decisions.

There seems to be nothing on the horizon to change the mindset of those who would raise Palestinian children to hate and be intolerant of Jews, Christians, and other "infidels." Bottom line: until that changes and until the Palestinian people become genuine partners in peace with Israel, little movement towards peace can be made. This is tragic for all, including those Palestinian children being indoctrinated. I hope our President understands this and could acknowledge it so the public could better understand the conflict. We can't be naive to the causes of this centuries-old plight, and we mustn't fail to ignore the one-sided effort to finally bring peace to Israel.

In the meantime, pray for peace in the Holy Land.

- Sarah Palin


Governor Palin to Keynote Shareholders in Life Fundraising Banquet

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Women's Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada, Inc. announced that Governor Palin will be the keynote speaker at Shareholders in Life Banquet and Silent Auction. Their stated mission is "helping save the lives of unborn children by sharing the love of Jesus Christ through spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational support."
Silent Auction - 5:30 to 6:45

Dinner & Program- 7:00 to 9:15

Semi-Formal Attire

Event Pricing

$100 per Individual / $1000 Table of Ten

$200 per Individual Premium Seating / $2000 Table of Ten Premium Seating

Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here, only 600 seats remain. Please join us in prayer for the success of the banquet, that the Lord would draw new partners to HIS ministry through the message of Governor Palin.

Read more here at the WRMC website. FOX 5 KVVU-TV also covers the pro-life event here.

(h/t Ron Devito)


Governor Palin: Washington Shirks Constitutional Duty

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Governor Palin, via Facebook:
Do you agree that Washington shirked their constitutional duty by not passing a budget in almost four years? Remember these are the "leaders" we've sent there to represent us and be good stewards of our hard earned tax dollars. Article One, Section Nine, Clause Seven of the United States Constitution states: “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law; and a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published from time to time.”

"The liberties of a people never were, or ever will be, secure when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." -- Patrick Henry


Dan Calabrese: Karl Rove's Tired Cheap Shot at Sarah Palin

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today, Dan Calabrese published an article at Cain TV in which he takes Karl Rove to task for his "tired cheap shot at Sarah Palin." He points out what every honest, aware person must acknowledge. I said every honest, aware person--because there's no hope for people, like Karl Rove, who have no interest in what should already be obvious: the reason the Governor stepped aside in 2009 and why that was the right thing to do. Calabrese lays it out there again.

I readily admit I do not agree with every aspect of the article, but 100% agreement isn't necessary. Concerning Governor Palin's resignation, he gets it--and he gives it to Rove.

Dan Calabrese writes:

Sigh. More unpleasant words are being exchanged between Sarah Palin and Karl Rove - a battle that creates headlines for a gleeful MSM and does little to advance the cause of anyone who might be in a position to solve this nation's problems.

And yes, Palin did sort of start it by taking a shot at Rove, and at consultants in general, in her CPAC speech.

Actually, the Governor didn't start it. Rove has in times past dissed the Governor, including the time he used her as an example to relegate endorsements to minus snot. Furthermore, his "I know better than you who can be elected" attitude has rubbed tea party conservatives the wrong way, and he deserved to be called out. His track record picking winnable candidates is horrible, so remind us why anyone should hire him to be "architect" of anything or why he's qualified to criticize anyone. No, he started it; Governor Palin just finally dealt with it.

Calabrese continues:
After Palin accepted John McCain's offer to run for vice president, and became the left's Most Hated Person In The World, she returned to Alaska to find a never-ending assault of frivolous ethics complaints, all of which required her to pay her defense out of her own pocket because of Alaska law governing such matters. It wasn't bad enough that the news media treated every one of these complaints as if it was legitimate. It was also costing her a fortune and paralyzing her ability to govern the state.

When Palin decided to resign and turn the governorship over to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, she did the right thing for the State of Alaska.


The whole "quitter" meme comes from people who care about nothing but attacking Palin's future political viability, which is funny because in spite of the obsession of pundits who have been sure from Day 1 that she was positioning herself to run for president, Palin herself has never done anything to affirm that belief. She seems quite happy just being Sarah Palin, exercising her voice and taking opportunities as they come.

