Honoring Dr. King in Hudson, NY

Monday, January 20, 2014

Dr. King is honored today, January 20, 2014, for his fight for civil rights, his contributions to our progress as a nation, and his ultimate sacrifice.

Many, however, use this day to point out that he was a man of many flaws. Be that as it may, his mark on the world cannot be disputed. If we took time to pay tribute only to those who lived a life of perfection, we would celebrate only One--and that One would be Jesus.

I've been in New York the last several days to speak about Dr. King and the lessons we can take from various aspects of his life. As reported here, I spoke Friday at the school district for which I worked for over seventeen years. Below are pictures of that assembly where I was honored to return "home" with a message I pray will remain with these students--and staff--for a lifetime.

Tonight, I will speak at a community event in Dr. King's honor, and I will spend Tuesday speaking and giving workshops at Taconic Hills Central School District. But as I told the Hudson audience, it's not just about Dr. King and his dream; it's about us and the pursuit of our own.


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