It's fine with me if Karl Rove doesn't regard Sarah Palin as the kind of politician he wants to support, although I don't see why it matters because she's not running for anything. But I get really sick of people taking this particular cheap shot at her because her resignation was actually a rare instance of a politician sacrificing her position for the best interests of everyone involved. Palin was a good governor, although she didn't hold the office for long, and she could have accomplished a lot more. But when faced with an environment that made it virtually impossible for her to do so, she did not choose to "fight" for the sake of herself or her political career, as so many politicians would. She stepped aside...

Dan recognizes the point that so many miss: Governor Palin is not the typical politician who will do whatever it takes just to remain in power. She's more interested in doing the right thing, which causes establishment power-grabbing types to shake their heads. He also understands that Governor Palin did a good job while in office. I agree with his assertion that she could have accomplished much more, and by that I mean her record demonstrates what she's capable of doing. The more she has her hands in something, the more good fruit it yields. I must add that she accomplished more in her time as governor than some two-term governors. Access a list of those gubernatorial accomplishments here.

Calabrese ends his article by again highlighting Governor Palin's character. Although she is currently not running for office, a fact he seems to lament because we need more people like her--people of integrity--in politics:
I am sure there are many cynics who will scoff at my insistence that Palin's actions and motives were honorable, but all I can tell you is that the result has been positive for everyone. The only problem is that it's given her determined critics a talking point. Fortunately, Palin doesn't seem too worried about it. She is quite capable of doing what's right for the sake of what's right and not worrying about what people say.

Which kind of makes it a shame she's not running for anything. We don't find many people in politics like that.

Read the full article here.


Missouri Congressional Candidate Jason Smith Strikes Pose for Liberty, Palin-Style

The #PalinLibertyPose is showing up all over the place. Its recent stop is the Show Me State, where Congressional candidate Jason Smith and Kristi King, his Campaign Administrator, struck the pose.

Smith, who has been endorsed by Sarah Steelman, is a Governor Palin supporter, and Kevin Scholla will interview him this week on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla.

Via SarahNET:

This weekend on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla, the guest will be Jason Smith, who is running in the special election for Missouri's 8th District Congressional seat. Already endorsed by SarahNET Radio's Sarah Steelman, Smith continues to show that his true colors are clearly red, white, and blue. Smith, currently a member of the Missouri House of Representatives is keeping the Liberty Pose going, striking a pose at his campaign headquarters.

Governor Palin started the craze at CPAC earlier this month when she held a Big Gulp filled with soda pop high in the sky. While humorous and fun, the message is also serious. Americans have the freedom and liberty to drink what they want, in any size, and the choice is [theirs]. Big government has no place in our refrigerators or any other aspect of our personal lives.

Smith isn't alone in promoting liberty. Even his staff members, like Campaign Administrator Kristi J. King are getting on board.

To see many more liberty loving Americans striking the Palin Liberty pose, including Governor Palin herself, Chuck Heath Jr., and SarahNET Radio's Kevin Scholla head over to www.libertypose.com. You can even submit your own photos. Let's keep it going. Remember, elected officials work for We the People, not the other way around. Great Americans like Sarah Palin and Jason Smith understand this and are willing to fight for it. We look forward to Smith's appearance on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla.

Common sense conservatives, like Jason Smith, understand what's at stake right now, and they're joining in with Governor Palin in defense of our liberties and defiance of those who threaten them.


Palin Liberty Pose

Monday, March 18, 2013

Governor Palin gave a rousing speech at CPAC Saturday, and the speech has been a conversation piece since. Her salute to liberty, in particular, has people talking--and taking pictures.

When she raised her big gulp cup in defiance of Mayor Bloomberg, the nanny of New York City, people took notice. Her pose so resembled the Statue of Liberty that this photograph emerged and a Twitter hashtag was born: #PalinLibertyPose.

Everyone is talking about the pose, including Michelle Malkin and Fox and Friends, where the hosts mentioned it this morning and showed the following picture, first seen at C4P here:

If you'd like to submit a picture of yourself, or someone else, doing the Palin Liberty Pose, email it to Thomas Schmitz at thomas@americangrizzlies.com. Also, Kevin Scholla, host of the Palin Update radio show, has gotten involved. Kevin started a website highlighting pictures of people doing the pose. Go here to learn how to get your photograph on his site.

Finally, I tip my hat to Mary Beth House for this gif I'm borrowing:

As much fun as people are having with this, we are very serious about the point Governor Palin made when she took a simple gulp of soda Saturday. We the people must take a stand against the overreaching arm of government officials who seek to take away more and more of our freedoms. Soda bans, gun control, tax increases...enough is enough. This is America, and liberty must win day.


Karl Rove Swipes at Governor Palin on FNS

Sunday, March 17, 2013

During her home run speech at CPAC yesterday, Governor Palin called out a certain "architect" with a penchant for not building much of anything. Karl Rove, who epitomizes the GOP establishment, has fancied himself a voice for the Republican movement and an authority on who can and cannot be victorious in elections. Unfortunately, his track record belies that fancy.

The CPAC attendees weren't the only ones to notice the Governor's allusion. Though she no longer works for the network, Governor Palin made an appearance on FOX News Sunday this morning, as did Rove. No, she wasn't there in person, but she certainly was the subject of conversation. Chris Wallace wanted to get Rove's reaction to what the Governor said yesterday. Rove couldn't help but roll out the old, tired "quitter" meme, further demonstrating that he really doesn't have a clue. If he still has no understanding of why she stepped aside from the governor's office, and how it served to benefit her state, there's not much hope for him. But then again, the good old boys aren't good at understanding those who selflessly do what's right, fully aware that it just might cost them everything. When Rove takes a stab at her by saying he would have served out his term, he was not lying. He would have. Come hell or high water, that's what most of the members of the permanent political class would have done. The thought of passing the ball to someone else so that progress isn't hindered never occurs to them. The idea of making the difficult decision to restore sanity to what has become sheer lunacy on the part of haters is a foreign concept to people who, as Governor Palin pointed out in her speech, need to "get over themselves." Of course, he would have served out his term, even under the condition of bankrupting his state--and this is exactly why he, and others like him, need to "stay in the truck" because they obviously don't possess the wherewithal to "buck up."

And as an aside: Isn't it interesting that Governor Palin's comment commanded a swipe from Rove--and a question from Wallace to begin with? It almost makes one think she's not quite as "irrelevant" as people keep trying to convince us she is. Almost, huh?

Here's the FOX segment:

More on this at Business Insider and Twitchy.

(h/t Steve Flesher and Doug Brady)


Governor Palin Rocks CPAC 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Governor Palin rocked the house at CPAC today! I have heard her speak numerous times--both in person and via television or video. Every speech is great. This one was extra special. In a short amount of time, she hammered the serious issues of President Obama's lack of leadership, the failure to pass a budget, crony capitalism, unemployment, and threats to our Second Amendment, to name a few.

Amazingly, she tackled these issues with incredible humor that was aided by her impeccable timing! Wait till you get to the Big Gulp! Someone forward this speech to the mayor of New York City, nanny Bloomberg, please!

How anyone can deny that Governor Palin has a message this country needs to hear is beyond me. This is a speech everyone must see.

Via Chuck Heath Jr.:


Governor Palin at SEU National Leadership Forum: God Deserves So Much Better

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Governor Palin was one of several speakers to address the Southeastern University National Leadership Forum yesterday. The Christian school gave speakers a perfect opportunity to discuss faith and hope. The SEU Forum website promoted the event this way:

Led by speakers who are among the most well-known leaders in America, Southeastern University’s National Leadership Forum offers the opportunity to learn from some of our nation’s most prominent leadership experts.

Following the event, the website read:
Southeastern University's seventh annual National Leadership Forum kicked off Thursday morning, bringing together some of the world's most respected leaders for two days of messages focused on the theme of servant leadership.

Hundreds of business leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders were treated to more than five hours of leadership wisdom and practical application in SEU's Bush Chapel.

This year's speakers were:
Phil Cooke
Jon Gordon
AmyK Hutchens
Dave Martin
John Maxwell
John Ortberg
Nancy Ortberg
Sarah Palin
Mark Sanborn
Pat Williams

In an article called "Palin's Cry: Cling to Your God, Guns, Constitution," Mary Toothman writes:
Former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin was fired up about God and country when she spoke Friday at Southeastern University in Lakeland. And she was dressed for the part.

The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate visited the Sunshine State at the request of the organizers of the school's seventh annual leadership forum. She was quite a presence on the stage, in a lipstick-red suit and fierce high heels.

Her passionate talk was peppered with such vibrant cries as "Cling to your God, your guns, your Constitution!" and pleas for the next generation to change the country's moral fiber. "That will make our foundation crumble if we choose to ignore it," she said.

Not one to tiptoe around sensitive topics, Palin got right to the point on reasons she said the country is in crisis.

"Today, look around, and don't you wonder sometimes if, as a nation, we have forgotten God altogether? This is a crucial question," she said.


Palin said Friday she was happy to visit a Christian school, and she encouraged students to go forth and spread the word. She encouraged them to "infiltrate" the nation. Study journalism, she said. Get into Hollywood and the sports world.

"Get out there and influence culture," she said.

Palin closed her talk with a battle cry.

"The future of the country depends on what you do," she said. "God bless you."

After the speech, Palin answered questions from Southeastern professor Christina Gard, who was Miss Alaska in 2004. It was then Palin said something that brought the strongest applause.

Asked how she dealt with critics, Palin said it's important to know who you are, and that's why she speaks out for God publicly in a country where she said it's often frowned upon or against the law to talk about religious beliefs.

"God deserves so much better than what we give him," she said. "What has happened when we can't say his name in public?"

Read the full article here.

(h/t Stacy Drake)


CWA Video Addresses Hatred for Governor Palin and Other Virtuous Women

Friday, March 8, 2013

I extend a big "thank you" to Steve Flesher for bringing my attention to this short video clip in celebration of Women's History Month. Concerned Women for America also points out the hatred many on the left have for virtuous women, namely Governor Palin and Representative Michele Bachmann:


Willow Palin Raises Funds for Special Needs and Trig Palin Thrives

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Governor Palin posted the following on Facebook:

I'm proud of Willow and her Alaska girlfriends, Sarah and Kelsea (both Northern Arizona University students studying Special Education), spending last weekend raising funds for tomorrow's declared day to show respect for those with special needs. These three teens have hearts for those who face greater challenges than most of us will ever face; their sincere efforts to embrace and support innocent lives is inspiring! I'm blessed to have them spend their precious time with Trig, too. Their friendship with our little boy gives me great hope for America's next generation of leaders.

Here is a photo of the girls, and I'll also be posting some recent pictures of Trig Paxson Van Palin a little later. He's thriving. He's rowdy and curious and fun and challenging and beautiful in our eyes, as all children are. We're thankful for this life. I'm thankful God replaced fear of the unknown with new perspective that affects every aspect of my life. These children deserve protection and basic respect. That's what Willow, Sarah and Kelsea are promoting tomorrow. So thank you, you Alaska Chicks with warm hearts!

- Sarah Palin

In a Facebook photo album, the Governor shared the following pictures of her precious son, Trig:


Former Bush Aide Blames Governor Palin For Chris Christie CPAC Snub

Monday, March 4, 2013

The political climate in this country becomes more and more ridiculous with each passing day. Add Governor Palin's name to the mix, and things get increasingly ridiculous by the hour. Since 2008, a formula has been concocted. It goes something like this: In need of media exposure? Mention Sarah Palin. Can't competently run a campaign? Blame Sarah Palin. Want to sell books? Write lies about Sarah Palin. Trying to boost network ratings? Produce a movie mocking Sarah Palin. Indeed, we are living in the Attack Sarah Palin Era.

And now the ultimate in asininity: Unhinged because Governor Chris Christie hasn't been invited to the Conservative Political Action Conference? Do all of the above--that is, mention, blame, lie about, and mock Sarah Palin. Surely, this makes sense because, after all, it must be her fault Christie hasn't sold people on his conservative credentials. This is the tactic employed by former Bush aide, Matthew Dowd.

David Edwards writes:

President George W. Bush’s former chief strategist Matthew Dowd is slamming the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for snubbing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) while inviting former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who he asserts “wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract.”

Wall Street Journal editor Paul Gigot on Sunday told an ABC News panel that CPAC had made a mistake by not inviting Christie after he pushed Congress for Hurricane Sandy relief funds and backed some gun-control legislation following last year’s mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

“If I were CPAC, I would have invited Christie and let him say what he wanted on guns or anything else,” Gigot insisted. “And if you disagree with him, boo him or what have you. But this is a time that the Republican Party needs to have a debate, and a pretty raucous debate.”

“CPAC, to me, has totally diminished its credibility as an organization,” Dowd agreed. “And you invite Sarah Palin, who wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract? But she’s invited to CPAC meeting?”

Somehow, in full Palin Derangement Syndrome mode, Dowd attempts to link this CPAC episode to Governor Palin's freedom from FOX News, except he presented it incorrectly, which is what people like Dowd do. So let me see if I understand this. Christie was perceived to be snubbed; therefore, Governor Palin is incompetent--so much so that she couldn't keep her FOX contract? Sure, that makes perfect sense.

Where do we even start to dismantle this nonsense? First things first: The former Bush strategist, who clearly is too incompetent himself to check the facts before running his mouth, doesn't understand how things really went down with FOX, so let's help him out. Governor Palin didn't lose her job with FOX. Her contract was up for renewal and she opted not to re-sign.

In case facts matter to Sir Einstein:

Real Clear Politics reported:
It’s my understanding that Gov. Palin was offered a contract by FOX, and she decided not to renew the arrangement,” the source close to Palin told RCP.
Tony Lee shared:
A source close to Palin confirmed to Breitbart News that Palin declined FOX News' offer to renew her contract, and the two parties seem to be parting amicably.
The Washington Post noted:
Sarah Palin has cut ties with Fox News Channel.

Now that we have taken care of that little pesky detail known to us decent people as truth, let's take a look at why Governor Palin might have been asked to speak at CPAC, as if it isn't obvious to anyone who's been even half-heartedly paying attention the last few years. Clearly, no one with a modicum of common sense would fail to understand that she continues to resonate with we the people. Her message of conservatism finds a home with patriots who believe in the Constitution, expect the government to get out of our way, want the President's feet held to the fire, are concerned about our children and grandchildren, understand we must rein in spending, recognize that Americans deserve to keep more of what we earn, despise crony capitalism, honor our military, and are committed to preserving the liberties for which these brave military men and women daily jeopardize their lives.

Furthermore, name just one other person who has been so maligned, so ridiculed, and so vilely treated for simply responding to the call to serve and taking a stand for America. It's impossible. In the face of these intense attacks, instead of running and hiding, Governor Palin continues to fight and has no intention to stop fighting--FOX News or no FOX News. In fact, without FOX, she is free to take the message to a wider audience, rather than being confined to preaching to the choir. Let's not forget, too, that she did just happen to secure a little something we call the nomination for the vice presidency--the first woman to do so on a Republican ticket. A simple Facebook endorsement from her translates into financial support, boots on the ground, votes, and victories for candidates across this country. No one else can boast of such influence--and certainly not Chris Christie. Combine these facts with her stellar record as Governor of Alaska, and undoubtedly, there should be no conservative conference to which she has not been asked to speak. Period.

In addition, the organizers of CPAC aren't stupid--certainly not as stupid as Matthew Dowd. Governor Palin draws a crowd. There will be people who normally would stay home who will hop a train, take a plane, rent a car, or charter a bus to make it to Washington, D.C., and they'll do so for one reason only--and it ain't the hope that Governor Christie might make a surprise appearance. They'll make the trip because Governor Palin is speaking. People might be intrigued by Chris Christie's bully tactics, but they ain't going to CPAC just to see him. Sorry, but that's just the truth.

So while Dowd and others have their panties in a wad because their GOP fave isn't invited to CPAC, perhaps they should spend some time figuring out why he might have been passed up. His love affair, as some saw it, with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy has been a sore subject. His flip-flop on Obamacare hasn't endeared him to true conservatives. His support of gun control does not sit well with respecters of the Second Amendment, nor did his attack on the NRA. Additionally, Chris Christie's past positions on illegal immigration, climate change, education, and the 9/11 mosque have not been without conservative controversy.

Did Dowd not find any of these things worthy conversations to be had, or is it just easier to blame and insult Governor Palin for something she had nothing to do with? To my knowledge, she didn't invite herself to CPAC and did not authorize the decision not to invite Governor Christie. Agree or disagree, he wasn't invited, obviously, because he wasn't deemed deserving of an invite. And if his presence was wanted there, I'm sure her speech wouldn't keep them from squeezing him into the program.

Blaming Governor Palin for everything is starting to get as old as President Obama's blaming, well, President Bush for everything--and former Bush aide, Dowd, of all people, should know how antiquated that is.

Matthew Dowd could learn a thing or two from someone many consider to be the personification of the spirit of CPAC, President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan quoted the 11th Commandment many times: "Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican." While it's rather obvious that I do not believe in an extreme interpretation of that commandment, and I think President Reagan would agree that even one's own political party should be held accountability, and healthy debate encouraged, I do believe that Dowd and other elitist Republicans should discontinue their obsessive need to excoriate Governor Palin every time something doesn't go their way. It serves no purpose other than to make themselves look little, bitter, and altogether out of touch.


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